EXPLORATORY SURGERIES are assaults on the body that is designed to heal itself

Mark sent me and article on dangers of exploratory surgeries.


Surgery team operating in a surgical room

Before I go any further, I want to mention my experience with exploratory surgery that was performed on me in Hospital in Queens New York after my motorcycle accident in October of 1982.

I was banged pretty bad. Left lung collapsed, undisclosed amounts of ribs broken, bleeding in both kidneys, right leg below the knee barely hanging on several nerves and ligaments, left ankle dislocated, right arm broken… as I said, I was a mess.

I had problem breathing and the body was in a shock with pain slowly increasing all over the body. After scanning my body, doctors decided to perform exploratory surgery to determine the extent of my injuries. I was wheeled into the cold surgery room given the anaesthetic and my body froze but I could hear everything that was said. Doctor and personal were laughing and talking about movie they want to go to see. I knew something is wrong because I should have been out. Then I felt sharp cut. Pain was not so bad until doctor shoved protractor and started to move my intestines around. The pain was excruciating. I thought when the pain is severe you will pass out. Well this was not happening. The only thing I could move was my fingers so I started to move them but nobody was paying any attention to them so I mastered strength and started to move my left arm. Now doctor started saying that I have seizures and need more anaesthetic. This put my body in stronger spasm but the sensation stayed the same. There was intern present and he wanted to cut me as much as possible so that he can practice. He requested that my chest gets opened. Luckily the surgeon declined his request. I thing that I would die from the pain if they have continued. What have happened, the anaesthesiologist was a junkie and was saving opioid to get high. So I was not given the pain killer only the spasmolytic. This prevented me to move my muscles but did not inhibit any pain.

Doctors knew that he was an addict and allowed him to practice and further did not pay attention to the reaction of their patients. Couple years later I have hear of a lawsuit against the hospital and the doctors regarding this matter after several people have complained about this.

The point of this story is not just what can and is happening in hospitals but the unnecessary butchery doctors are performing so that they can practice. Every cut is an assault on your body and the cellular structure remembers it. With the exception of traumas, most if not all the surgeries are unnecessary because the body is designed to heal itself.

Let us review the article itself.

Abdominal surgeries. Totally unnecessary because all chronic problems can be healed and when we eat correctly we are not going to have problem with appendix, or colon or….

There will be no scar tissue removals since scar tissue is consequence of surgery.

Stomach ulcer heals rapidly, no need for surgery there.

Gallbladder stones can dissolve within 3 months and no surgery is necessary.

Removing any part of the body is simply a vandalism and butchery since intestines can and will heal if you know what you are doing and help the healing process.

Hernias cannot be closed surgically in older people because the muscles are damaged. The only way is to hydrate them back into a healthy state and then hernias close by themselves.

Deformed heart valves, do not have to be replaced. They recover if we do what is necessary and it goes back to hydration and diet change.

Lungs, kidneys, heart…do not have to be transplanted. They are all designed to heal themselves and they will do this if we just learn the truth and do what is necessary to help the body.

The whole medical industry is a scam and money oriented industry preying on our ignorance and stupidity. This is why we have to go many years to “misseducatonal” centres (schools and universities) so that we become brainwashed and disconnected so we can be then easily manipulated.  Now it has been decided that we are not dumb enough so we have to get “common core” level of stupidity and brain washing. What a bunch of cattle we have become!!!

Luckily we are awakening. More and more people are contacting me letting me know how they have benefited from my work. This pleases me immensely. So pleas if you have tried Self Healers Protocol, you have experienced for yourselves the power of rejuvenation. Pleas share this knowledge with others. We have to break this faulty system and become free people again my brothers and sisters.

Love and light to us all.





24 comments on “EXPLORATORY SURGERIES are assaults on the body that is designed to heal itself

    • Yes but this is not exploratory surgery. Even that can be done differently but we do not explore different options. Also re constructive surgery is necessary but not because there are no other options. We just do not explore them.

    • Because it is based on lies and deception. Body is self healing organism and interventions we have learned in medical school are suppressing the healing process. They prevent the body to heal itself. I only present things the way I have come to understand them and in practice this is proven to be true. brother.

  1. sickle cell is an incurable disease the best option you have is a bone marrow transplant you also will need strong pain medication like morphine and iron supplementation.there is not much hope for sickle cell.

    • Sasuke, I haven’t have a chance to work with someone having this health problem but from my understanding of the body, I believe body can and will heal if its given a chance. Remember, do not believe what everyone knows, it’s a lie.

  2. scientist have been trying to find cure for this for years pudding millions of dollars have been spent on research for this.doctors agree its is an incurable disease pudding

      • Hindu believe cow is sacred. In Indonesia pig is extremely valuable food. Pig is not a scavenger, it is omnivore and opportunist same as the rest of the omnivores in the nature like the bear, wolf, raccoon and the human. Actually pork meat is easily digested like a white meat. Only by the way we handle our animals makes pork toxic same as chicken and beef.

  3. how does the lung remove the tar from the cigarettes when lungs are black and doctors say that this cannot be corrected.once lungs are black thats it

    • You can but as I explain in my article about oxygen therapy this will not heal the patient. it just helps us to cope and it helps in the healing proces but other more important things have to be addressed.

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