The “SALT-fobia”

Since I was a small boy I remember my mother warning me not to over use salt.

As a child I had a craving for salt and loved my bread dipped into chicken fat with tons of salt on it. I still remember chicken fat dripping down my fingers and hands. Why do I remember it so vividly? Because I still do it whenever I have the chance to do so. Only now I do not use bread but I dip pieces of meat in the salty fat. What a wonderful taste!

Throughout my schooling, salt was something we should avoid. In the medical university we are told how salt increases the blood pressure and in this way create heart and kidney problems. Since people with ill health usually experience kidney problems, salt is strictly forbidden.

Does this make any sense to you?

Low salt diet never made any sense to me and I used salt indiscriminately. Living first in Croatia (Yugoslavia), we ate refined iodised sea salt. Not the best salt to have but way less toxic than table salt which is completely artificial and full of aluminium oxide. So yes, if table salt is what you use, use as little of it as you possibly can. Unfortunately, table salt is what is commonly used in the processed food industry so there is one more reason not to eat processed foods.

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I know, this looks so delicious, but it is so toxic. Every ingredient is toxic except one: butter. Since French use only butter in baking this is why French pastry is healthier than others. The three secrets of French cuisine are; butter, butter and butter!!!

Now back to the salt.

Do we need salt or not?

Let us examine our body and start from there.

When we perspire, the sweat is salty.

Tears are salty

Phloem is salty

Our plasma is salty

Our blood is salty

Urine is salty

It looks to me that we are full of salt and we lose some of it daily. Further the bones have almost the same amount of salt as they do calcium. Why are we not told about this.

Sodium is our most important electrolyte. We are electrical beings and salty environment is crucial for good electrical conductivity. This is why the salinity of our blood is constantly calibrated. If we get low on salt body reduces the amount of water it has within the blood. This makes us thirsty. So if we drink water, we cannot hydrate because there is not enough salt for the body to balance bloods salinity and water has to be eliminated. During water elimination small amount of salt escapes making us more dehydrated more water we drink. Funny isn’t it. And we are often told that we must drink minimum of three litres of water daily. I know many people that dehydrated so severely following this recommendation that they developed arthritis and scoliosis followed by migraine headaches and Sciatica.

On the other hand if we add more salt into our meals what happen then?

As higher amount of salt enters our blood it has to be diluted by water so that the proper salinity of the blood can be achieved. Since there is not enough water in the food this makes us thirsty. Increased blood salinity will not be tolerated for long and if water does not arrive, body will eliminate the access of salt by sweat or by urine. Blood will lose more water because it cannot eliminate excess of salt without water so in this case salt acts as a diuretic.

How in the hell can we hydrate and raise the amount of water in the blood circulation?

We can do it in two ways. We can drink a lot of water with, and immediately after our meal in which we use indiscriminate amount of salt, or we add salt to the water we drink. I do both. We can add as much salt to our meals as we want and we can drink all our water with salt. We never have to worry about the amount of salt we bring into our body as long as we drink enough water so that our body can properly balance it. We wrongly assume that drinking beer or red wine bring enough water into our body and that no additional water is necessary. There is no adequate amount of water brought into our body with other beverages because that type of water is saturated and actually needs more water to eliminate those toxic ingredients within those beverages. Only pure structured water can do the job of hydration. So water + salt in any shape and quantity you want and make sure that you are using none refined sea salt.

Actually the best source of salt is sea water.

Cliff, Coast, Man, Nature, Ocean, Person

Sea water is pure medicine. It contains all the minerals found in blood plasma. Soaking the body in the sea water cleanses the lymphatic circulation, hydrates us and allows cleansing organs to cleanse our blood.

The next good thing after sea water is freshly harvested none refined sea salt. Every other salt is far off.

If you hydrate the way I just explained it, you will quickly increase the amount of water in your blood and your cleansing organs will rapidly start to eliminate toxins from your blood. So much so that you may feel weak, with increase phloem, cough, diarrhea and possible fever. All those are symptoms of rapid cleansing.

Do not be frightened of too much salt. When I was experimenting we were living on a sail boat. I was drinking sea water to see if there can be to much of salt. All that happened to me was that my skin got completely white as my body was eliminating the access of the salt through the skin and urine was extremely salty. No problems detected with my health. Blood pressure was normal and I was feeling great.

In my book The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body I describe more about hydration and the purpose of salt in our body. Self Healers Protocol will guide you in hydration and cellular cleansing and reparation.

There is nothing to worry about. Only if you are on medication I suggest you contact me first because medication destroys the blood circulation so blood pressure will go up when you start hydrating and guidance is recommended.

Acidic food is another cause of circulatory problems so ditching carbohydrates is always a good idea.

Love and light




35 comments on “The “SALT-fobia”

      • salt is a silent killer,salt promotes hypertension which leads to kidney failure and eye problems salt is a very dangerous thing to use,stay away from me its not a good thing to be on high blood pressure medication for life so please stop promoting salt.

      • Dr. Brathwaite…my wife and I, our dogs and parrot, our friends and all my clients use indiscriminate amounts of sea salt with their food and daily with their water. None of them has health problem. Actually they al recovered fom their chronic ailments. I am drinking water with sea salt for 15 years and look younger than most and very healthy. We were lied to in medical school.

  1. i know you mean well my friend but i have to agree with dr.brathwaite salt is very bad lowering your salt intake is crucial for good health not increasing it, my friend i will send you my contact in an email,i wish to learn more about your research you did with your brother and if it is possible to purchase his research. yours truly dr.hikari

    • Dr. Hicari I do not want you to believe me. I want you to try it for yourself. If you have normal blood pressure you can eat as much sea salt as you want as long as you drink enough water so that the body can do the balancing.

      • dr.hikari; the argument for (real!) salt is so obvious that Darko should not really have to argue further…. salty tears, salty plasma/blood/salty sweat, salty phloem – heck, we are all sea animals that walked onto earth – and in order to survive; brought the ocean with us (60% of our body is SALTY water). So it makes sense that the salt we need, is good sea salt.

        So it makes logical sense, that we need water and REAL salt to survive. I love having pets visiting (don’t have any currently myself) and see them going straight to my salt lamp – licking it instinctively – followed by the water bowl. (yup – it is himalaya salt – not the best, but pets do not get to chose).

        Heck – even the word salary probably came from roman “salarius” where soldiers were paid in salt (good southern European fresh sea salt) or at least salarius were given in order to be able to buy salt.

        I was skeptical too – so without changing anything else diet wise, I changed to salting all my drinking/cooking water at home; and using Mediterranean unprocessed celtic sea salt (1/4 tea spoon pr. liter but upping it slowly) as well as my foods.

        I start the day with 1 liter. In the morning you have less other toxins in your body – and the ones that are there can be expelled with plenty of good water. That alone helped with anything from allergies to healthier looking skin.

        My blood pressure is as good as before (slightly better actually but smack in the range).

        Try it! :o) Cheers, Ben

        Ps. there is much more to Darko’s protocol than the good salted water; mainly eating raw foods veggies/fruits Incl. fish, beef and eggs – and avoiding toxins; nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, garlic/onions, meds Incl. “natural” meds and simply carbs(sugar – glucose).

  2. Thank you for another good article. When you said you experimented with drinking sea water – did you ONLY drink sea water or did you also drink normal drinking water during that time?

    Again, I think that fasting for shorter periods (on good water with salt) fits sooooo well with your protocol, as the body can focus on hydration, detox and healing without having other outside substances blocking that process.

    And where is Siera to call you “pudding” and Teddy bear”? :o)


      • Jake; I certainly agree with you when it comes to there being a higher power/energy/vibration – that some call God. I just do not believe it relates to where our current bodies come from – they are incredible machines that we get to use on a temporary basis – so I am using logic when figuring out what the body needs. Cheers!

  3. Slugs and snails are % wise SO much more water than we are – and their skin is BUILD for osmosis of fluid in order to move/slide. That is why we don’t fizzle into a gooey puddle if we spill salt on your skin. In proportion, a slug contains far more water than we do. The other reason is that we have a much more impermeable layer of skin.

    That said; it simply proves Darko’s point; when you increase the intake of salt (or water) you ALSO need to increase the intake of water (or salt). The ying/yang balance! Cheers!

    • Ciara this is a double edge statement. If you put sweet water fish into the sea water, they will die. Some fish can adapt. Bull shark is one of them and ventures into rivers to get rid of parasites.

      • Sadly Jake it appears we’ve been duped….of course allopathic medicine requires some truth..( I call it the truth sandwich … Lies – truth – lies… ) for us to buy it… The ‘ medical texts ‘ not only need rewriting but to be thrown out completely…

  4. I have high blood pressure and I am trying to lower it naturally through diet and exercise. Do you recommend the water/sea salt combo for someone with elevated pressure? How much sea salt to water do I use?

    • Hi Barbara, Darko has another article on blood pressure (google it – but here on his pages) where he said that he DOES recommend it and that you should expect the BP to go up a bit initially – but then balance out after true hydration have been obtained.
      I am sure Darko will drop by here and tell you a bit more. If not; find the article here. Cheers!

    • Hi Barbara. As Ben have mentioned there are several articles on hydration in my blog. If you are medicated for hypertension I recommend that you schedule Skype appointment with me so that I can answer all of your questions and then guide you through the healing process. If this is not an option please read my book The Owners Manual and follow the Self Healers Protocol.
      Love and light.

  5. Hello! I am fairly healthy in my mid 50’s and had started having pain and stiffness in my knees and feet especially. Although I am slightly overweight (maybe 6 – 8 lbs to ideal weight in these last menopausal years). I am in pretty good shape. The salt water has been amazing! I noticed an immeadiate difference in my joints, and I run up and down the steps with the flexibility of a 20 year old, practice yoga several times a week, and feel great. I am delighted that this one little change has made an incredible difference!

    • Mikie thank you for this article. Plastic pollution of our planet is really terrible. Luckily the human consciousness is raising and change is imminent.
      As far as our health goes, still the sea salt remains the best salt to be used. With sufficient salt and water, our body cleanses from all toxins including the plastic polymers. Love and light

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