Goodbye sweet .16, WE HAVE GRADUATED!!!

It is hard to imagine but here it is. Another year is gone and this one went in a flesh. I do not know what have happened, the year of 2016 just flew by but great changes have happened. People have awaken and the World is starting to change.

The most powerful sign was Brexit and the destruction of Clinton’s. Against all odds, the rigged system that has worked for centuries has collapsed. It does not matter that another globalist was elected and that he himself will not bring the change. What is important that people realized that they are being played. Quickly they will realize now that Trump is not what they have hoped him to be and they will deal with it and continue upgrading.

Swissindo, the true United Nation organization has been revived from Indonesia and the banking system overhaul has begun.

In science, finally Tesla is receiving the recognition he deserves as brilliant mind that he was and false scientists we have been told to praise like Albert Einstein are being revealed as frauds that they were.

I always point out that we are victims of fraudulent science that is promoted by  the money hungry corporate interest. True scientists like Nicola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife,Dr Robert Beck, Dr. Batnaghelidj ….were discredited and ruined. Scientific idiots and their bogus work as long as it can be cashed, is praised and promoted. All we are learning in the “miss-educational” schooling system is to obey and serve.

As we are awakening  with the help of the Internet, everyone can express their opinion and free information is at our fingertips. Now we see that giants were roaming on our planet;

This is proving that what we are told about our history is a lie.

Religion has lost spirituality and has become a tool of division. The Bible old and new testaments were written at the same time and soon after the same people published Curran. It is the same ideology created to divide people so that they can be manipulated into hating and killing each other on any insignificant instigation.

If it is not the religion then it is the difference in the colour of the skin. Scientific proves were presented showing one race as smarter and dominant over another. All lies but people have absorbed those “scientific truths” and behaved accordingly.

As the awakening accelerates, all the truth will come out and we are going to be surprised of “how stupid we have been” unable to see the truth that was poking us in the eye at every corner and we were to blind to see it.

Finally we are going to stop judging others and the change will come from within. For this to happen our brain needs new information so keep absorbing the new information. The brain can make decisions based only on the information it possesses. Pick your heads out of the sand and start observing the world around you. We are all the same, we are family and to prosper we have to help each other and not to steel and kill each other. Share, can’t you see how ridiculous it is to die with huge bank account while thousands of people are starving and suffering from not having enough. As you give, you receive in many more ways then one.

This post may look like it does not have any health significance but you are mistaking. Helping others enlightens your spirit and gives you another life purpose. Enlighten body radiates with powerful energy that heals the body. Placebo effect comes from it.

So enjoy New Year, celebrate the end of the old and the birth of the new. Powerful new experiences are waiting for us in the 2017 as the World is shaping to be better place for every and each one of us.

Hilno and I with love and light in our hearts wish you happy New Year




Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

21 thoughts on “Goodbye sweet .16, WE HAVE GRADUATED!!!”

    1. Zdravo Ante.
      LED zarulje proizvode kratke valne duzine pa je njihovo svjetlo slicno fluorescentnom ali nema drugih losih karakteristika kao sto su otrovni plinovi ili ziva. Za nas, naj zdravije su one staromodne zarulje sa zarnom niti jer je svjetlo nizih valnoh duzina. Ali naj zdravie je otici spavati kada se smrai i dici se kada svane, zajedno sa kokoskama. Sretna Nova Godina brate.

  1. Happy New Year to you, Darko. I’m looking forward to continue this journey
    that has tought us so much and make us feel so good. Lol.

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