IBD- Inflammatory Bowel Disease on rise

Inflammatory Bowel Disease on Rise in US

Not only in the USA but all around the World people are suffering from digestive problems. How does one know when they have digestion problems? That is easy, they have stomach pain, gas, diarrhea. With it comes fatigue insomnia and depression.

Now what causes the pain and diarrhea?


This means that all digestive problems can be classified as IBD.

This is why articles like this one send to me by Mark make me laugh;


The aricle quotes Dr. Singh saying; “The symptoms often seen in patients with IBD may also occur in other, more common gastrointestinal diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, he said.”

Irritable bowel syndrome is perfect example of Inflammatory Intestinal Disease (IBD) and caries all the same characteristics of the so called disease.

Why do I say “so called disease”, because none of them are diseases. They are just symptoms produced by the body when the body is toxic.

Every time we eat, we bring toxic elements into our body. More the food is manipulated, more toxic it becomes. To cope with this toxicity, body has to be well hydrated so that the cleansing organs can do the cleaning of the blood. If water is missing, there is no cleansing possible and the blood becomes toxic, dark and thick. Since cells do not want to hydrate with such a blood they become dehydrated and this is when chronic health problems start popping up.

The most troublesome food for our digestion are grains and products that contain them. Every owner of horses knows that grains create colics in horses but they still feed their horses with them. We are all brainwashed with this popular science in wrong understanding so that even when we see what is happening we pretend this does not exist and there must be some other reason for the problem because let’s face it, Jesus was feeding people with bread and wine.

If we simply stop eating grains most of our digestive problems would disappear. By eliminating all dietary carbohydrates not only would digestive diseases go a way. All chronic diseases would disappear and humans would again live their full lives of 600 years and longer.

Now it is easier to convince human that eating arsenic is healthy than to make him to understand toxicity of dietary glucose. This is why there are more and more sick people as meat becomes more expensive and grains more affordable. This is why I spend sometimes more than 2 hours with client explaining how our body works and why it is crucial to change our diet and even after all of this and after they have had their experience of healing and feel great, the first question they ask is; ” Darko, when can I start eating normally again?”.

It is just not sinking that what we assume is good diet has nothing to do with proper healthy diet. We have to re learn what to eat and how to eat. Since we are lost, it is best to observe the diet of omnivores in the wild and follow their example. If we do so, all chronic diseases will be history. If you do not believe me, try it for yourselves.

People simply do not like to waist their precious time on something that does not bring them money. This is why the last thing they pay attention to is their health.

Do not wait until pain appears. Change your diet and hydrate with sea salt and structured water. You will notice immediately changes your body will undergo while re adjusting to the proper diet and then all new life experience will start unravelling.

Eliminate medicinal plants from your daily food and allow cellular hydration. Remember that garlic, ginger and turmeric are medicinal plants. I am mentioning them specifically, because many people around the World are poisoning themselves eating them as part of their daily diet. Remember that medicinal effect is suppression of the symptom and has no benefits to your cellular structure. Suppression creates further intoxication and worsening of your health.

Do not believe me. Make the changes and let me know what happens. Stop believing everything you hear, experiment. This is how I have found the truth which I am sharing with you my family

Love and light



Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

14 thoughts on “IBD- Inflammatory Bowel Disease on rise”

  1. Thank you for another great article. To make up for “missing out” on some sweet flavor from the simple carbs I have been using stevia, but I recall that you have also done some (pre) warning about that – affecting the kidneys I believe? Cheers from Thailand!

    1. Yes Ben, I have noticed that people utilizing stevia develop kidney problems. Use natural honey. If you are making natural juice and you want to make it sweeter mix ripe banana with it. This thickens the juice, sweetens it up and makes it really delicious without negative effect.

    1. You be the judge.
      Jews say that God has chosen them and helps them to kill their enemies.
      God is love and does not take sides. He loves his whole creation as ONE.

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