Battling the CONSTIPATION with fibre or water???

Just about everywhere you look, you will find the articles on the benefits of dietary fibres and their importance in digestive process. Research coming from Mayo clinic states; “Dietary fiber — found mainly in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes — is probably best known for its ability to prevent or relieve constipation.”


In the same article that you can read here;

 further repeats nonsense about water soluble and none soluble fibre. This lie is repeated by every health site that promotes vegetable diet as the healthy diet. Everyone and their grandmother “knows” the importance of dietary fibres for generating the proper gut flora in supporting the immune system and brain health. What a bunch of ridiculous lies and whoever is somebody in the health industry is repeating the same nonsense over and over not realizing the stupidity of it. My language may seem a bit harsh but I am really sick and tired listening to this nonsense.

So why do I say that it is nonsense you may ask?

For one there is no such a thing as water soluble fibre that comes from plants.

Cellular membrane of plants is made from complex carbohydrate called cellulose. This cellulose is what forms a base of plants we call fibre. All plant based fibres are made of cellulose and cellulose is very tough material that cannot be broken within animal digestive tract. This means not only water but hydrochloric acid will not make a dent in it. So where does this idea of water soluble fibre come from? It comes from the same brain washing science that all our knowledge comes from and is called popular science that is promoted through our schooling system. Later in the life, good students that have successfully programmed their brains in absorbing, memorizing and repeating the acquired information become prominent scientists and professors and continue regurgitating the same nonsense as they go along. No one thinks, people have become programmed parrots.

Yes herbivores can ferment the vegetation and in rumen, bacteria will break the cellulose and ferment the carbohydrates (sugars) creating fatty acids. Unfortunately the omnivores do not have this possibility. Yes, some fermentation will occur in the large intestine and colon if the food lingers there longer time but the fatty acids produced there cannot be absorbed into the blood since the absorption of fat and protein occurs in the small intestine which is in the wrong direction.

Breaking the fibres is achieved by cooking, heating the cellulose over 55 degree Celsius. By breaking the fibres, all the carbohydrates release themselves and become available for absorption into the blood causing a whole array of health problems because the whole cellular genetic expression will be changed to accommodate this new found nutrient called glucose.

Kitten holding bowl of vegetables. isolated on white background.Where is a carpet when you need one?

Further the “experts” claim how beneficial micro flora will be nourished by the fibre that will miraculously contribute to our health. Yes, gut micro flora will adjust to the environment we create by the food we eat and this is why majority of people on vegetable fibre diet has digestive problems. So people are told to eat probiotics. This is beneficial micro flora that cannot be supported in your gut because there is a wrong environment. Those fibres and sugars people are told to eat, inflame intestines and impede water absorption keeping the stool soft even when the body is dehydrated and starving for water. If by any chance there is no inflammation, colon will absorb water and possibility of constipation arises.

So why do so many people suffer from constipation?

Constipation indicates two things:

Not inflamed colon that is absorbing water and

deficit of water in the body.

Whenever there is a shortage of water in the body, colon is instructed to re absorb all available water back into the blood circulation. When that happens, the feces becomes dry. As such it becomes compact with reduced volume so more of it can fit and accumulate within colon. Without water, colon has problem eliminating it and constipation starts. You can have as much fibre as you want and you will remain constipated unless you either, drink much more water with sea salt or you eat something that will inflame your colon and prevent it from reabsorbing the water.

Why did I mention sea salt?

Your body will not hold onto the water if it cannot calibrate it to the salt. So you can drink all the water you want, water will be absorbed and eliminated because of insufficient salt level, and colon will continue absorbing and absorbing.

Why are we not told this?

The answer is easy. If we increase water level in our body, our blood will detoxify and then our cells will hydrate and detoxify before the need for water and sea salt will be diminished. Then you will no longer be constipated but also most of your health problems will be resolved. Clean blood and clean cells result with healthy body. This would be the end of the medicine as we know it.

So hold on to your horses and swallow the nonsense you are fed by the popular science. You have been doing this for a centuries so why quit now? All those smart looking people in white coats know the best right?

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up and realizing that something is fundamentally wrong with what we are being told. Because of it, new war has started. This war is directed to the false information sources. It has worked before. Fortunately awakened people are not buying it any more. The “100 monkey effect” is taking over, the truth is prevailing and freedom is in our grasp.

Welcome to the New World my friends.

Love and light.




6 comments on “Battling the CONSTIPATION with fibre or water???

  1. Your posts are always so eye opening… I told you once I will buy your books, and I will ! I just have to finish two books first. Thanks for so valuable information (found nowhere else).

    P.S : a post about why coffee is harmful would be awesome, given all the “studies” demonstrating how good it is for our health…

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