The OXYGEN, a blessing or a curse?

This sounds like a stupid question and it is. It is obvious that oxygen is essential for life and one of the reasons we are breathing. So why do I ask such a stupid question?

Because many people are confused since a lot of what we are hearing lately is the blame on oxidative stress as the factor that deteriorates cellular structure, causes diseases and the aging process. Because of this more and more people are wandering how smart it really is to undergo oxygen therapy or simply how smart is it to oxidise our body. Isn’t this going to accelerate oxidative stress?

Of course not. Oxygen helps the burning process so it aids in chemical processes of the cells speeding them up and making them more complete. In this way less garbage is produced and cells remain healthier.

The human circulatory system

How does oxygen enter our body?

We know that this happens in our lungs through process called diffusion. Since there is more oxygen in the air we breath than carbon dioxide, oxygen will enter into the blood in our lungs. There about 98 % of it will be absorbed into hemoglobin of red blood cells. Oxygenated red blood cells are bright red in colour. Higher the amount of oxygen, oxygen pressure within the red blood cell increases. As the red blood cells enter areas with low pressure of gas they release oxygen which will enter the tissue and cells themselves. Since there is higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the tissue, carbon dioxide will be connecting to the red blood cells whose gas pressure is low and those are the cells that had released oxygen. This is how by difference in gas saturation, gases exchange between our cells and red blood cells. The blood low on oxygen and high on carbon dioxide has darker more purple colour. Because of existing presence of carbon dioxide, not much oxygen will be released from erythrocyte (red blood cell). Basically oxidized read blood has 100 mm of mercury pressure of oxygen and de oxidized blood after it has released oxygen has about 80 mm of mercury pressure. So most of the oxygen will be taken back to the lungs. The missing oxygen allows the absorption of carbon dioxide so it will be taken to the lungs and expelled from the body creating again low pressure that can be filled with new oxygen.

How do we create low oxidation in the body?

For one, we mostly take very shallow breaths. Less amount of oxygen that enters our lungs, lower the oxygen saturation and lower will be the oxygen absorption on erythrocytes. This means less oxygen will be provided. Oxygen contributes to the alkalinity of the blood and carbon dioxide to its acidity.  Higher pressure of gasses (does not matter which gas is in question) less release of another gas can take a place. So if oxygen wants to be released in an area full of carbon dioxide, the pressure of oxygen in erythrocyte has to be higher and that means more oxygen present. This is why during the exercise, we have to breath deeply. We have to take in a lot of oxygen so that we can exchange it with carbon dioxide. Our body produces very small amount of carbon dioxide but more of it is present higher the amount of oxygen has to be to replace it. Presence of carbon dioxide forces us to breath. It is not the lack of oxygen but the increased amount of carbon dioxide that creates the urge to take a breath. This is one of the reason exercising is good for our health. We breath deeply and fast and in this way we oxidise our body.

animal, belgian shepherd dog, dog

Some scientists believe that if more oxygen is provided to the cells, more mitochondria will be active and better metabolism will take a place. One of the articles was send to me by Mark so here you can read it for yourselves;

Many claims in this article are incorrect and this about mitochondria is one of them.

I have explained whenever I talk about metabolism that mitochondria of animal cells uses oxygen pump to inject oxygen when energy is produced. Without it fat cannot be processed into energy. On the other hand if glucose becomes the energy provider, oxygen is not necessary since glucose has it in its structure and additionally added oxygen produces explosive reaction in which a lot of energy is produced instantly that can harm the cell. This is why cells reduce the number of active mitochondria when we eat carbohydrate diet since oxygen delivery cannot be prevented. Increased availability or saturation of oxygen will bare no changes on the function of mitochondria or their active number.

In this article lack of oxygen is blamed to cause these effects;

  • Premature aging
  • Overall bodily weakness
  • Muscle aches (especially backs of legs)
  • Anxiety, depression and stress
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Irrational behavior
  • Chronic hostility
  • Circulation problems
  • Poor digestion
  • Acid stomach
  • Lowered immunity to colds and flu
  • Bronchial problems
  • Tumors and deposit buildups
  • Various bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections

Now if you follow this blog you already know that all of these health issues are related to the wrong diet and lack of hydration. Better oxidation will make it less toxic since some of the chemical processes will be executed more completely and in this way produce less of toxic load but to suggest that simply by oxidation we can counter all the bad effects wrong diet and dehydration produces is incorrect.

Oxygen therapies are a good way to help the ailing body. Oxygen saturated body will eliminate virus and bacteria. It will burn garbage in the body that underwent only partial chemical transformation which happens often when we eat to much and the wrong food. But on its own, oxygen cannot produce energy, it only aids to its production so the correct food is needed to keep us healthy and young. And even when the chemical process is complete and oxygen did its job, we need water and sea salt to eliminate the waste from the body.

As far as cyst and tumor goes they cannot absorb oxygen. The cells of tumors are very low on water, they are high on acidity. Since they use glucose as energy they do not need oxygen. At the same time they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide during glucose-energy transformation process. Saturation of carbon dioxide prevents oxygen absorption because it has higher concentration. So the only way to force oxygen into such cells is by over saturating the blood with oxygen. This can be done only by introducing close to lethal amount of oxygen into the blood and has to be carefully monitored. There are much easier and friendlier methods to deal with cancers and cysts than this.

My intention is not to undermine the importance of oxygen and effectiveness of oxygen therapies. I just want to point out how we cannot fix or repair damages done by wrong diet and lack of salt and water simply by over saturating the body with oxygen or vitamin C or vitamin D3 or any other remedies with medicinal properties. Poison and antidote scenario will destroy the body eventually. We have to learn what is our proper diet and how to live healthy if we want to have disease free lives and longevity.

Love and light my family. We are all one. What is the correct diet for one, is the correct diet for us all.






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  1. seek and ye shall find,knock and the door will be opened to can do whatever you put your mind to man.i love your blogs.

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