THE TWO FACES OF REALITY What we see is not always the reflection of what is happening

Yesterday one client came to buy sea salt to use for cooking purposes  so I asked him how does he feel. He said ; “I feel great, I am doing everything opposite of what you have told me and all my swelling is gone”.

He is an elderly gentleman who came to see me because he had insulin resistance and pain in his legs and feet. As he started to follow the “Self Healers Protocol” the swelling intensified and the pain spread to his hands. This is what always happens when the body increases water level and the blood vessels are in a bad shape. And his blood circulation was very compromised as water retention occurred immediately after he started drinking water with sea salt.  I took my time explaining why this happened and what to expect during the healing period but often it does not matter what you say and how much sense does it make. People like to have instant gratification and nothing else matters.

Well, it is hard to argue with someone who was feeling bad doing what you suggested and now feels great doing things differently. I knew that no matter what I say, this will hit the wall since he has his experience. He told me; “I received a recipe and I started to eat garlic and ginger with lemon juice and look, my feet are not swollen, my hands neither, the pain is gone and I feel like a different person.”

I spoke to him for two hours when he first came pointing to what is going to happen when he increases water amount in his body and that discomfort and pain will occur since he is very toxic on the cellular level and part of hydration will be done through the forced hydration we call inflammation. This will be the cause of pain and it is the cause of pain he was experiencing at that time. He did not want to use blood electrification so the cleansing process was slow and in two months not much visible improvement was noticed. Only sugar was lowered in the blood but swelling and the pain was lingering.

Finally Right

He was eating garlic and ginger before and swelling and pain were present so how come that now all of the sudden as he introduced garlic and ginger back into his diet, the swelling went down rapidly?

Because the two months of cellular hydration have cleared some of the toxicity and more water is present within the cellular structure. As toxins were introduced, cells stopped the hydration and cleansing. Diuretic effect was invoked as the body was eliminating those toxic medicinal remedies so water in the circulation diminished. No salt in the water he is drinking so electrolytes are washed a way from the body and water level continues to drop taking the swelling down with it. Those are the perfect examples of symptomatic treatment utilizing medicaments which is promoted by our science. This shows you the similarity of the modern and traditional medicine in action. They are both directed towards relieving the symptom (swelling and pain) and not to correct the problem that causes them.

I am mentioning this particular experience but there are many other similar cases where people simply cannot believe that newly experienced problem that occurs during the suppossingly “healing” phase can be related to the healing process. The most common problem is with constipation.

Some people have never experienced constipation before and after initial diarrhea all of the sudden they became constipated. How is it possible that constipation occurred when they drink more water than ever before and they did not experience constipation before. Now with all that extra water in their body and they are constipated. Especially because I told them that constipation is sign of dehydration. This does not make a sense, does it?

Well, when cells start to soak in the water as the blood got clean way more water becomes necessary for the cleansing process. You drink water with sea salt and the water picks up toxins and takes them out of your body. So you drink and urinate and body is demanding much more water. Some clients are reporting to me that it took them more than 7 litres of water before the stool became soft again.

What is the point of this article?

With this article I want to show you that things are not always the way they seem to be. The reality is often stranger than fiction. This is probably the reason why it is so much easier to sell people a lie than convince them in truth.

This is why I urge you to contact me if your desire is to heal and not just to reduce the suffering. Let me guide you in your attempt of healing your body and achieving youth. I say attempt because it is you who will have to do the walk and the road is bumpy, full of obstacles. Often those who love you will be in your way suggesting things they have heard and are contrary from what you will be doing. I can lead you with explanations of what is happening and what to expect in the future so you do not get surprised and you understand the reason why those things are occurring. Knowledge is the most important tool. It will give you a peace of  mind because what the brain does not understand, it fears. When in fear, we make mistakes.

We have been misguided our whole lives and our brains are full of the wrong information. Brain can come to conclusion only by using the information it possesses. So learn new things. Absorb so that your brain has more information to work with. It does not matter how stupid some information can be, you do not have to believe them. Absorb them, let them enter your consciousness so that later when problem presents itself your brain has more options to chose from while reaching its conclusion.




Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

10 thoughts on “THE TWO FACES OF REALITY What we see is not always the reflection of what is happening”

  1. Hi Darko! Yes – the truth is out there – but it is “Red pill/Blue pill” stuff/decisions as the brain washing/matrix has been so well implemented.

    I personally am moving further and further towards your full protocol. I am not doing it perfectly yet – but find that getting “back on the wagon” after falling of, is much easier for me when I do a 1 day (24 hour) water/salt only fast to kick start things.

    It really gives the body a chance to clean up a lot (maybe not all – would require longer fast), and I am getting close to making it a weekly detox.


    1. Zdravo Ante. Posto ja ne koristim medicinalne preparate ja o njima ne pisem. Etericna su ulja korisna. Ona donose dobre frekvencije u kontakt sa nasim stanicama i uspostavljaju dobre vibracije koje su korisne za nase zdravlje. Posto etericna ulja utjecu na rad nasih stanica, ona takodjer mogu smetati stanici kod osmoze. To je razlog sto ih ne upotrbljavam. Kao i druge prirodne stvari saljekovitim ucinkom ja preporucam da se upotrebljavaju samo kada je to neophodno ali ne za vrijeme stanicnog oporavka i izlijecenja.
      Srdacan pozdrav.

    1. Yes Ben, Ante asked my opinion on essential oils.
      I told him that I avoid using medicinal remedies so I do not write about them. Essential oils give positive frequencies to our cellular structure but they influence cellular behaviour. This is why they can trigger medicinal effect. Because of this they do not contribute to healing. The healing effect can come only as placebo positive thinking energy. This is good but since it alters the cellular action this is not useful for the purpose of cellular healing through the food.

  2. Hey Darko,

    I use spring water as my main source of water. Is it necessary to add sea salt? Spring water contains natural minerals and I’m unsure if sea salt is necessary for this type of water.


    1. Yes Mark, sea salt is necessary because we live in polluted world and we are in the need of cleansing. Sea water is the only water that contain all necessary minerals that are found within our blood.

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