It's a wonder I don't burn more calories with all those molecular processes carrying on when I'm sitting here.

I thought that my next blog will be about animals but as you can see, I have not been active several days. Things have come up that took preference. So this blog will be about my experiment and what result did I get.

Six months ago I started eating more junk food.  What I call junk food for most is the healthy choice they make. I started having every night before going to sleep, a  snack while watching a movie. One night would be the roasted peanuts with sea salt. Next day popcorn with a ton of butter and sea salt, then small dark chocolate with 75 % of cacao where the sugar is in the third lace in the ingredient list. Actually I have started with the chocolat first for couple of months and then I started to incorporate the other toxic foods. I wanted to see how will they affect my health. Since my body was very clean this was an opportunity to see what amount of toxicity is created by those type of snack that we mostly deem safe to eat.

Let me take you through my observation as it occurred.

Having my regular diet which consists of my morning liquid breakfast, small peace of meat with salad for lunch and some fruits for dinner I was maintaining my weight between 77 and 79 kilograms.

As I started to have chocolate while watching a movie I have noticed my weight to stay on the higher number. I do exercise every day so it is not because I was not active. This was not a big deal because the change was very slow and reducing the amount of eggs in the breakfast for a couple of days would bring me back on track as far as my weight goes and I could have my drug, the chocolate.

It was more difficult to control my weight when I incorporated the popcorn and mi agility has started to diminish slowly.

Worse effect I had when I started eating roasted peanuts. I was buying raw peanuts and Hilno was roasting them for us. We added sea salt and ate them. My weight jumped above 81 kilogram and unless I skipped breakfast shake completely I could not stop the weight from increasing further. Another thing that have happened with the peanuts is that if I had them one day and then skip one day and have popcorn or chocolate my stomach was feeling ok. But if I had peanuts second day in the row I had indigestion.

Since we came to the time of celebrations, Christmas, my birthday, New Year, friends birthday, Hilno’s birthday I added some red wine  and some bakery made cakes. Well those cakes have finally tipped the scale.

After Hilno’s birthday last Monday I felt slight fever and headache that subsided during the day so I decided to finish the last chunk of the cake with the intention to start my yearly detoxification the next day.

Free stock photo of food, blueberries, bakery, chocolate

Several minutes after finishing the cake my body said enough and started to detox. Now Hilno has muscle tested and it showed that the cake was not the cause but cumulative toxicity has triggered this body cleanse. I suppose the last cake was the cream on the top that had flipped the scale.

Mi headache started to get stronger and so did the fever. The heaviness of my stomach was increasing slowly as was my weight, I did not feel indigestion. Since my body was otherwise clean, there was no phloem so no cough. Just fever and headache not even diarrhea. Just some mucous with stool and mucous continued even after there was nothing else to eliminate since I was not eating..

I decided to start with the cleanse by fasting so I just drank water with sea salt, incorporating lime with it sometimes. No food. Third day of fast I drunk a glass of freshly squeezed grape juice Hilno made. I am continuing my fast by supplementing with one glass of fresh grapefruit juice a day, having it as a lunch. Finally my body broke in sweat and loads of toxins left my body. The headache is gone and my whole body feels like it has lost half of it weight. Actually my weight came down to 78 kilo from 82 kilos I have had before the cleanse started. I will continue with the detoxification as I want to take this opportunity to get rid of all the old fat and start again with my healthy habits. I would like to slip into another experiment but Hilno is already showing her teeth since she does not want to cook only for herself. We will see what will happen.

Not only that I feel light, my head feels like floating. This I have experienced before when detoxifying and it is good feeling especially after those headaches. This feeling reminds me how good it feel to be healthy and young. Although the yogurt, home made whip cream, cheese fruits and especially meats often come to my attention, so far I am ignoring them. It is not the hunger that makes us to eat tremendous amounts of garbage, it is our mind. Our habits, flavours, tastes and images of delicious foods we have invented that have nothing to do with the food we are programmed to receive. Our food has become our most addictive drug and every time we have a snack, it is just another fix.

As the evening is approaching, I feel the fever coming back so the detox is not over. This showed me that I have cumulated toxins from eating a bits and pieces of occasional snacks in my past. Our body simply does not tolerate the wrong frequencies.

I hope that you can use my experience as your guide to improve your knowledge.

After all, I am doing great.

Anger Management concept with a green monster face mad scientist type of character screaming with an angry human expression expressing emotional stress from work or personal life.

Love and light






  1. I’m so grateful you did this experiment. This holiday I had dessert after dinner a few times. After following your protocol for some time and read you new book I have really felt great the way I’ve been eating. Much more energy.
    But these desserts really knocked me out. I felt tired and sluggish. I think after
    not having them for a long time I really felt they hit me even stronger.

    • I knew that this article will help many of those who started to enjoy their newly regained health to quickly trash it with what they thought are insignificant amounts of toxic deserts. Can you just imagine what was the food doing to you before you have started following this new knowledge love?

  2. Dear Darko, thanks a lot for sharing your experiments. During these past holidays I ate garbage and I not only saw myself like garbage I felt like garbage too. I really like your saying: “our food has become our most addictive drug.” Well put! Love and light 🙂 Lee

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