The times of SODOM & GOMORRAH have returned

In this time of change the perversion of humanity has reached unbelievable heights. Atrocities are committed daily and even promoted through the film, media and music industries, but nothing is more repugnant than what is happening in the field of medicine.

 I wrote about the scheme of organ transplanting before but video like this remind me of what is going on daily and  same as child trafficking rings that are being brought to  justice at this time, we have to do the same with the whole medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Some will argue how transplants save lives and how necessary they are so that some unfortunate and sick people may live. And what about those thousands of innocent people who are being killed to make those transplants possible? The only reason why some people are allowed to live and some are slaughtered is money. How just is it when seven people had to die so that one of the Worlds worst criminals, David Rockefeller, can have his seventh heart transplant.

David Rockefeller 2011 Green Auction: A Bid To Save The Earth

Why do people need more than one transplant?

Doctors know very well that they are placing healthy organ into unhealthy body and what have destroyed the original organ will destroy the newly implanted one as well. So this is the proof that doctors are not looking for solution, they are just working for money. More work, more money so do not mess with the good thing that is going on.

In the mean time diseases are promoted and nourished so that they lead to the necessity of transplants as complete deterioration of body occurs under the watchful eye of a doctor. This is another proof that doctors have no clue how to help ailing body. They became nothing more than butchers with a blood on their hands which is spilling into their bank accounts.

One of the most common organs to be used for transplant are kidneys. So let me explain the medical strategy that leads to the necessity of kidney transplant.

Female hand holding model of human kidney organ at back of body

Kidneys are one of the three organs human body uses to cleanse the blood. Million of tiny blood vessels are filtrating the blood, eliminating the water with unwanted elements body wants to eliminate. Some people develop health problem where kidneys no longer can do the filtration and because doctors are fed the incorrect information, instead of helping the body to heal, they further instigate deterioration of the body making kidney transplant the only solution for saving the life.

How do doctors destroy kidneys?

By ordering their patients to cut down or eliminate salt intake. Yes we should not eat table salt, because it is toxic but natural not refined sea salt has all the elements we find in the blood. It is absolutely necessary for proper function of kidneys. When healthy ions are missing from the blood, kidneys start to utilize toxic elements as necessary ions and refuse to clear them from the body. By their action, doctors are making it impossible for kidneys to do their job. The blood becomes more polluted and body suffers on the cellular level as I explain in my book and through the blogs weekly. Sea salt is absolutely necessary to replace toxic ions with healthy ions supplied by the sea salt. It is the only way to cleanse properly. By forbidding salt, doctors gave you a death sentence.

When blood becomes toxic all organs suffer on the cellular level and start exhibiting problems. Heart valves deform and no longer close properly. Here is another reason for another transplant. Everything is based on the wrong knowledge we receive in medical schools and professionals refuse to have second look on what they know and continue pushing the nonsense causing harm in the process.

Every doctor knows that the organ they have replaced will need replacement within approximately 5 years because the toxic body will destroy it. If doctors would wake up, open their eyes and hearts, no organ transplant would be ever necessary. If you cleanse the blood and cells, body will heal. I have proven this many times over. Many people have stopped the kidney dialysis and recovered kidney functions. Many have repaired their hearts from varieties of problem including damaged valves and hernias. There is no longer any excuse not to do the right thing other than money and greed.

All you supplements pushers are not doing humanity any favour. You are also part of the problem and not the solution. Stop being greedy and start serving the humanity. If nothing else, you will sleep better I guarantee you this.

There is only one law that counts. It is not the human made law like the Admiralty law but the natural law. Politicians make human law as it soughts them and their greedy pockets. There is only one non-changeable natural law. Live with cooperation and eager to share and serve.

With love and light for us all.


12 comments on “The times of SODOM & GOMORRAH have returned

  1. Dr darko i have an question-
    How to get energy without carbohydrates, when i cut carbohydrates im feeling so bad so low in energy i cant even walk
    How to gain weight without carbohydrates, i know saturated fats are good for gain weights but i try and i dont gain to much weights
    I know that today some doctors prefer an diet high in fat-low in carbs but i heard that to much fat in the body is dangerous?
    I hope u answer me drdarko 🙂

    • The cells of your body are adjusted for glucose (carbohydrates) and not enough mitochondria is active to produce adequate energy from fat. Your body has to re calibrate on genetic level to start functioning correctly. You can learn all about your body from my book “The Manual For The Human Body” and if you follow the Self Healers Protocol yo will re calibrate your genome, cleanse and your body will start functioning in an completely different way. No more obesity, no more diseases.

      • Drdarko
        I asking u about carbs because i’m underweight when i started to make an diet highfatlowcarbs for me is to bad with this diet, i know that i need to learn slowly with this diet but i have need for muscle for energy and the answer is calories and carbohydrates(and fats) and what u advice me is it good to go with all on moderation(because for me ketogenic diet is horrible)?

      • Glucose is not our food and it is a cause of all chronic diseases. All omnivores nourish themselves on animal products but to feel energetic on this type f food, your cells have to be reprogrammed. I cannot explain this in short reply. This is why you should read all my blogs or better get my books. Everybody on carbohydrate diet is susceptible to chronic diseases, no matter what blood type or nutritional typing he/she think they are. That is all nonsense. There is only one way omnivores should eat to be healthy love.

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