When compassion replaces money, medicine will change.

You cannot find any of my articles published where general public can be exposed to them. All you see, are the “important” discoveries like this one:

Platypus Venom Could Hold Key to Diabetes Treatment

Explanation showing the toxicity of dietary carbohydrates. the glucose in particular is not what will be presented. Instead injecting the body with stronger poison than insulin is the way to go. This is what people have to learn. You can eat poison as long as you take another poison with it. It does not matter that your health will crumble in the process. This explanation you will not find being published.


Diabetes has reached pandemic proportions. What we call diabetes is just a health problem caused by toxicity of the body produced by dietary glucose. Glucose should not be entering our blood. The reason glucose founds itself in the blood is scientifically suggested diet pushed on us through the same articles that promote medical interventions. We have an expression for this, conflict of interest. Well let’s not lose sleep over it. Politic of corporate pyramid is based on it. Actually the expression can be replaced with new word “Clintonism”  and yet millions of brainwashed people are sobbing over Hillary’s failure to become their leader and chief.

Presence of blood glucose requires pancreas to release insulin in the blood. Insulin irritates cells in our body and forces them to accept insulin and take it in. More glucose (starches) we eat more insulin will be released and more cellular irritation will occur. The cells demand more material so that they can thicken their membranes and protect themselves from this irritation. The material is send via cholesterol. So cholesterol goes up and doctors prescribe statins. Pharma and doctors makes money.

Thicker membrane requires increased amount of insulin to be able to force glucose into the cell. More cholesterol is needed for cellular protection, more statins are sold more money for Pharma and doctors.

Cellular membrane become too thick. This creates insulin resistance and hydration problems. Cells become rigid. Blood vessels become less flexible. Increased blood pressure and problems with blood circulation start happening. More medication is needed. More money for Pharma and doctors.


Pills are prescribed to reduce glucose presence in the blood. More money for Pharma and doctors.

When pills are not enough, synthetic insulin is prescribed (diabetes 1). More money for Pharma and doctors.


False studies are promoted and people are further poisoned by medicinal remedies like the one mentioned in the article. More money for Pharma and doctors.

This stronger medications create stronger toxicity and more damage to the body is done. This will require other medication and bring more money for Pharma and doctors

In the mean time, patients health is deteriorating and hospitalization is required. More money for Pharma and doctors.

Bad blood circulation creates kidney problems and inflammation of limbs. More medication is needed and more money for Pharma and doctors.

Necrosis of limbs occurs and surgical removal of foot is needed. More money for Pharma and doctors.

DSC_0179 (2)

Patient dies but doctors claim that their intervention has prolonged the life of the patient so what they have done is justified.

 All this money and suffering can be eliminated if patient would be told the truth and glucose would be removed from the diet. But then look at all that money that would be lost from the corporate pockets.

Suffering is good. Corporations make money on it and politicians make sure that no one interferes with this process. If someone does, police is there to bring the thing into an order. What wonderful society we have created. It is  time for a change, don’t you think so???

Please share this knowledge as much as you can because corporate media will never do so. People have to become aware of what is going on. I am reporting and you distribute. Together we will make the change.

Many thanks to my brother and sisters Mark, Ben, James, Maria, Cindy, Magdalena, Sylvie, Susan and many others to supply me with articles and giving me the inspiration to continue with my quest for truth and change.

Love and light to us all for we are a family, we are one, we are that, we are..



Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

15 thoughts on “When compassion replaces money, medicine will change.”

  1. disease is money pudding more disease more money more power more power equals more control thats where they want us pudding.They want us dead pudding

    1. From my experiences, although most doctors are well intented, there are always some who are ignorant. By saying that, I mean not wanting to know the truth is ignorant. People who suffer would feel better if their doctors have open minds. Have a good one. 🙂 Lee

    2. Dr. Brathwaite as you know, we are trained to do things one way and it is not working. I have discovered why and whenever I showed to a colleague the problems, they either dismissed it or when I demonstrated how it works and they saw the results, they stopped talking to me but did not change their practice. I dropped my title. I do not want to be associated with the corporate medical fraud called medicine brother. I do not have to hide behind corporate title to help people.

    1. Fruits have fructose and if you do not eat cooked or processed starches your sugar absorption is low and fructose will not harm you no matter how much fruits you take. I just do not know what you mean by sugar apples? If you coat apple in sugar, than it is bad to eat it.

  2. its a sad to say but the love for money is greater than compassion.people everywhere are so confused.they kill themself over a piece of paper with dead men on it which really has no value.we is who give it value

  3. I do not see anything special in shark liver oil. I believe that it has the same values as any fish oil so it is source of vitamins and fat. This is beneficial for our health. A far as the other things you are mentioning, those are starches and if you want to be healthy, keep a way from them.

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