Great majority of people believe that pharmaceutical industry is necessary, that it benefits the society and that  its purpose is to ease the human suffering. This is what we have been told repeatedly during our lives. We are so programmed to accept this as a truth, that no matter how one tries to show contrary, even to a “patient” whose health is deteriorating while under the medical care (which is just about everyone with health problem under the medical care) the truth does not penetrate. It is like hitting a brick wall.

I have a friend here in Peru who has multiple health problems. One of them is hypertension and another is high blood triglyceride and fatty liver. He often experiences digestive problems and while on medication, his blood pressure is ok. but if he gets aggravated, even medicated, his BP sky rockets. He has asked me multiple times on my opinion and I have explained why is this happening and how easy it is to heal from this health issues that he has. He saw some people who had the same health issues and after following my recommendation they are no longer on medical poisons and their whole outlook on life had changed. This does not matter because his doctor told him that salt creates high blood pressure and eggs and fatty meats create elevated cholesterol in the blood. There is no way he can be convinced differently.

Unfortunately he is not the only one. The matter of fact is that great majority of people share such opinion.

People worldwide are convinced how doctors are knowledgeable and capable to lead them into health. Yes they can diagnose the problem and put you together after you have been injured in an accident but they are poorly educated in digestion and mislead on many fundamental truths which prevents them to understand the body and leads them to a wrong conclusions.

I had many doctors confronting me on the pharmaceutical issues during the years. Doctors claim how drug research is costly and expensive ingredients are used and this is what makes the medication expensive. All those claims are incorrect. Great majority of pharmaceutical drugs came as a result of indigenous knowledge. Indigenous healers are in contact with the nature, they communicate with the nature, the plants and animals. Indigenous healers have discovered what plants can help suppressing certain symptoms and how to change a belief of the sick man so that he/she manifest positive outcome (placebo effect). It will be so simple if we would just use those medicinal plants but then there is no room for deceit and manipulation. Then you cannot charge hundred dollars for something that you can grow in your garden. How can you claim something if everyone can see the truth. This is why chemists in pharmaceutical laboratories isolate the active ingredients and label them with bogus names and patent them so if someone else wants to do this, he cannot. Now they have the monopoly on the product and can charge as much as they want. The greed of pharmaceutical companies is becoming so obvious that their actions are becoming very transparent.

Draw what's under the microscope... sometimes it is important to be specific.

On August 31, Insys Therapeutics Inc. donated $ 500.000 to Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, becoming the single largest donor to the group leading the charge to defeat a ballot measure in Arizona to legalize marijuana. They claim that it is all about protecting the children. Marijuana would easily get into the hands of children so let keep it illegal. What they do not tell you is that the pharmaceutical company Insys, is currently developing a product called the Dronabinol Oral Solution. This drug uses a synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to alleviate chemotherapy-caused nausea and vomiting. THC is oil that marijuana produces and it is used for variety of reasons of which one is a pain suppression. So if people could have their cannabis (marijuana) growing in their gardens many bogus pharmaceutical poisons (medications) would be obsolete.

More about this you can read here;

If pharmaceutical companies would be so worried about the children, they would not stab them with 50 poisonous vaccines and cripple their immune system before they can even walk.

Humanity has to awaken because the greedy corporations will not shy from any despicable action to achieve their goal and that goal is not about helping the human being. It is all about control and money. The greed is so strong that they themselves became their own victims. Just look at the Cabalistic bosses. The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Soros and their high ranking puppets the Clinton’s and Bushe’s they all look like walking dead. Some people think that they have long lives. This is not so. Some of them are close to 100 years old. This is nothing special. They are all sick because of their greed. They have fallen into their own traps and do not know how to get out.

David Rockefeller Rainbow Room Grand ReopeningGeorge H. W. Bush Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros

We have to conquer our fears and learn the truth. What we know is what we have been told and it is all lies and deceits.

Absorb the new, think about it and you will see, it makes a sense to do things differently from what we have been told.

Love and light.

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

17 thoughts on “The TRUTH, LIES and PROMISES”

    1. Doc. I drink water with sea salt daily and my blood pressure is 60 over 110. My wife’s BP is 50 over 90. Many people that followed my instruction gave up medicaments and their BP id 80 over 120 no matter how much water with sea salt they are drinking and no matter how much sea salt they add to their food. We have been told nonsense in the school my friend.

    1. If doctors would not be poisoning people with pharmaceutical poisons there would not be necessity for pain killers. And there are plenty natural ways to suppress the pain. Acupuncture is one of them.

  1. sir these things you are saying are not true.The advances in medicine has helped in the prevention and early treatment of diseases.stop disgracing medicine we are here to help the patients regain back their health.

    1. Brother I feel with you. I was so disappointed when I realized the fraud in medicine that I have stopped practising for 15 years to discover that after 15 years new doctors know less than what we have been told as students. If you want to see healing, I invite you to come to visit me and I will show you Shaman at work. What I can do in three months, he can do in a week. The healing is done on quantum level and plants are used to assist in the process. Modern medicine can diagnose a problem but often miss diagnoses. Shaman touches you and know exactly what health problem you have and where it came from and know how to fix it. This is why our handlers tried to eliminate shamans from existence.
      I am helping several doctors to heal so you cannot tel me that doctors know how to heal. Remember, I went through the same schools. Love and light.

      1. No Mike but I introduced him to my friend who has kidney problems and as he touched his hand he told him that what he is doing will not fix his kidneys. Not only did he received the information about the state of his health but he received the information of the treatment he was given. My friend has no discipline and does not want to do my protocol. Instead he is doing dialysis through the abdomen.

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