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Newly elected USA president Donald J. Trump has done some revolutionary things lately that shows how fraction of the globalists has lost its power. Although the “Neocons” are still left home free important changes have taken place. Trump has ordered for the chem trails over the territorial USA to be stopped and recently Trump has requested that the FBI  investigate the CDC for vaccine fraud

I want to mention that I have only voted once in my life and that was because I was ordered to do so by my school. Since then, realizing that world governments are just criminal clans i never voted again.

Since this is not political blog I will not elaborate on this or on Trumps presidency. I will only acknowledged the positive things that are happening because they are related to the overall health not only of humanity but our planet in general.

Soon it will be revealed for the public how fraudulent pharmaceutical industry really is and this will bring global awareness to medical malpractice and fraudulent treatments that are created not to help human kind but to benefit the pharmaceutical and medical complex on expense of non suspecting and scientifically dumbed down public.

People that are following my work are very well aware of this fact.

As on one hand we are making a progress, on the other hand our “scientists” are showing us how ignorant and brainwashed they really are. There is so much material that I can use as an example so here, I will use some examples so that you can see it for yourselves.

“Nicotine normalizes genetically induced brain deficiencies”

Now if some drunk comes with this oration, I could understand but prominent health “experts?”. There is no excuse for this stupidity when for a long time we are aware of toxic influence of nicotine on our body and cellular activity.

“Smoking cigarettes affects the neurotransmitters associated with anxiety and the state of wellness. Smokers have significantly higher rates of clinical anxiety compared to non-smokers. This may be explained through tobacco’s effect on GABA, the neurotransmitter most responsible for the state of wellness and a lack of anxiety. In the September 2007 issue of “BMC Neuroscience,” Dr. Tamaki Hayase found that nicotine significantly increased anxiety related behaviours and symptoms, even 2 hours after the last exposure. In addition, in the June 2007 issue of the “Journal of Applied Behavioural Research,” Dr. Janet Audrain and associates found that anxiety was significantly correlated to nicotine intake. The largest co-factors in smoking-related anxiety were level of addiction, when people smoked because they were having a bad day, smoked in order to wake up, and smokers who had low levels of self-esteem.

Smoking is also strongly related to depression. Nicotine and other tobacco additives have a direct negative impact on dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters associated with depression and mental health. Some smokers may use cigarettes to feel better, while nicotine withdrawal may itself cause the depression in the first place. In the January 2008 issue of “Nicotine & Tobacco Research,” Dr. Michael Lyons and associates found that major depression was significantly associated with current daily smoking as well as nicotine withdrawal. Some of the accompanying depressive symptoms were nervousness, restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

Smoking cigarettes can also have a serious negative impact on cognitive abilities, especially with long-term smokers. Nicotine directly affects the neurotransmitters associated with learning, memory and cognition. The hundreds of additives in cigarettes also have a negative effect of cognition. Long term smokers are at a particular risk for developing dementia as they get older. In the August 2007 issue of “Neuropsychology Review,” Dr. Gary Swan and associates found that smoking was significantly associated with brain matter degeneration and cellular death, cognitive decline over repeated measures and dementia. In the report, they also found that mothers who smoke put their child at an increased risk for neuro-developmental deficits.”

This is what was found years ago as depicted in this article;

I have explained in my book how nicotine interferes with cellular hydration causing cellular dehydration and acidity. From quantum point of view, nicotine introduces frequency that changes the genetic resonance and in this way it changes cellular response. This alters their chemical production expressed in the above article.

To better understand the disconnect of those scientists let me explain something about the brain.

Picture of Human Brain

When the child is born, frontal lobe of the brain is poorly developed. Only parts of the brain that control the autonomous nerve system and necessary parts of the brain for the survival are developed and fully functional. Those are the cerebellum also called the reptilian brain, occipital, temporal and parietal lobes are developed. The frontal lobe is mostly empty. This is why children do not possess  sense of good and wrong. Often they kill little animals and we see it as child cruelty. The matter of fact is that child has to be thought of how to behave in this game we call the reality of life.

As the child is learning, the frontal lobe is being filled up. Some people get hooked on the fear factor and their brain development is halted or slowed down. Such people have poorly developed frontal brain lobe and most likely will suffer from anxieties. They are also cruel insensitive and revengeful, materialistic and full of ego.

Younger the child is when it starts to smoke, more certain it is that he/she will exhibit such behaviours since the toxicity of the nicotine will prevent proper brain development. This shows us that smokers have poorly developed frontal brain lobe because of the fact that they are smoking. So claiming that smokers instinctively know that they need cigarettes to medicate themselves is laughable at most.

If you research the techniques you can use to accelerate frontal brain lobe development, you will find a lot of different suggestions. One indisputable fact is that people who meditate have very well developed frontal brain lobe. This is why they are calm, loving, eager to help.

Ukraine, Odessa, Koblevo - august 26-29 - Indoor session of sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls at Avatar yoga festival on august 26-29, 2016

Now why does meditation have such profound impact on the frontal globe?

During meditation one disconnects from the influence of its thoughts and pre programmed “truths” and become influenced by the frequencies that he/she is receiving directly from the spirit, the higher self or the Christ consciousness. Those frequencies have profound impact on the frontal globe and it develops very quickly. Observations have been made that in areas of mass meditation, the crime rate drastically drops.

The only explanation why have the corrupt scientists stepped so low is again the money. With their “scientific discovery” they are opening  door for the necessity of yet another drug to make money on.

So that you are not mislead in thinking that the alternative, all natural approach to the health is telling the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, please read this article;

The article is full of claims of which only few are correct.

They claim that eating mostly vegetarian diet is healthy and one of the reasons that those people live longer lives. Why do I say longer and not long lives? Because the Taoists in China live longer, up to 256 years of age and even this is just a fraction of the life age we are genetically created to have. Those grains are definitely taking their toll.

What  extends the life is eating frugally and living in peace and love. Combine this with the clean environment and water and you can easily see why those people are living longer and healthier lives.

As far as the apricot seeds goes, yes they have vitamin B17 but that is not the reason they do not suffer from cancer. To develop cancer your body has to be toxic and deprived of energy. Since they do not have stress, and eat little, they will never develop cancer, seeds or no seeds.

Eating “unprocessed” bread. This is oxymoron. You have to manipulate (process) the grains to make a bread. Grains are not healthy for any animal including a human. and we know why. I have explained this many times.

So as the longevity and health of those people goes, the benefits come from plenty of rest, work, little and few meals, clean water and environment and meditation. Their healthy diet comes from animal based products and fruits which is contrary of what the article states.

There is another article that was sent to me from Mark but it involves animals so I will dissect it separately for all of us animal lovers to learn more about how to maintain our pets healthy.

With love and light for us all.

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  1. pudding Hillary Clinton would have brought better change to america than trump.Trump is too arrogant and feels he know everything.

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