Can there be such a thing as complete manual for the human body?

What does the word complete actually mean?

Complete means completely finished. No margins for expansion, no room for changes. It is done, finished .

Let me ask you a question. Is there anything finished on this planet? Even God did not finish and the whole Universe is going through changes every 13 thousand years. With the Universe, our planet and everything on it experience changes as well. This change we call evolution. Evolution is not steady and gradual process of change. It is sudden, abrupt moment of upgrade, a change in which new ideas come to life. The old is being cleansed and the new life starts to explore environment in which it found itself. This is why no one ever found transition type of fossils. There is no physical relation between the old and the new. Sponge to crustaceans. Crustaceans to fish. Fish to reptiles. Reptiles to mammals.

Those are all new, improved designs, creations of the creator and the work is never done.

Now we are in one of those events of rapid change. Energy and its frequencies is rising and with it the DNA is changing influencing changes in resonance of the genes among all life on this planet and beyond.

As more genes started to resonate, humanity started to awake. We are becoming conscious of what is happening around us. This awakening is starting slow so that we can absorb first the most obvious things without getting into a state of panic. Mind always panics when it does not understand what is happening. This is why it is taking so many people that much time to realize that governments did not represent them. When it takes so much evidence and exposure of criminal offences of politicians and still plenty of people fight for the old. Can you just imagine what is happening in the minds of scientists as the truths as they know them dissipate  and contradictory facts start popping up? This is why it is not surprising to see articles like this one

Scientists have found a protein that regulates the aging process. It is the same as the scientists of Cern looking for the God particle. The quantum mechanic is showing us that there is no such a thing as one, individual. The one we talk about is a collective. There is always a multitude manifesting as one.

There are multiple misunderstandings in the above article. Telomeres do not get shorter with cellular proliferation. Telomeres are DNA protrusions and they are curled up. As the cells start living in more polluted environment and level of the energy goes down, telomeres go in tighter and tighter curl. So they only appear shorter. This is why the rejuvenation process is so quick once when the environment cleans up. Cells cleanse, regenerate and with it heal themselves and the body, making it to appear younger. Cellular oxidative process has nothing to do with aging same as blood cholesterol has nothing in common with the fat that you eat or hypertension has nothing to do with the salt you ingest. Scientists are still tap-dancing in the dark refusing to accept the now obvious truth  that genes control every cellular action and they do this under the influence of frequencies they receive from their environment. Environment is everything and as the environment is changing, life changes with it.


 So whatever is complete in one millisecond, has a new completions in the other. This is the beauty and marvel of creation and we are a big part of it. We do not only enjoy the fruits of the creator but we plant the seeds for the new creation ourselves. We are indispensable part of this creation and its process. We have experienced the worst of it and now we are in the process to create the best that we can grasp. Why didn’t I say simply, “the best”. Because we can only imagine what we can grasp. What we cannot imagine, we cannot create and this does not mean that it is not possible to create more. We are simply not there yet.

Knowing the plasticity of genes as demonstrated by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and realizing the power of our thoughts as they change crystalline structure of water which was demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto we should be able to influence our genes to instantly heal our cells and our body so if this is really true, why can’t we do it?

My friend Elke asked me; “Darko how is it possible that some people can heal utilizing medicinal plants, you use food and others use aroma or light therapy? ” Everything is just energy represented in variety of frequencies. Ultimate frequency generator and with it healer is the brain.

I use the food frequencies to trigger healing processes in the body because this is the easiest and cheapest way of healing that our mind can grasp. Understanding what is happening is as important as the frequency brought into the body by the food because understanding will create positive thoughts and aid in the healing process as placebo effect.

The era of instant healing is about to commence. Jesus Christ showed us how this is possible and now we are going to be able to do it ourselves. This will be the short lasting future of medicine. Why short lasting? Because where we are going, diseases cannot follow. This is the new World we are creating. So join and help with this process. Take several minutes each day, close your eyes and picture the World you want to live in. Describe it in details. Closer to the detail you will come, the faster you will transform your reality. Enjoy and I thank you for everything you create because it will become a part of my reality as well.

Love and light

s g24





  1. Actually the definition of evolution is a process, not instant. Instant is a man-made action that interferes with the process necessary for man truly to heal and be whole. Great medical info though. Kind regards –

    • Evolution is not what Darwin implied, a slow constant improvement of strong and resilient over the weak.
      Evolution is programmed and designed process of change that happens in an instant. We are going to experience it soon and for the first time we will go through it consciously without losing the memory of the past. We are the chosen one for this transition brother.

    • This is not evolution. It is a growth. Evolution is when structural change occurs For example our body is changing as we speak. It is replacing carbon based structure into crystal, silica structure. This will give our bodies new properties.

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