Thanks to Mark, I get to read articles that normally I would not pay any attention to since I have disconnected myself from the “scientific” world so that I am not influenced by the corrupt system behind it.

Here is one article about research done on mice. It is about aging and countering the oxidative stress.


Ain’t that something. Another extraordinary brain has discovered hot water. Scientists are like a weather man, locked in their rooms and forget to look what is happening outside. If they would, maybe they would notice the clouds.

Scientists are using laboratory animals for their investigative work. So they find how their animals are deteriorating and they figure out what is going wrong on the chemical level. They discover the demise of their subjects and figure ways to correct the problem by correcting substances that have started to decline. Great, but now the animals have to be constantly medicated. Great news for the pharmaceuticals I’ll say because this will be utilized on people eventually.

Guinea pig with a stethoscope isolated on white

It would be enough if scientists would come out of their laboratories and observe animals in the wild. They would notice how those animals produce those chemical compounds in great quantities and supplementation would not make any change. There is no demise in aging process. Old antelope can run the same speed and for same time as the young one. Old birds can fly the same distance like the young birds do. Only humans and domestic animals differ from this rule. Laboratory animal will behave as domestic animal and their health is compromised to begin with. The reason for this is the toxic food they are given daily. It is the same carbohydrate loaded diet which is causing the health problems in humans.

Animals in the wild do not have the access to such terrible food and they do not show the signs of aging.

Having this in consideration, wouldn’t it be better if we start eating correctly and avoid age related problems all together?

Sorry, this is not possible because the pharmaceutical complex would not be able to extract any money from you, and hospitals would be empty and doctors would have to find something else to do. What a disaster if you ask me.

Several years ago, scientist Cynthia Kenyon has discovered how absence of glucose in diet prolongs the life 6 times and makes animals to act young and be energetic all the way until their sudden death. This should give her a Nobel Price. Instead, this discovery was buried under the carpet.

Cyntia Kenyon 01.JPG

It is always the same story. Important discoveries are suppressed and trivial discoveries that can be prostituted for money are hailed and promoted as significant breakthroughs that will better the humanity. All lies and deceits.

This is why I love the quantum mechanic. It is easy to explain cellular response to incorrect diet.

Think of food as a beautiful music that sooth’s your ears. This is how its frequency stimulates DNA and genes to harmonize and stimulate cells to their action. Now all of a sudden some weird distorted tune comes in. You will cringe, it does not harmonize with the rest of the music. Same will happen when we manipulate our food. We introduce distortion and our genes cringe. The whole harmonic vibration goes of and cells react to this by distorting their production of whatever chemical would be controlled by the gene which was most affected with this distorted frequency.

Introduction of dietary carbohydrates (sugars) to our cellular structure creates this distortion and subsequent cellular altered function that causes premature aging and all array of chronic diseases.

Correct your diet and you will have long healthy and productive lives.

Love and light



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