2017, the year of change. IS HUMANITY READY ?

Is humanity ready for change? This is a question.

For me this is hard to believe while looking at articles like this one from Stanford at The Tech, understanding genetics; “http://genetics.thetech.org/dna-change-allowed-ancient-humans-escape-africa

or this one from Live science; “http://www.livescience.com/57290-eat-healthy-this-year.html”

It looks to me that until the old programmed “scientists” are in charge, there cannot be change.

Once the brain is programmed, it will reject any new information which does not fit into the understanding of the already accepted believes. This is why “experts” in genetics come to such stupid conclusions as mentioned in the above article which states; “A new study out suggests that humans were able to spread out and take over the world because of a new DNA change (or mutation) that popped up in their DNA 85,000 or so years ago.  This DNA change didn’t make humans suddenly crave new adventures.  Instead it let them get away with just eating plants for good brain development.”

This shows that those scientists still believe that genetic activity is set and does not change once it is in the place. This was debunked many times over. We know that genetic activity changes with its environment and the rate of changes is a million times a second. Nothing in the body can change if genes did not change first since genetic activity is what creates cellular changes in the first place. By giving exposure to new frequencies, we force our DNA change resonance which activates those genes that are tuned to those frequencies and at the same time it de activates those genes that do not resonate to those new frequencies any more.

This means that people did not get new genetic activation which made it possible for them to change their environment. Instead, humans changed their environment by going North and under the influence of the new diet, their genetic expression has changed to accommodate the new food.

Here I want to also mention that going north did not make humans to eat vegetables. They continued to be hunters and nomads until they were enslaved and forced to stay in the same territory serving their masters. Masters continued with eating meat and their slaves were forced to eat more and more vegetable and grain based foods. This continued until today where this type of toxic diet is  “scientifically” promoted. Brainwashed sheepish population gable those lies as scientific truths and continue eating this unhealthy poisonous food.

Even today there is still one tribe migrating through Europe despite the pressure from all European governments to settle them down to be able to enslave them with their taxes. Those are the  Roman people we call Gipsies.


The only surviving proud and free people of Europe.

People, the same as animals are nomadic by nature. They move and follow their pray. This is why we are animals and not plants fixed to the same peace of land. People that continued moving are always healthier than those locked in the same environment. Motion is necessary for the body to stay healthy. Motion and the exposure to the nature and elements is the best recipe for health and longevity.

Those “supposingly” healthy genetic changes that allowed humanity to switch the food and nourish themselves with grains are not healthy at all. That was the first step in mind control since such food dramatically lower the IQ and ability of people to think clearly.

Even though new studies are proving saturated fats and meats to be healthy and carbohydrates to be unhealthy foods, brainwashed science does not accept this and continue promoting “garbohydrates” as the essential and healthy food.  Those “experts” of livescience.com continue with the same propaganda that brought them money in the past. It is all just for the money because if they would really care for your health they would not continue with the same old nonsense.

I recommend you to read my new book “The Resonance of Nutrition” so you receive more new information that will make it possible for you to make better food choices for yourselves and your families.

As we are awakening, more and more people are noticing how fake is the world we live in. They are starting to absorb the new knowledge. Changing brain programming is very difficult so scientists and highly miss educated people are the most resistant to change. This is why you can expect less and less help from your health “specialists”, teachers, professors and you have to rely on your own intuition. Having more information will help you to make better choices.

“It is hard to teach an old dog  new tricks”.

The future lies on the backs of young people, those who were not exposed to the ways of the old. This time is coming.

It is not easy to find out the truth as now we are exposed to the authority of the old and sanity of the new. How does one know which is one or the other? Use your common sense and trust your intuition because the intuition comes from God himself. Intuition is your spirit guiding you. Do not pay attention to what other people are saying, follow your guide.

With love and light of my heart I wish you a great success.



5 comments on “2017, the year of change. IS HUMANITY READY ?

    • Yahiko, this protocol helps detoxifying on the cellular level. It brings back to the body the frequencies it needs to re align genetic activity and in this way returns cells to their original programmed state. When this happens, the body becomes healthy and remains young.
      Nature is simple, only we have made it complicated.

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