SCIENTISTS or IDIOTS? You decide!!!

Thank you Mark for this article. This article is a perfect depiction of our modern medical science in action.

Creamy peanut butter with nuts isolated on white

The article is about children and peanut allergies.

In essence, the article points to “new discovery” where “scientists” have discovered that introducing very young children to a peanut butter will condition the body in accepting it and in this way reduce the occurrence of allergies towards peanuts in food products.

You can read the article here;

“Scientists” have noticed that giving very young babies peanut butter will not only make them more resistant to peanuts but also to some other allergens. So they must be on the right track, at least it seems that way doesn’t it?

Yes when you are using the corrupt knowledge given to us by this slavery system we are living in. Only, by doing this, we are undermining the health of a child by slowly poisoning it and setting it for a lifetime of health problems that will be blamed onto something else and not the poisoning achieved with this faulty science.

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Why is this poisoning and how come it increases the tolerance to peanuts and some other allergens?

It is known fact that our body is a phenomenal self healing robot that will adjust itself to the environment it is living in. We know that cyanide is dangerous poison and small amount is needed to kill a human. But if you start giving to a human a minuscule doses of cyanide daily, you can continue increasing the amount and the human will not die from it. The same will occur with rat poison or any other toxic element.


Because traces of toxins will not harm our cells but cells will save sample of those toxins and as soon as they appear in the blood, cells will stop their osmotic pumps preventing those toxins to enter the cells. The diuretic effect will set in and those toxins will be flushed out of the body. The reason body starts to tolerate higher and higher amounts of toxin is the interrupted cellular absorption. This is why the body becomes more resistant not only to one toxin but to variety of toxins at the same time. One toxin is enough to slow down the absorption. If the cellular osmotic pump is stopped, any other toxin that will find itself in the body will be prevented from entering cells and it will be flushed out of the bod with diuretic effect.

So now here we have two things happening that undermine child health.

 1  Interrupted cellular hydration by preventing correct osmotic hydration

 2  Diuretic effect that dehydrates blood and subsequently the cellular structure of the whole body

This is a perfect set up for the child to become early sufferer of chronic diseases. I guess somebody will soon get a Nobel Prize for scientific breakthrough which creates more patients in an occult way. It is all about the money anyway.

Why do the  children get allergies in the first place?

Because they are dehydrated on the cellular level.

In my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”, I explain what are allergies and how we can easily get rid of them. Slowing down the cellular osmotic pump and further dehydrating the body is definitively not the way to go. When we are looking for the solution within the same information that produced the problem, we are doomed to failure.

How can we expect to heal ailing body if we knowingly poison it with known toxins. It does not make any sense. The only reason doctors are doing this because what makes sense is not part of their education. Read, memorise and spit on demand. This is what creates a great minds of our modern society.

So, how can we prevent allergies?

To answer this question first we have to know what is allergy.

Allergy is a term that identifies local inflammation caused by irritation of foreign protein in our body.

So why some people have it and some people do not?

You have noticed that allergies almost always affect mucus tissues although they can occur on the skin as well, and within our body.

What causes allergic inflammation?

When foreign protein finds itself touching a cell, this irritates it so the cell releases a drop of water to flush the protein away. If cell is dehydrated, it cannot waste the water and the protein stays stuck to its membrane. Since this irritates the cell, signal is transmitted to the brain. Brain responds by ordering emergency hydration (inflammation) so that the cell can solve this problem. Once the protein is washed away, inflammation will stop. This is the very basic understanding behind allergies that doctors do not know because this knowledge is not given through the medical education. We are told about the battle of allergen and the anti body. It is always a battle and the strongest wins. Our body and the nature do not work in this way. Darwinism is wrong, Einstein was wrong. The whole theory of evolution, physic and science we know is all totally wrong and we cannot look for answers in there. Basically we have to be opened to the new knowledge that is coming in our way or we are screwed. It is as simple as that my friends.

The new knowledge is frightening influential scientists rendering them nothing more than charlatans so they are revolting and standing in the way of the new. We place our ego in the way of progress. Get over it. We are all the same, insignificant robots. The only significance comes from our mind once we realize the importance of the one thing that makes us human and conscious beings which is our spirit. As long as we continue ignoring the body-mind-spirit unity, we will remain ignorant. You want to know the truth, you want answers? Ask your spirit, your higher self. It has all the answers and it will present them to you the way you can understand it. From here comes the expression; “when you are ready, master will appear”.

Since you are here reading this post, you are ready for more new knowledge to come your way. Thank you my friends for joining me in this quest for the truth and broader understanding of the life and the existence of all.

With love and light

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6 comments on “SCIENTISTS or IDIOTS? You decide!!!

    • Ciara it is like saying that fish is allergic to water.
      No one can be allergic to water, we are 80 % water. Body rejects what it does not know or what it is not familiar with. Every Lupus patient I had was rejecting water because they never ever had it. It took several days before their bodies started to accept water as the brain recognised what it is.

    • I would say that arrogance is connected to the ego. But yes, higher education gives you higher status in society and separates you as a class. This is especially noticeable in Europe as it gives one privilege over others.

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