Radical Protestant in the mask represents the protesters against the authorities among the burning of the capital of the European quarter. Burning rubber tires wheel of fire smoke soot street fighting

Images like this one are flooding the Tel a lie Vision and the newspapers daily. Most alternative news is not much better. This is all designed to keep us under a stress. The insecurity of money, economy and food is thrown into our face every minute. All this is done on purpose. First you are told what is going to  happen so that you can manifest it because the bad guys cannot manifest. They have to scare us into submission so that we do the manifesting for them. What will happen is what we envision to happen. This is why this fearmongering is used but with little effect. This is sign of peoples awakening. In the past since almost everyone believed in what we were told, people manifested the bad things they were told to manifest. Now the situation has changed and even the organized and payed  rioters are not achieving what the satanic “banksters” were hoping for. Instead it is revealed how Hollywood manipulates masses. How ignorant and empty-headed actors are, those stars we were fantasizing about are proving to be shmucks at best.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio at the Los Angeles premiere of his movie LOS ANGELES, CA. November 11, 2016: Actor Robert De Niro at premiere of

In any case, what is happening throughout the world is stressful to most people. Ad to this other types of stress like work, family, relationship, diseases….and you can draw pretty good picture of the amount of stress people are exposed to daily.

So what does stress do to human body?

Human body to be able to function well, it needs a lot of energy. This energy is electricity. About 30 % of this electricity we produce from the food we eat and the rest is produced directly from the electromagnetic resonance of our environment and the strongest source of energy in our body is a plexus chakra. This energy flows through our body and Hindu call it the prana. Chinese martial artists call it the chi.

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Plexus chakra supplies the heart with energy. Heart sends the energy to the brain and the brain serves as an switchboard directing the energy to various parts of our body.

Now let me explain more about the energy.

I have mentioned in previous articles that everything is just an expression of a frequencies. Since there are many different frequencies representing materialistic things in our world and frequency is a vibration that produces sound, I call it a symphony of sound. So every organ, every muscle or bone, nerve, blood vessel and hair have their own symphony of frequencies that represent them.

Our brain is fragmented. Each brain fragment is tuned to different frequencies and responds to different symphony of sounds which correlates to different parts of our body. So when the brain send energy, it sends it tuned to varieties of symphonic sounds and in this way provides the energy to corresponding parts of the body that resonate with those frequencies. I hope that you can follow me so far.

Human brain lobes, beautiful colorful illustration detailed anatomy. Sagittal view of the brain. Isolated on a white background.Mind Modulations Brainwave Infographic

So now let me explain how does stress affect the energy balance in our body.

Every thought is a complex electromagnetic signal that represents actual thing. This thing can be image (visualization),it could be a feeling, it could be a fear or anger, reprisal…. Since different thoughts are composed of different specific symphonies of sound, different parts of the brain will be resonating with different thoughts. In fact they will be producing them. To produce those thoughts brain will be using energy. Everyone who ever handled radio transceiver is familiar with the electrical power needed to transmit those signals. The brain is no exception. To produce and broadcast thoughts the brain uses a lot of energy.

In normal circumstances we think of something and we either do it or say it so energy is released and the brain returns to its normal state. But if we are under a stress, we have one particular symphony lingering in our brain for hours, days, weeks or even years. This means the the brain will be using tremendous amounts of energy producing and transmitting the same symphony of sound being it anger on a sibling, fear of losing a job, worrying about a disease, hate directed towards specific individual or any other stress imaginable. We say that the part of the brain that resonates to those frequencies that produce those thoughts has trapped the energy because it is using it and not forwarding it to the corresponding organ or body part which resonates with the same symphony of sound. Cells that do not receive needed energy will have problem running the cellular osmotic pump so they will have problem hydrating themselves. Also the lack of energy cells interpret as something is wrong and they start to go into defensive mode. They start to produce stress proteins. They stop their maintenance and are ready for defense. Longer such state persists, cells experience acidity from a insufficient water and they become toxic same as if we would be poisoning them with a wrong diet or toxic elements in the food.

So if by any chance the cells of a particular organ have been acidic from before  because of a wrong diet for example and now there is further deprivation of energy, this is perfect mix to trigger a cyst, tumour or cancer. Dr. Hamer explains this in the New German Medicine.

I have explained how thoughts can be harmful to your health especially if they linger in the place and you do not let them go a way. This is why hate is dangerous. Not to the human to whom it is directed, but to the human who is  generating the hate. Stop hating, stop worrying, stop obsessing about things. Do not let dark thoughts linger in your brain. Let them go or even better do not even generate them. Feeling of love, unity and well being is product of the heart and uplifts us generating much stronger electromagnetic field and in this way it promotes healing and bliss.

So to all of you Trump haters or Hillary haters, is it worth your health????

Change your thoughts and unleash your hearts so that we can reach the new Earth as soon as possible.

Love and light to us all




  1. Hi Darko! Good advise, but easier said than done to just “forgive and forget”. I try to use both simple meditation as well as stress outlet via martial art, other sports outdoor trips in nature – especially the beach/ocean.
    Combined with plenty of good water with sea salt, it seems to work – but I still have work to do! ;o)
    Do you have any tips to add as to how YOU do it? Cheers!

    • Ben you are doing the right thing. I see the injustice and of course I have my opinion but I do not dwell about it. I am the same as you. Sport and nature are my vents. I focus on myself. If I change, everything around me will change as well. Love brother.

  2. Is this oxidative stress? I keep hearing that life stress can cause lots of oxidative stress in the body, and its the oxidative stress that causes problems. Is this the same thing you are writing about? Or is oxidative stress just another myth?

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