Mark sent me an article from ‘Fast Company” which starts with these words; “Say what you want about 2016, it did at least bring us a few pleasant surprises. One was the mounting evidence for butter as a healthy food. Another was that researchers at Purdue University found that eating too much red meat may not be bad for you at all, contrary to decades-old advice from doctors.

Here is the article;

In the article it is mentioned that researchers after comparing 945 studies, came to conclusion that eating red meet not only does not cause health problems but is in fact good for your health.

Another miracle! Now all the “experts” on nutrition are left in cold water. Everything they are preaching seems to be wrong and there are no books available that they can use to upgrade their information. For sure they will not go and use my book “The Resonance of Nutrition”.  They have been battling me for years laughing at “my ignorance” to accept the  truths that the scientific community has laid in front of us to absorb, accept and regurgitate. I was never much of a follower. I love to analyze things, think about them and create my own opinion. Exchange of opinions should be a base of discussion and the result accepted should be the one that makes more sense.  Unfortunately since our popular science is used as a tool against humanity, this is discouraged and truths are ridiculed.  Fortunately, I was never bothered by others who ridiculed me. I could never accept what makes  no sense.

So how can we determine if something makes sense or not?

Simply, by observing the nature first.

Nomadic tribes do not experience any of the diseases that plague  modern man. Nomads diets are based predominantly on animal products. Shouldn’t this be the base of scientific research?

Group of happy Indian children running across sand dune, India royalty-free stock photo

Just have a look at this photograph of nomadic children. Beautiful smiles, great skin, perfect bodies and abundant energy.

Compare this with children in modern society

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - AUGUST 12: Children play basketball in the city park on August 12, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

and you can see the inevitable. Bodies have changed and children’s  health with them. Not only that they are obese, they have health issues. More and more young children use reading glasses and have frequent colds, allergies, hernias, asthma and lately diabetes. How is this possible when they eat so healthy, exactly as told by experts of nutritional science.

Obese mother and son having meal together at home

Just look at the photo above. All the colours of the rainbow and the “good” carbohydrates with fibres so necessary for our healthy gut. So why is this family unhealthy and obese? Something is obviously wrong, wouldn’t you say?

Of course, the science we are bombarded with daily, is incorrect. Vegetables are not healthy food as they are portrayed to be and they turn to be toxic when cooked or processed. On the other hand, animal products bring health into our body assuming they themselves were not heated and processed.

Why does cooking our food create health problems?

This I have explained in my book “The Resonance of Nutrition” so if you want to learn the truth the way I see it, please read the book.

Eating fatty meats and animal products does not create health problems. It does not increase cholesterol levels in the body and does not cause heart or circulatory problems. On the contrary, the suggested vegetarian diet does this by changing the genetic expression forcing our cells to accommodate nutrients that are not normally available in the blood.

As we are awakening, more and more truthful information is being revealed creating chaos in heads of misled doctors and scientists. They are the one who have the most problem accepting the truth. They fight this information especially if their ego is riding on it. This is why we cannot trust our health professionals and follow their recommendations. We have to absorb new information, think about it, observe the moment and make our own conclusions.  Others may harm you but only if you allow them to do so. Take charge of your body and become responsible for your actions. You will do it for your health, others are doing it because of your money, so whom are you going to trust?

foto steak tartare

Enjoy steak tartare and just ignore the fried potatoes. Remember no dietary carbohydrates in your food if you want to have healthy and long lives.

Love and light





    • Dear friend, read my books so that you can understand the body and nutrition in a different light.
      If the body is healthy, no amount of fat and meat will increase cholesterol levels this is obvious, check this with yourself and people around you brother.

  1. Yes – meat (the less cooked/raw the better) and healthy fats (even if “processed” into butter/cheese Etc. as aware most butters/cheeses are made with pasteurized milk) are certainly good for us.

    One thing I find a little puzzling with your above comments is: “Vegetables are not healthy food as they are portrayed to be and they turn to be toxic when cooked or processed”.

    I get the cooking/processing part (same applies to meat/eggs Etc.) – but you pretty much start the sentence saying vegetables are not healthy?

    Looking at your raw food recipes on this page they are loaded with salad, arugula, tomatoes, avocados (those great fats – I know technically a fruit), even onions, green peppers, fresh coriander Etc. Also pickled (being processed in a way too) vegetables like capers/pickles. All are those “unhealthy” veggies? Some of them even processed? (be aware most super market sold pickles/capers/sauerkraut Etc. are cooked to avoid the container exploding from pressure).

    Also I know you sometimes lightly cook some foods (like your burgers)?

    Since we are taking out the simple starches/carbs/sugars from our diet I really do not see any other option than adding more raw veggies and fruits…. but you say they are not healthy food…


    • Ben I suggest that you read my new book “The Resonance of Nutrition”. This will explain digestion and allow you to understand the food better. In few words, raw vegetables are cleansers and this is why I recommend them as most people cook their meat so cleansers help to eliminate it from the digestive tract. Cooked, vegetables release glucose and create error in genetic expression….

      • Darko; understood. Meanwhile in the above article you clearly stated that vegetables are not healthy food…. (and even worse when cooked…) – that is how I read it at least. Cheers!

    • Mark, I do not use any supplements so I do not research them. I know about fulvic acid and fulvic minerals but my work points me into the direction of frequencies as the genetic modulators. The basic need of our body is cleanliness.

      • Dear Dr. Darko. Since raw/cooked vegetables are toxic to humans should we only eating meat, chicken, eggs,sea foods? if so, where do we get (minerals/vitamins/antioxiden) that are absent in animals products? Eg. Vitamin C, Quercetin, vitamin E, cyanidin, beta catotine and so on. Thanks, Richard.

      • Richard, nothing is absent in animal meat. Al vitamins and minerals are present in the meat we eat and they are easily absorbed by our body if the meat is raw or mostly raw when it is eaten. Much easier than from plants. All we have to do is to look how omnivores eat in nature. Do not trust me, try it for yourself. Love and light brother

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