The amount of obese people is rapidly increasing. This is not just the case in USA. It is happening all around the globe. Scientists are feverishly searching for the ways to help obese people to slim down, or aren’t they? To me it seems that they are searching for the proof of obesity predisposition to keep the status-quo and not to help people to slim down. has published an article in which it states; “Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) today report in Cell Metabolism that they have created the first model of genetically induced obesity in fruit . The model can be used to study ways to dodge adverse health effects triggered by the perfect storm of to obesity and calorie-rich, nutrient-poor diets.”

Further they write; “To create the fly model, the researchers manipulated a neural circuit in the fly that they have discovered is strikingly similar to one that exists in people and other mammals.”

Here we see first that scientists understand that incorrect diet and having a lot of it, create obesity but this facts are pushed a side and the blame is diverted to the genetics. Blaming genes makes obesity another disease that needs medicinal treatment and since genes are to blame, curing such a disease will not be easy and it will be costly I can guarantee you my friends.

Obese people can tell you how impossible it is to lose weight. There are so many different diets that they have all tried with no success. Many people are pushed under the knife to reduce their stomach or fill it with balloons to prevent people of overeating. Some have their intestines reduced so that less nutrients enter the blood and in this way reduce the number of calories their body receives. Doctors should be prosecuted even for mentioning such dangerous and completely unnecessary method to be used for  something that is natural, easy to deal with and does not require any medication or special treatment.

But then same should be done with the cancer treatments or the way they treat diabetes melitus, digestive problems and on and on we go…

What puts all the chronic diseases into the same bucket? They are all blamed to be genetically controlled implying that they are transmitted from parents to their children. This makes total sense. We can all see this. Just look at family photographs


We all know at least one family where all members of the family are fat. It must be the gene. It has very little to do with the junk they are eating. They all claim how they are eating very little but their body is such that turns everything into a fat. Oh, and hypothyroidism is second thing to be blamed.

It is much easier to say, “it is not me, I have a health issue!!!” than to do something about it. The sad thing is that many obese people would do the right thing if they would be told what the correct thing is that they have to do to be able to loose unnecessary pounds. But as you can see, the medical industry is generously supporting the scientists that can demonstrate and back up by the “science” that there is a genetic reason for obesity so it is a diseases that should be medicated.

If you follow my blogs then you are aware that genes react to their environment. The whole family is fat because they eat the same garbage they call food. If one member eats differently or smaller amounts and has more active life, mysteriously he/she is not affected by those genes.

Since we are all exposed to the fake, manipulated science, we start recommending foods according to our understanding and those recommendations are wrong.

Portrait of obese woman cutting paprika by using knife while looking receipt at laptop

As you can see, vegetables are not the answer. They could help you but only once you know the true reason of why you are fat and change your food correctly.

Those of you who have read my books are familiar with the culprit of obesity. It is what “scientists” and therefore doctors call the safe carbohydrates. All the starches that are loaded with glucose.

Glucose is claimed to be a safe, healthy sugar because we are told that our cells use it as principal energy source.

Those are lies.

Principal energy source for all animal cells is fat from triglyceride.

When we eat to much we gain weight. Our body is saving energy in the form of triglyceride in adipose tissue. Not being able to preserve glucose so that it is available to the cells when we do not eat, is a clear tell that glucose is not the correct energy source for our cells. So when your cells adjust to glucose they reduce the number of mitochondria and cannot produce enough of energy utilizing fat. This creates a hunger when you do not eat for more that two hours so we tend to over eat when we have the chance. Since we overeat on carbohydrates, only small amount can be utilized for energy fix and the rest liver has to convert to triglyceride becoming fat at the same time. So we end up with fatty liver and fatty body not being able to correctly utilize fat for cellular energy.Unfortunately to observe is not what we are told to do. Remember what you are told and repeat it when asked. This is the staple of our education. And everything we have been told is wrong. So is the diet we are recommended to have.

Cooked green leafy vegetables, onion, garlic, beans, grains….all promoted diets from vegan, vegetarian and paleo are subjects to the same errors of not understanding the human body, nutrition and  energy. Losing weight is easy process. You do not have to starve while doing it but you have to change the diet. This is not easy if you do not understand why, so read my books or articles in this blog site that cove this thematic.

If you need a help or support let me know and I will gladly help. By eating correctly you will not only lose the unnecessary pounds, but you will become healthy at the same time. I have received many thank you notes from people that followed the Self Healers Protocol. Do not be discouraged from your failures in the past. You were not exposed to this new knowledge and knowledge makes all the difference in the world.

f2This is not just possible, this is easy.

With love and light




9 comments on “THE WAR ON OBESITY

  1. hi there darko…there’s so much wisdom in your posts…but there’s also a dichotomy…it’s your spelling errors…i myself have become accustomed to your ‘creative’ spelling over time…

    here’s a classic example of what i have come to call ‘darko spelling’ or ‘darkoisms’…

    “Some even told me that they were in pain and as soon as they added sea salt to the water, in minutes they have felt a re leaf”

    by combining the two words ‘re’ (as in re-assure) and ‘leaf’ (as in the ‘leaf’ on a tree) you very ingeniously arrive at the correct word ‘relief’ (here as in ‘relief’ from pain)…

    on the one hand you have already explained to me that ideas and inspiration come to you thick and fast…that you don’t have the time to check for incorrect spelling,,,that you are not english speaking by birth…

    on the other hand how can your followers be expected to change their bad habits when you continually fail to correct your often glaringly obvious spelling errors!…

    equally by misspelling very basic words like substituting ‘TO’ when you mean ‘TOO’, you are only giving ammunition to your critics: “this guy can’t even spell!” and your would-be followers: “how can we believe this guy is giving us correct advice when even his spelling is incorrect!”…

    even given you are not english by birth there are many, many others in the same field as you who are publishing serious scientific etc. papers who are also not native english speakers, and they manage better spelling!…

    i’m currently corresponding with a filipino whose family didn’t have the funds to complete his college course and even his basic spelling is better than yours most of the time!…

    you have given me so much relief from my health problems – ie: healing my sick kidneys – through taking on board your celtic sea salt with water protocol…maybe in return i may at least now teach you the crucial difference between the english word ‘to’; as in: let’s go ‘to’ the shops’ …’to’ sleep …i have ‘to’ leave now…etc etc…

    and the word ‘too’ as in “i ate ‘too’ much food…it’s ‘too’ dark in here…she’s an alcoholic ‘too’…

    a very simple rule of thumb: you need to use TOO 1): when there is an excess or a surfeit of something, as in “i ate TOO much food”… and, 2) as a substitute for ALSO, as in “she’s an alcoholic TOO”…everything else is just plain old TO!…

    love and light ‘to’ you ‘too’ from brian o;> …

    PS: please excuse any spelling errors of mine hehehehe!…

    • Brian thank you for your constructive criticism. Since several people sent me similar stuff now I am re reading my articles before publishing them and you will find less errors brother.
      Also I want to mention that I am dislectic and this also stays in my way.
      Love and light brother

  2. many thanks for your nice reply, darko…it takes a big man to take on board any kind of criticism, even the constructive kind…many prominent figures at the top of their professions were/are dyslexic, but when you need to regularly engage with the written word it sure doesn’t make things any easier!…

    love and light to you too brother…

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