THE HEART, pump or love???

Heart, Love, Red, Valentine, Romantic

Whenever we send our love to someone dear to us, we send the image of  heart.

When we express our love to someone we say; “I love you with all my heart”.

Whenever we think of something good we put our hand on our heart, why is it so?

Medical science is telling us that our thoughts are generated in our brain so why do we not place our hand on our head when we express the thought of love?

On the other side, medical science tells us that heart is just a pump to propel the blood through blood vessels.

So why do we relate to the pump when we think of love?

You have heard me often telling you how our popular science is useless and utterly wrong so I want you to learn something new about the heart. Something that is much closer to the truth than what we are told by our popular science.

I haven’t been writing about this before since this is not crucial knowledge in the healing process especially where healing through the diet is concerned but understanding our body better is always a good thing.

I have mentioned how our body is an ingeniously designed robot. It is designed through the sacred geometry and composed of energy expressed through variety of frequencies.

This is a sacred geometry of seven sided form of heart.

If you want to know more about it please watch the video;

In this video Dr. Tomas Cowan talks about structure and functioning of the heart. If you have watched the video you have received a lot of new information and I would like to add some of my opinions about the role of heart as a pump.

In my opinion most of Dr. Cowan disclosure is right on the money. I just think that we cannot dismiss hearts function as a pump. We cannot dismiss what we observe so, how is it possible for this relatively small and weak organ to propel the blood through our blood vessels?

We have to understand that our body is dependent on energy. This energy is electricity. Where you have electricity, you have electromagnetic field. Our blood vessels have positive charge on the inside and negative charge on the outside. All blood particles found within the blood are positively charged. When we are in good health and satisfied our electromagnetic potential is high. This means that the magnetic field of the blood vessels will be strong and all blood particles will posses strong magnetic fields. Since inner walls of blood vessels are positive and all blood particles are positive they will all repel from each other. What we have here is basically a perfect conductive environment. Everything is suspended and if you exert a pressure on one particle this will produce pressure on all particles since they are all related to each other through an electromagnetic field. It is like a monorail suspended on electromagnetic field and moves without friction. Only monorail still has force of air resistance to deal with and this does not exist within the blood circulation.  So what happens is that the heart makes a spiral contraction and creates a pressurised vortex. This propels the blood particles into Aorta with particles spinning extremely fast (approaching the speed of light). Aorta makes sudden loop. What loop does is creates sudden acceleration momentum and creates suction. In this same place is where lymph returns into the blood utilizing this suction effect of Aorta. Bend in a hose creates suction and accelerates water going through it. You can invoke this effect if you take a garden hose, coil it and let water through it especially if the coil is facing downwards exactly the way Aorta is facing.

Anatomy of the human heart illustration

Since blood elements repel from each other and repel from the wall of the blood vessels they simply fly through the blood vessels without friction. More the blood is polluted, less electric charge will it have, smaller will be the magnetic repelling action and friction becomes possibility. This is where blood particles start to group together and doctors prescribe anti coagulants (blood thinners) to prevent coagulation of damaged blood particles.

On the other hand heart also provides suction where returning venous blood enters the heart. This suction is not strong and it does not have to be. As the heart allows the blood to enter it provides the flow since the magnetic action is what forces blood particles to fill the space created by bloods forward motion. This is why blood circulation in fetus starts to take a place before the heart even starts to contract. Mother’s blood flow is enough to put fetuses blood in motion until its heart starts to contract and create independent circulation.

Similar effect of the fetal circulation is present in the brain blood and lymph circulation. Blood that enters the head does not mix with the blood of the brain. It will go through filtering process in meningus (like in placenta) to eliminate the possibility of toxic pollution. Even the mild pressure created by movement of incoming blood is enough to put the blood within the brain into a motion.

Since our heads are full of the wrong knowledge this is all to much to absorb. We are like newborns discovering the life for the first time.

Also I have mentioned how now we know that there is a fourth state of matter and that is plasma which is the most abundant in the Universe. We are full of plasma which Dr. Cowan interprets as a gel.

It is to be expected that there will be different opinions as new knowledge comes in, and errors are part of learning and we all have to pitch in and help to unravel the truth as the bits and pieces come into our minds from our creator since our brain is incapable of creating anything that it did not previously receive.

I think that I have given you plenty to think about so until the next blog have a great day and do not celebrate Trumps victory to fast . He is a Trojan horse but this election has shown how American people are awakening so everything else in the future will be easier to debunk.

Love and light.




Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

20 thoughts on “THE HEART, pump or love???”

  1. Thank you, Darko! Always appreciate your postings!! I have a couple of Cowen’s books, but had not heard this. And some of us are depressed about Trump’s victory (like me). Trying to recover from shock! Blessings to you! Linda B.

    The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. – Ralph W. Sockman


    1. Linda do not feel bad about Trump’s win. There was no one to vote for so he is the lesser evil. Now the transition can be done more peacefully. Trump will not be president because people will see through him. Clinton’s need to be charged and the whole congress replaced so that Republic can be reinstalled. Love and light.

      1. pudding we are moving towards a new world order and since trump has win this process will be accelerated

      2. ciara…the New World Order is falling a part. People are awakening and this accelerates the liberation process. Trump has a role in this not because he want to help people but awakened people will soon see through him and realize the truth.

      3. make darko king as we move towards a new world order a normal life is boring ,but superstardom’s close to post mortem,it only grows harder

      1. Thank you, Darko. That explanation sums up neatly. Appreciate your continued work on alternative theories. I followed your protocol last year and benefited immensely.

    1. Septum means wall and there are many in human body. I assume you are asking for the atrium septum in the heart since there is an opening that fetus uses as there is no need for pulmonary circulation since fetus is not breathing. This opening will close as the baby starts breathing. Sometimes it does not and I had such case. Doctor call it herniated septum and it closed as soon as the individual hydrated and cleansed.

    1. The research was documented and my brother got doctor title on it. He wrote a book but publisher wanted to rob my brother blind so I think the book was never published. You can check the penal dorsal arterial circulation and you will notice the change of the sound if there is circulatory problem there brother.

  2. I agree but this problem cannot be fixed, there is no medication that can do this besides viagra and that is only temporary plus long use of it the medication does not work anymore even at maximum strength of viagra so then its either good bye sex life or you get a mechanical implant its a sad thing but in time pharmaceutical industry might find a medication for this.

    1. You are on a wrong track brother. Medication is not designed to fix anything. All it does is suppress symptoms and further pollute the body. Reparation can be done only on cellular level after the genome is set back and recalibrated. So first the blood has to be hydrated so that cleansing organs can clean it. Clean blood will be accepted by the cellular structure so the cells will hydrate and cleanse. After that cells can activate healing process but only if the correct genetic stimulation is present since cellular activity is controlled by genetic expression.
      If you or anyone in your family suffers from any chronic disease use Self Healers Protocol on them. I can help you with my advice since this is all contradictory to the knowledge we are given in medical school. After you see results for yourself you will easier understand what is going on and finally you will be able to help people in their healing process. I have helped many to overcome diabetes, hypertension, heart valve deformation, hernias, cancers, digestive problems. All I am writing about is from my persona experience brother. Love and light.

    1. So why doctors cannot heal diabetes, lupus, Inflammatory Bowl Syndrome, Asthma, Sarcoidosis, Mialgia….and everyone who follows Self Healers Protocol heals from all f those diseases brother.

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