My friend Yahiko has send me this video that talks about the complexity of genetic influence on cancer. The message of this video is actually an explanation why cancer cure has not been found yet and why so much time and money is spend in researching the cancer with no cure in sight.

Many things mentioned in this video are correct but the true facts about genes and their plasticity is not revealed portraying cancer as mysterious and unsolvable as the egg and the chicken scenario.

Why is this so?

First, science we know is incorrect. It is boxed in “scientific truths” which are not disputed so no wonder we cannot have a progress. If we look at the basic physics we are told what the speed of  light is and what the speed of the sound is. We are told that they are constant. This is incorrect. Light and sound are just expressions of energy and its frequency. This means that their speed is the same. Now how can that be the truth when we can actually see the difference?

The speed of light and sound depends on the medium through which the energetic waves are moving. The speed will be rapid in the Space and it will slow down in our atmosphere and further be affected in the water or earth. In every medium the speed will be different. We can say that the speed of light depends on the speed in which the light can be absorbed in given space. Same is for the sound.

Audible sound has another component in it and that is the resonance of particles. So sound will change depending if it is in the air or water and also it will depend of the concentration of gases since every different type of gas will resonate differently.

Light will demonstrate different colors as the frequency of light separates as the angle of absorption will be different for different wave lengths and going through medium in different speeds.

Illustration on how light disperses when passing through a glass prism.(vector also available)

As you can see there is no universal constant.

Now as we talk about genes we have to understand that every change cell makes regarding its manipulation of chemicals or adaptation to them is created by genetic change. In this we have to understand that the gene does not change, only its activity changes going from dormant to active or the other way around. This means once genes are set to their activity, cell will behave in certain way not being further influenced by genetic action.

Genes are within chromosomes and chromosomes are within the cellular nucleus. For long time we thought that the cellular nucleus is the brain of the cell. Now we know that the cellular nucleus can be removed and cellular activity will stay intact. In other words, cells can live normally without their nucleus. By normally I mean doing things the way they were programmed to do. The problem presents itself when cell has to adapt to some new element. Without the nucleus, cells cannot adjust themselves to new environment and they can easily be destroyed. Every change and adaptation that cell will do is controlled by the activity of its genes within their nucleus.

In the video above you could see the complicated scenario of genetic activity. Now add to it the hundred thousand chemical reactions every cell in the body performs in every second and you will faint. Only self righteous peacocks can think that they can control cellular expression by chemically manipulating cells.

Now the statement that there is not known cure for cancer is totally false. First, cancer is not a disease, it is a state that body creates to deal with toxicity in an environment that is low on energy. Different circumstances will create different cellular environments which will stimulate genes in different ways of which some create uncontrolled cellular proliferation that we call cancer. I wrote about cancer several times and many people have healed from cancer utilizing the Self Healers Protocol. My friend Jeremy Ayers in Barbados does the same utilizing different methods and Shaman Nilo, here in Peru does the same utilizing only energy as the source for healing the cancer. Matter a fact, cancer is being healed in every corner of our planet but no-one is supposed to know about it. The lies about cancer being incurable are spread through the medical universities and the fake major media publications. The lies are so embedded in our minds that we think that only doctors can help us even when we see that this is not the case. People start looking for alternative ways to heal only after they have been told by their doctors that there is nothing else that can be done. Almost all cases of cancer that I was helping to resolve were like this.

This brings me to another thematic and that is vaccines.


Articles like this one; talks about facts presented by studies done by the vaccine industry. They are glorifying their achievements of saving lives. According to them there will be great loss of life if vaccines would not have been implemented. But they clearly state as Mark pointed out that 10 % of reactions to the vaccines bring serious consequences. Now take a 10 % of a hundred million of vaccinated people and you have a pandemic on your hands.

Further all the statements that they make are false. Everything I was vaccinated against I have contracted after being vaccinated and I am not the only one. In  fact, most children will become sick from the disease they were vaccinated against and that is known fact but not publicized.

Vaccines are used as the mean for global depopulation so please do not allow yourself and your family to be vaccinated.

Here in Peru, primitive tribes that have not been vaccinated are healthy and many vaccinated children in the urban zones have autism and cerebral palsy or hydrocephalus that they are trying to pin on the Zika virus. By “they”, I mean medical industry and fake major media outlets.


We are told to eat certain diet that lowers our immune system. Instead of vaccination, change your diet and you have nothing to worry about.

We are living in strange times and we must relay on ourselves. Wake up to the new knowledge and take action, be in command of your life. Do not allow others to dominate over you.

Love and light



    • Cells proliferate when they become so weak that their electric voltage is low. Low voltage signifies cell has to be replaced so it starts to proliferate. Normally the new cell is healthy and quickly increases its voltage. This does not happen in cancer cell. Voltage of the new cell stays low so she continues to proliferate and cancer starts to grow.

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