FOOD-HEALTH relation. Getting more technical

To be able and keep our bodies healthy and young looking all that is required on the quantum level is to maintain the correct frequencies. Why do I mention the quantum level? By quantum I mean that basic source that identifies us before our brain gives it visual form of matter we call the body.


For the body to be healthy it has to resonate with adequate frequencies. Those frequencies will produce a light some people can see and we call it the aura. Proper frequencies will give our aura colours of blue, yellow and white. Lower, suppressed frequencies will change those colours into grey and dark. This is why by seeing the aura, healer knows immediately when your health is undermined.

Human aura - energy body - couple - profile Stock Photo - 12995491

For your body to be healthy and vibrate correctly, your organs have to have the correct frequencies and this means the correct aura and colours. Here again healer can see the aura and identify the organ with problem.

For the organ to resonate correctly, its cells have to resonate with good frequencies. As you see, same as the Universe, our body is fractal where the small particles complement the larger one and they all resonate in unity. If one part starts to resonate differently, the whole structure becomes undermined.

Nature, everything that was created from the essence by the creator resonates in synchronized mode with the program of creation, the flower of life. This resonance produces the genetic code necessary to support the life forms. This genetic code is common throughout the Universe though it has different genetic activity. This is because every planet and star resonate differently but within the harmonic code send by the creator.

Why is this important to know and how does this affect our diet?

When you observe the nature you will notice that wild animals eat their food the way they encounter it. So what enters their body, are the original frequencies designed by God (creator). Those frequencies support the resonance of their cells and organs and this means they support health of the  body that eats this kind of food.

Everything is defined by its frequency so if this frequency changes, so will change the object. If the plant or animal are dying, the frequency stays the same for a while and then it gets weaker and weaker. Even the dead retains the same original frequency that identifies it. This explains why you do not have to eat nearly as much when you eat fresh food.

People manipulate the food they eat and this changes its frequency. Different manipulation in different types of food produce different frequencies. When those frequencies enter our body they influence changes of the cellular resonance that starts to adjust to the new frequencies. Modulators of those changes are genes. Genetic expression changes and with it changes cellular activity. So when scientists discover a “cancer gene” or “aging gene” all they have discovered is genetic response to the frequencies that have entered our body. Those are not permanent changes and they have nothing to do with our ancestors or oxidative stress. They are the immediate response to current environment that our genes are exposed to at the time.

Now as you better understand what is going on, you can see how fraudulent and disconnected our popular science is. Just read this article;

Scientists claim that fat cells start to behave differently as the body ages. What a nonsense. Only brainwashed human can come to such an conclusion. The fact is that as pollution increases, the genes re calibrate and adjust to the new frequency. It has nothing to do with age. When the body is clean and resonates with correct frequencies there will be no genetic activation changes. The body will resonate with its divine frequencies and will be healthy all the time.

Now as food altered frequencies enter the body in smaller amounts, genes will be less affected and changes will be slower. This is why when we eat more food that is altered, we get more exposure to the wrong frequencies and our health is affected more severely. If we reduce the amount of food with altered frequencies, our body starts to recover. How is this possible???

Recovery of health is influenced by resonance of the environment. Our cells get affected most by the resonance from immediate environment. So what is closer to them will have more influence on the genetic resonance. Resonance of absorbed food will have the strongest effect. Less of the wrong food we eat, less of the wrong influence so what starts to affect our genes are the other frequencies from the environment further away. So this is why you should spend time in the forest, barefoot, exposed to sunshine. The resonance of grass, trees, animals, planet Earth and the Sun will bring the good frequencies and influence genes to return to the correct resonance. This is why fasting speeds health recovery.

Now you can better understand this article;

As you can see there is no mystery. As they feed monkeys less, they are healthier and live longer. So do people. All this talk about aging influenced health issues are pure nonsense and they are used as an excuse to push more drugs into our throats.

Self Healers Protocol is based on introducing original frequencies to the body through the food.

“Let food be your medicine”.

By establishing the correct resonance, we correct the genetic expression and not just that our health returns into our body, our bodies rejuvenate and we become young looking.

We have to free ourselves from the oppression of the system we have adapted. We are all strong individuals with purpose. We are not followers, we are not sheep or cattle. We have to respect one another because we are divine. No one has power over the other. Live and let live. Support is what makes everything functioning well.

Thank you Mark for these articles you have sent me that I have used as the reference.

Love and light.







4 comments on “FOOD-HEALTH relation. Getting more technical

  1. Thanks dear Darko. You made my day! I read Dr. Lipton’s book because of you. So now I can understand you a little deeper. Love and light. 🙂 Lee

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