Have you made your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION yet???


Maybe this photograph can help you to make up your mind.

Hilno and I have been invited by Dr, Ruperto Pablo Ruiz Beteta to visit the village he was born in and to see what is happening in remote places of Peru. What we saw reminded me on remote places in Croatia and I think that the same is happening everywhere in the world. The young people are leaving the harsh life of farming, looking for jobs in populated areas leaving the old people behind. Farms are getting abandoned as the elderly cannot cope with necessary chores. As this is said, it also provides a ground for recovery. Plenty farms are for sale so Dr. Pablo, couple of our friends, Hilno and I are putting a plan together to purchase several large farms to preserve the nature and create  natural healing resort in wild environment as nature is quickly repossessing its territory and new life is starting to bloom.

The nature is breath taking


full of small and large rivers with waterfalls one can refresh itself in. Forests are full of medicinal plants Dr. Pablo is collecting and implementing in healing. Same as me, he has realized the absurdity of modern medicine and has returned to medicine of his grandfathers. Fortunately here in Peru this is allowed and doctors that abandon modern (fake) medicine are not prosecuted. This is why more and more people from all around the world are coming here to heal themselves.

The trip to his family farm was an adventure on its own. As the road is bad we used our motorcycles. First we had to use a barge to cross a tributary to Amazon river called  Huallaga river.


This river is fast. We loaded our motorcycles on the barge and enjoyed coconut water being sold there as the barge took us across the river.


From the river bank it was all uphill, very steep on a road in very poor condition more suited for donkeys and professional motocross riders than me. I have laid my Chinese built bike twice as it was loosing the power becoming overheated with two of us and full load of luggage on it. Hilno and I decided not to undertake such trips with this bike again. It is time to get new, stronger machine.

After half hour of this adventure biking we have reached his village. There we have left our bikes, loaded the backpacks and bags and started our two hour hike up and down the mountains toward Dr. Pablos family semi abandoned farm. The scenery was wonderful.


Parches of dense forests intertwined with pastures with exotic plants all around us.


There were some flat areas but most of the walk was up and down steep hills. In the heat and humidity of a rain forest we had to take numerous brakes.


Obviously, locals do not have this problem. Pablo recalls his father doing this trip many times with heavy load of fruits and produce on his back accomplishing this trip in one hour. I have destroyed my knees with motorcycle accident in my late twenties. Although my knees are recovering, the steep downhill was little bit to much and they started to ache.No problem, Pablo made a cut in a bark of an tree and smeared the white resin on my knees. Soon I started to feel better. Medicinal remedy in action.

Finally we have reached our destination but the work had just begun. We collected some fruits and brought water from near by stream.

Hilno collecting water


No one lives on the farm now. it is being used sporadically so we had to provide for ourselves. Hilno was very content in her kitchen


Dr. Pablo started to prepare natural cotton for medicinal resins he is going to extract from various plants that grow near by.


Chemists from modern laboratories would cringe at the working conditions and FDA would send numerous fines for the sanitary conditions if they would have a say in this. but I can assure you, Pablo’s medicine is way superior of anything modern laboratories can provide.

As there is no electricity, the evening was spent chatting near the  fire as we were awaiting the coming of the New Year. After midnight tired from the daily activities we collapsed in our hammocks.


The following day brought some rain but we could not resit from exploring the beauty of the environment.


We stayed there for two days before returning back to Tarapoto., exhausted but happy.

Here we are waiting for barge to take us back to the other side of the river.


This was just one of the many beautiful places we are surrounded with here in Tarapoto Peru. So if you still did not make up your mind where to go this year and what to do, please join us. Take a healing retreat. Heal your body and your mind as you enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of wild and breath taking nature.

You can be part of our project by donating to our cause and coming to visit and enjoy the fruits of your involvement.

If you can please donate so we can get new so much needed motorcycle since asking for a 4×4 would be little bit to much. We just want to be able to visit hard to reach places and be the difference that is so much needed in the lives of local people and recuperation of the nature alike.

The true United Nation organization, “SWISSINDO” is hopefully going to distribute so much needed funds soon so we can jump on all the various project we have seen that can be done here.

So if you can and if you are willing please donate and be part of the change


When you find the time, combine your vacation with healing and have first hand experience in healing and rejuvenation .

With a lot of love and light we wish to see you here soon.









8 comments on “Have you made your NEW YEAR RESOLUTION yet???

  1. Being a big city dweller, I’d say I am in need to get more nature. This post is truly an inspiration. Happy new year to you and all. Love and light. 🙂 Lee

  2. your pretty pudding.if your knees are hurting you can use codeine pills or oxycodone they work really well. valium can be used for muscle spasms.keep up the prettyness pudding.

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