We hear this very often;”there is never one fits all, because we are all different”.

This is why we eat various foods and we react differently to them.

We are told that our genetic pool determines our diet and health in general. This s why fat children have obese parents. Same or similar diseases occur in the same family and project themselves through generations.

Sometimes I receive mail from client telling me that I make it look so easy and simple but he/she has a slow progress. Other time I receive mail praising Self Healers Protocol because the changes are so incredibly fast and recovery almost instantaneous. This should definitely support this theory of uniqueness.

The young ones

So are we unique or is there something else going on?

To best explain this I will utilize a human stem cell (mother cell).

Stem cell is not predetermined to serve as specific cell of any organ in the body and it circulates in the blood. This cell has the complete genetic pool which identifies your body and can be transformed into any type of cell your body desires. To be able to change and become specific cell of an organ it has to be stimulated on the genetic level. Genetic stimulation comes from the environment the cell will find itself in. Since every organ has its own frequency, being in this vibratory field for a while will excite genes and through them, cell will adapt to its new environment and start to behave as a cell of this particular organ.

The same way as stem cell changes through genetic expression, our body changes and adapts to its environment. So if we eat certain type of food we are going to adjust our digestion and micro flora to this food. This is why family members look a like. They are either thin or obese depending on the food they are eating.At the same time we are going to accumulate the same toxicity, so genetic expression will be the same or very similar and same diseases will be present.

Depending on the type of toxicity and the duration of toxic stimulation cells will reprogram themselves so that they can survive in this environment and be productive. Longer exposure will bring stronger changes and more deterioration because cells do not really adapt to toxicity, they just cope with it as best as they can. More prolonged the toxic effect, the more damage cells will suffer. So the recovery has nothing to do with body type. It is all about toxicity, exposure and cellular damage. Younger body recovers faster since the exposure was shorter. Telomeres are relaxed and more frequencies can be caught. This allows more genes to be put into action which results with faster and complete healing.

Older is the body, longer is the exposure, worst is the damage and slower will be the healing. In toxic body, telomeres are coiled and short so less genes will be activated. This is why cleansing is absolutely necessary if we want to achieve health.

We have to keep in mind that even if the blood is clean and well hydrated, there could be toxins we use that could prevent cellular hydration and reparation. Most common are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and garlic or any medicinal remedy. Other important and neglected toxin is dietary glucose. Glucose is a food for plants and it alters cellular function when it finds itself in animal body. For healing purposes it is crucial to eliminate it from our diet. It is not enough just to reduce its amount in the food we eat. Even small amount of glucose will alter cellular genetic expression and make healing impossible.

In this article you can see how glucose promotes chronic diseases :


I was trying to show you how we are really all the same and what separates us are the customs and eating habits. They create toxicity and our body reacts to it through genetic expression altering cellular activity. Ditch dietary carbohydrates and no matter what your blood group or metabolic type you are your body will experience Renaissance of health and well being. Of course do not forget to hydrate with water and sea salt because without them there is no cleansing.

With love and always ready to serve you my dear family.

Once you understand how toxicity is the cause of all chronic problems, you realize how the same protocol if followed strictly can and will allow your body to heal no matter what is the label given by your doctor of the supposing disease your body has.

With love and always ready to serve you my dear family.




Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

7 thoughts on “WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, UNIQUE or Aren’t Wee?”

  1. pudding we are all different some men are very sexy like you with nice black straight hair verand some men are not pretty at all. some people are gifted at music or art others are not.some people has blue eyes some have brown.we are all different.

  2. Hi Darko,
    Thank you for another good article! I wonder how you got to your current level of understanding the human (animal;) body? I know that you are a trained veterinarian and that you have previously researched some “male issues”, but I am referring more to your current understanding – like these great articles? Was there an “aha” moment and did you learn from others Etc.?

    Also; to avoid ALL glucose, I guess even lightly steamed or lightly stir-fried (Asian style – in a dap of coconut oil) is not allowed? – I find it a bit of a challenge to eat ALL of my vegetables raw…


    1. Hi Ben
      I was never satisfied with the knowledge I have received in medical school and doing the research with my brother proved to me that we are not thought how to heal, only how to suppress symptoms.
      So I stopped to read scientific papers and medical journals and started to watch animals in the nature. Than with closed eyes I started to talk to myself and tried to figure things out. Some thoughts that came to me were so contradictory to my knowledge that I had to start experimenting to make sure that it can be that way. Sometimes I was led to articles where others were proving what I thought may be happening and this is how I started to discover completely different truths from those we are given in the schools.
      To flip the genetic switch and heal on the cellular level it is important to ditch all dietary carbohydrates. Later when you heal you can have them occasionally if you want but not on steady basis if you want to be healthy and young.
      Please share this knowledge and help as many people you can brother.

  3. Thank you.

    I know you are not a big fan of supplements – but anyway have a recommended link to an online shop out of the UK with prices much higher than any I see in the US… Find that a bit confusing?

    Also; are there any supplements you suggest we do need (in our current busy, stressed polluted and 3D based world – we will not need when we become enlightened of course).

    What is your view on fresh made juices from vegetables/fruits. Any difference with the slow press versus the centrifuge type juicers (am thinking the latter might break more plant fibers releasing sugars more).

    Finally; seems your protocol (salt +water, eat raw, don’t eat too much when healing Etc.) aligns very well with the idea of fasting (either water fasting or maybe juice fasting). I personally like to do a 24 hour fast once a wk. Any input on fasting in general?


    1. I just wrote a manual on nutrition. All these questions are answered there. It will be available from next week.
      I trust Clive more than Mercola and this is why I have link to his site. At least he is not pushing toxic Himalayas rock salt. Celtic sea salt he sells is the reason I have his site available.

  4. Great! I think the biggest problem for most in doing your protocol is eating raw animal products – we have been brain washed/programmed so well that it is hard to switch to eat raw meats, eggs Etc. Besides the advertised risk of parasites and bacterias – it is also often impossible to get in any restaurant (unless a sushi place or have steak tartar)

    Personally I have gotten used to raw (organic, free range) eggs in my smoothies, and have upped the sashimi intake. With fish I always pop a handful of spirulina as heavy metals in seafood is a real problem (cooked or not).

    So I hope your new book covers some practical aspects of eating animal products raw.


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