Border Collie puppy, 6 weeks old, playing with a duckling, 1 week old, in front of white background

We all love our pets and we want the best for them. This is why we spend a lot of money getting the best food and the best care for them. But are we doing the right thing? The chance is, we are not.

We have grown accustomed to trust our vet., the Tel a lie Vision adverts and colourful packaging. We think “the experts know best”.

But do they?

I have lived for 25 years on sail boats. My first  companion was Portuguese Water dog by the name Sailor. The first 6 years of his life we were cruising the Bahamas and Spanish Virgin Islands. I did a lot of spear fishing and Sailor’s diet was exclusively raw fish. He has never been sick, his teeth were white and healthy, breath clean. Then we sailed to Croatia. There I was asked from my brother to help develop his tourist business so I got land locked. I had no time to go fishing so I looked for the best dog food I can get. I started giving Sailor Pedigree brand of dog food. This dog food was made in Hungary. Just in 6 months things started to happen. Sailor would freeze and then urinate and get back to normal. He developed heart murmur and was given diuretics by local vet. This was before I started my medical quest. I have realized that the food was the problem and stopped giving it to him. I started to get him fresh fish from local fisherman and raw meat, I stopped the diuretic and in just one month Sailor recovered.

So how do we know what food to buy?

Here is a tip. Every packaged animal food is toxic and not worth getting. Here, fish food for aquarium is an exemption.

Why do I make such a broad statement?

Every dog food contains carbohydrates, better brands use rice and the real junk food uses Soy. Same goes for cat food and pellets for birds. If it is caned it contains preservatives find in frankfurters and other human meat products. Those bring toxicity related to leukemia. So do not be surprised when your cat develops this blood cancer. If you live in suburbs the cat can venture outside and catch its pray. This will make it healthier but city cats do not have this option and the number of cats with leukemia is rapidly increasing.

a cat and a goldfish 01 hd pictures

Another common disease in male cats is obstruction of the urethra. Veterinarian will prescribe expensive low ash cat food. Here again the problem are carbohydrates in cat food. So simply stop giving the cat “cat food” and get gizzards, liver, kidney and meat. Give them to your cat raw and you will see how quickly they will recover. Cats are carnivores and they will thrive on such food.

There is a general practice to make mastectomy on dog that is being spayed. This is done strictly for profit but clients are advised to allow this mutilation because it will prevent breast cancer that might develop later in the digs life. Do not give to your dog dietary carbohydrates and your dog will never be in a risk of developing cancer. This means no dog food. Do the same I have recommended the cat owners and supplement it with fresh fruits. Your dog will need some time to adjust to the raw food but they always do.

yorkshire terrier

If you are horse owner, stop poisoning your horses with grains. Instead give them a steak tartar with the grass they eat. Grains are toxic to all animals and in horses they produce the same thing as in humans, they give colics.

Birds love meat as well. Give your birds some meat or worms to feast on. My parrot Mini got always excited when Hilno pulled a bag of smoked bacon from the fridge and rushed to get as close as possible not to miss the treat. Once Mini thought that Hilno pulled the bacon from the fridge and quickly approached the package just to quickly turn around realizing that those were the sun dried tomatoes. What a bummer! Hilno and I were rolling laughing at her reaction. So much for the vegetables.

Amazon parrot

Two things you can give all your mascots is water with sea salt, coconut oil and raw eggs. Sea salt will provide them with all the necessary minerals, coconut oil has easily absorb-able saturated fats and eggs have all the protein, fats, enzymes and vitamins your pets need. To keep them healthy you can give them occasionally a bit of colloidal silver in the water.

With colloidal silver you can keep your aquarium fishes and creatures healthy and water will require less often to be changed. Whenever you introduce a new plant or fish into your aquarium treat it with colloidal silver to ensure that no harmful bacteria or fungus or virus will be transmitted.


The animals require the same thing as we do. They need food that was created by our creator and not the one we have destroyed by our manipulation. If you feed them with the same junk people are eating, your pets will suffer from the same health problems as humanity does.

I hope this article was helpful. If there is something in particular you want to know do not hesitate to contact me.

Love and light to us all.






    • Jake, animals are a big part of many families and it important to address their needs as well as ours, as Darko thankfully does. We suffer from many of the same diseases.

  1. My friend’s boxer has a tumor on her body. He wants to go alternative remedies and I did forward this article over to him. Do you have any other suggestions? I do not know the location of the tumor but he did indicate the dog seemed okay by watching her doing her normal activities so far. It still had energy at this point. Thanks so much!

  2. is the flee powder toxic to the dogs to use.what do you think about worming the dogs every 3 months and do you use a special dog shampoo?

    • do you carry your puppies to get there vaccines and sir you know sometimes when you want a line from a certain dog and all the puppies die I dont know why that happen and if you pay to get a line from a dog and all the puppies die you lost your money

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