What will detoxify the body better? DISTILLED WATER OR WATER WITH SEA SALT IN IT???


sea ocean water

Many people are asking me this question and general opinion is that distilled water does better job when detoxifying our body is in question than any other type of water. Why do “experts” think that distilled water will do better job in the detox. process?

We know that water has a great capacity of absorption. So when using our brain and the limited and controlled information it possesses great majority of people come to the conclusion how water with less minerals dissolved in it will have higher capacity of absorption. This means that such water will be able to absorb more toxins and eliminate them from the body through the cleansing organs filtration system. This all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, similar logic is used by our health ” experts” in great variety of conclusions. The reason is partial and misdirected knowledge we are given in medical universities and through our whole schooling system. Although it is so obvious and true that distilled water has much greater absorption capacity then water full of minerals from sea salt, Distilled water is the worse water to be used for detox process of a body. Even water with lemon juice will do better job.

plunged into the water lemon picture

Now, why is this, and how can I claim things that work against our logic? Not only that I recommend drinking water from a well or river that is rich in minerals, I recommend to you to add a sea salt in it if you want to be able to detoxify your body. This makes no sense, it is illogical. Yes it seems so but not because it is not true but because we do not have complete information so we come to the conclusion based on the information we possess.

What is the missing information you may ask?

Missing electrolytes in the water we drink.

Now the confusion will really set in. What do electrolytes have to do with cleansing of our body?


You see, they teach us in medical school how kidneys have tough time to eliminate salt from the blood and this is why we should not have to much salt in our diet. It is known fact that kidneys, skin and mucous tissue will filter the water out and only small amounts of salt will be filtered out with it, leaving most of the salt in the bloodstream. So it is logical to understand that more salt you are eating, saltier your blood will become and more water you will retain causing swelling, water retention, hypertension and other health problems.

Still, we are working on partial knowledge here.

What they refuse to tell us is that our bodies are propelled by electrical currents. This is why electromagnetic potential has to be maintained. Every time we mention energy, we are actually talking about electromagnetic potential, electricity is the energy we are talking about. For electricity to be able to flow through the water (blood), water has to be ionized. Since distilled water has no particles and no ions, electricity has a problem to move through it.

I often receive mails from people that read my posts saying that they have been on water cleanse drinking a gallon of water daily and they feel stiff and not well at all. Some even told me that they were in pain and as soon as they added sea salt to the water, in minutes they have felt a relief.  So what is going on?

Young man holding his back in pain

Our cleansing organs have a role in balancing electrolytes in the blood. This is why they do not let electrolytes to escape when water comes in and does not bring electrolytes with it. So you can drink a lot of water but if the concentration of electrolytes cannot be maintained, cleansing organs will eliminate water keeping electrolyte in the blood. Of course, it is impossible not to lose some electrolytes during the osmotic process so by drinking a lot of water, as the water has to be eliminated, body will lose some more electrolytes. This will decrease the amount of total water within the blood. We become dehydrated.

Still, all this gibberish about electrolytes does not explain what do electrolytes do in toxin elimination from the blood.

Doctors and blind scientists did not take the time to see what will cleansing organs do if there is a lot of salt in the blood. They trust the crooked science that cleansing organs have problem filtering the salt out of the body. This is not true.

More salt you add to the water you drink or to the food you eat, saltier will your urine and sweat become. This contradicts our teaching but nobody pays attention to it since you cannot contradict the establish “truths” without being ridiculed.

Still we do not have the answer, why the cleansing organs need electrolytes to cleanse the blood of toxins.

As electrolytes are necessary for proper functioning body, not having electrolytes coming into the body and losing them all the time as water is released, electrolytic problems start to occur. Electrical flow through the blood is disrupted. Electromagnetic potential goes down. Our muscles cannot relax properly and cellular functions are suppressed. This creates muscle spasms and problems in cellular hydration. It affects our nervous system as well. Blood cannot lose more electrolytes so it keeps them in as much as possible. Now electrolytes are not just what we are told like sodium, potassium and chlorine. Every particle in the blood is in ionic form, they are cations and this means positively charged. I have explained this in my book and in many articles in this blog site. So less sodium, potassium and chlorine there is in the blood, more other ions will be utilized to maintain proper electromagnetic conductivity in the blood. Unfortunately, toxic elements are also in the ionic form so they themselves will be utilized as electrolytes.

This explains why drinking distilled water when you wish to detoxify is the worst thing that you can do. You are eliminating more electrolytes but since you are not replenishing them, your blood will remain toxic as it will utilize toxic ions as conductors of electricity so your blood will remain polluted in the process.

Since the sea salt has all of the minerals and ions that are normally present in the blood and serum of our body, it becomes the best supply of electrolytes and ions that our body needs. So by drinking water with sea salt, you are replenishing necessary electrolytes and the toxic ions can be eliminated from our blood.

Through this article you have learned not only that having sea salt in your diet is of great importance especially when you want to detoxify your body but also that low salt diet actually forces your body to keep toxins in the blood and pollute the body even more.

Everything we are told is wrong, wake up. Be master of your body and stop slaving for the system. Stop being afraid, let me help you to regain health through the knowledge. You are the master of your perfect, self healing body. Absorb the truth and heal yourself.

As you heal, please send some contribution my way.


By donating you are not just helping me, you are helping others who benefit from my work and are unable to contribute.

Thank you for your love and kindness.

Love and light to us all.


32 comments on “What will detoxify the body better? DISTILLED WATER OR WATER WITH SEA SALT IN IT???

  1. I have generic sea salt and Himalayan which I read are nearly the same? Always thought the latter had more minerals. So it’s true that these will not raise blood pressure? Thank you for helpful info! Just want to get healthy and stay that way.

    • Bj, of you have circulatory problems your blood pressure will increase. Do not be afraid because as the body cleanses and cells detoxify and hydrate the BP will go down. Use sea salt, it is way better than Himalayas rock salt. Read my article on sea salt or my books. Love and light brother.

    • Sasuke…I do not encourage people to take medicinal remedies because they are symptom oriented and do not provide real healing on the cellular level. There is a difference with some plants like cannabis and Ayahuasca because their frequencies resonates with us. Still better results can be achieved by allowing the body to communicate directly with plants. Unfortunately people like the quick way out and without changing their habits. This can never create healthy body.

  2. Is distilled water with added sea salt a good option? I usually harvest my own spring water but I’m beginning to think distilled water may have its benefits because there is no contamination like most ground water may have due to factory population, septic tanks, etc.. Also, sea salt can be added to the distilled water to make essentially a “perfect water….” That being said, I think the best water would be from a mountain but very few have access.

  3. Dear Dr. Velcek,

    I appreciate how you take the time to post health information you know to be true for the rest of us to consider, absorb and put to use.

    I like the format but I am honestly disappointed in the unfinished way the copy is presented. I believe you will receive a much better response and a greater, stronger following if you have someone proofread all the messages written in English, before you send them to us.

    In the message attached below, relief is misspelled as r-e-l-e-a-f, “that” is used when “who” is appropriate and you have many simple grammar, punctuation, syntax errors and omissions. These mistakes easily create frustration, misunderstanding, confusion or dismissive responses from your readers.

    Perhaps this problem arises from the challenge in making a direct translation between languages. The order of the words in a simple sentence changes between cultures so they need to be readjusted to fit the second language’s regular syntax; when words are left out, it becomes nonsensical. Just leaving the punctuation off of a sentence will often change the intended meaning, completely. Ask any English teacher.

    You are very sincere in your efforts to educate the rest of us but it is clear that you need editorial assistance to further this aim.

    I can not share the message you sent, below, as it stands, because of these obvious errors. Since your advice flies in the face of what doctors in the U. S. A. have always told us, the individuals I’d like to inform and educate will be highly likely to misinterpret your bilingual translation mistakes as a clear indication that you don’t have sufficient education to really know anything of what you’re speaking. That is a tragic misjudgment for them and a failing point, for you.

    Anyone with a curious mind is marked by “cookies” during their iNet search and then inundated with the “latest health information,” from anyone able to create a site, so we are already primed to be critical and dismissive. Factor that logical, reactive response into your valid message creation and mend the leaks in your information “boat” or it won’t float very far.

    Please tell Dave that his factually correct idea of growing low THC hemp in the shrinking Amazon forest is actually the fastest way to send greedy, uneducated free-loaders scrambling into the rainforest; thereby accelerating the destruction of everything we need to save. Hemp growth is a terrible idea because it will create the opposite environment of his intention!

    Dave needs to brainstorm with botanists to find an alternate solution, rather than convincing one politician of hemp’s biological significance. The agricultural facts are that hemp is easily grafted to become any other, stronger THC, form of cannabis and anyone with any experience in illegal drug manufacture already knows how frequently “pot” growers successfully hide marijuana behind or in the midst of other growing plants and trees. That will make the rainforest even more heavily trod upon!

    There’s a good reason he’s meeting with resistance. It’s a bad move, at this time. When hemp is a product-based crop in the U.S.A., the Amazon forest will be a safer prospect for hemp growth. Then, even with the lower profit crop, you’ll still need to factor in the true level of local greed.



    • Dear Wendy you are not the only one suggesting me to have my articles professionally edited. I have no means to do this. This is why I try to explain things in the simplest way possible. Those who are ready, get the message. Those who are looking for an excuse, will always find one.
      As for Gave, I do not follow what he is doing. We have different agendas and different purpose in life.
      Thank you though for caring. Love and light.

      • This is because we are told to trust authorities and not what we see or experience. And then if you are highly educated and you suggest something different other scientists laugh at you so people are discouraged to present new ideas. Many doctors and scientists are still laughing at my theories even when they see that they work and make sense.

      • We can try. I usually write the articles directly in the site, so now I would have to prepare them first as document and then adjust and paste them on my blog after you revise them. More work but we can try. Thank you for your concern love.

  4. Your grasp of English is more than adequate Darko, anyone saying otherwise must have a bad grasp of it themselves, or just be nit-picking for whatever reason, if they have a good grasp of English it is very easy to self edit as they read along.

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  6. Question about sea salt. Is sea salt effective in food? For instance I buy macadamia nuts that have sea salt on them. Is that good?

    • Yes Devin, if the sea salt was used this is good but you have to drink water soon after or your boy will reject it as it cannot properly match it to the water in your blood.

  7. What is your opinion on artesian water or spring water? In my family we like Fiji water and Deer park, AquaPanna. But ive read the water quality tests and fiji water has some fluoride and arsenic, while AquaPanna has bromide. Deer Park doesnt seem to have anything bad in it.

    • Penny, atoms of the hydrogen are electromagnetically bonded to oxygen in a molecule of water. Two hydrogen to one oxygen. The angle between them can vary depending on the surrounding environment and it controls the position and the angle of the hydrogen atoms in relation to the oxygen. Those different angle possibilities will create different structural forms. This is what make the different shapes of the snowflakes. They also change the properties of the water and we can change the structures with our thoughts.This we call the water structure. Good positive thoughts and blessings will create beautiful crystalline patterns, a good structure of the water.

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