I apologise to everyone waiting for blog about our mascots but this I find very important as I was not aware of the fact of how many small innocent babies and children are suffering from medical poisoning induced by those who are supposed to protect their lives.

A client from Canada came to see me with her child. The 7 months old baby was red from a head to toe. Baby looked like a lobster just taken out of a hot water. Hilno and I had a hard time to hide our tears as we were looking at this unfortunate boy. Surprisingly, the mother was not panicking. She explained that this is very common appearance in Canada and many children suffer from this problem. She said that doctors were treating her baby with all kinds of medication including steroids but the only thing that would put it under control was antibiotic. Yet again soon after the rash would come back. The mother Miss M. hoped that I could help.

This is the photo of her baby son when they visited us.


As you can see, he was feeling miserable, in pain, without hair and not interested in what is happening around him. I could not believe my eyes. The picture does not really show the intensity of redness the baby had. No one could help this child? Miss M. said there are so many children in Canada in the same condition as her baby is. My friend Angela who is from the USA said “yes, my son had the same problems and they followed him during his whole life. This is why he was always feeling miserable and crying.”

As I have mentioned many times in the past. Doctors are trained in creating diseases and not in healing them. Since they refuse to acknowledge that they have been head, they continue with their destructive procedures making lives of children and grown-ups miserable. All this because of profit and inflamed egos.

So to the millions of mothers whose babies and children are suffering from excema, skin rashes and other chronic skin problems pay attention to this article.

Your babies are polluted on purpose through vaccines, baby formulas and other medical treatments All baby foods are toxic because they are formulated on the wrong knowledge. So even those baby foods that claim to be organic, are not healthy for your babies and children. Babies bodies wants to cleanse but is lacking water and salt so it tries to get rid of the toxins through the skin since in this way loses less of the precious water and salt. It is a toxic situation and this is why no medication helps except antibiotics. Why antibiotics calm the skin?

Antibiotics are so toxic that when they are administered into the body, cells close down. They stop cleansing and the skin clear up. This is short lasting relief because soon after the antibiotic has left the body, skin rash returns.

I gave instruction to Miss M. what to do and she left. I have seen the baby one month later. The skin was much better but still not where I was expecting it to be. Three days ago Miss M. came to see me with her baby. It was a brand new baby boy. Hilno and I were choked from emotions. Baby is smiling, alert to the environment, playful.

Miss M. admitted that she was afraid to follow the instructions I have given to her but when she saw that even with minimal changes I recommended the baby got better, she made decision and did what I have told her to do. Here is what she wrote to Angela;

“Hello Angela,
It was very nice to meet you the other day at Dr Darko’s home. Here are the before and after pictures of my baby boy. My son had eczema since he was 2 months old which covered his whole body. He is exclusively breastfed. I have tried many creams for eczema including cortisone, I have seen many doctors and dermatologists in Canada who prescribed medication for his eczema and nothing worked as everyone told me that there is no cure. I thought that going to Peru would make him better because the air he breathes would be different from Canada but my son’s skin didn’t change until I changed my diet. He is currently 9 months old and no longer has eczema after following Dr Darko’s protocol. He now drinks water with sea salt from bottle and still breastfeed.”

Here is the photo before he came to Peru


 And this is how the baby boy looks now after only 3 weeks of following strictly the Self Healers Protocol that was adjusted for him


To me, this is worth much more than all the money of this world. And it took only 3 weeks to make a life of this precious baby boy enjoyable and fun to live. Unfortunately not many people are following my blog so please share this story and information with as many people as you possibly can. We can and we are making the difference.

Love and light to us all my dear family





  1. Darko,

    I can’t purchase your book right now, but read in previous comment that you consult. Can you tell me about it? Kind regards, Bonnie

    • Brother, when I see how many children and people are suffering needlessly and doctors do nothing and in fact worsen the situation, to me they are pest. Why do they not see what they are doing? Why do they not change. The Knowledge is here. Are you changing your ways brother? If not, you are one of them. You have all the information necessary to change the practice and actually help.

      • Right on Darkovelcek! Most doctors are drug pushers…nothing more, nothing less. And any who are NOT Big Pharma drug pushers, are marginalized, bullied and said to be quacks! There is zero substance…only name-calling….like Dr Brathwaite, he offers nothing in his “reply” to you…zero, except criticism.

  2. water with sea salt is very dangerous for a child because increase of blood pressure because of salt can trigger a stroke and kill the child.

    • This is a story we are obligated to memorise. There is not a trace of truth in this. Sea salt in water does not increase blood pressure. This is a myth we are forced to swallow brother.

    • Hi Frank
      It applies to adults as well. Everything that we call a disease is nothing more that bodies reaction to the toxicity and cleansing with water and sea salt is absolutely necessary if we want to heal.

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