THE BONE CANCER and can immune system prevent cancer growth?

Jake asked me several times to write about osteosarcoma. Why it is not possible to heal from this disease? What causes it and is there anything that can be done to protect ourselves from this health issue.

Figure 2

What we know about cancer is that cancer cells are severely dehydrated, unable to absorb oxygen and with low electric voltage.

So what does this mean?

It means that cellular dehydration opens the possibility of cancer appearance. There are many reasons why cells will dehydrate and most common are toxic dark blood and low energy supply caused by stress. I am not going to go into a detail of all the aspects because I would have to write a book and all the individual aspects are described in my articles while describing variety of topics.

When the cell is low on water it cannot clean itself and becomes acidic. This triggers the forced hydration we call inflammation. It is natural way how body tries to heal itself.

Since cancer cell cannot absorb oxygen, it cannot use fat to produce energy. This lowers its electric voltage.

Low voltage stimulates cellular proliferation (growth of new cell to replace the weak one).

If the new cell cannot raise its voltage new proliferation is triggered and we have a start of growing cancer (tumor).

For cancer to continue proliferating there is a necessity for energy. Since cancer cells cannot produce energy from fat they should have problem growing but modern human found a way to help cancer to grow by feeding it with the only energy source it can utilize. Glucose. Glucose does not need oxygen to extract energy because glucose has oxygen within its molecular structure. This is why life threatening cancer occurs only in humans and domestic animals.

But there is much more to the cancer than this.

Cells are supplied by the energy in variety ways and nutrition is only a part of this. We know that  brain supplies body with energy as well. Also Dr. A. Wunsch from Germany explains how a lot of energy cells receive through the light so tempering with light causes cellular energetic problems as well.

But no one describes it better than Dr. Hamer in his New German Medicine. He has pinpointed the relation between cancer and many chronic diseases with stress and the brain energy management during the time of the stress. Dr. Hamer shows how particular types of stress cause cancers in particular organs. Different parts of the brain are in charge to supply the energy to corresponding organs and if particular thought produces stress that lingers, corresponding part of the brain traps the energy and does not supply the organ causing cellular proliferation.

I will try to explain this on a quantum level.

Every thought is a symphony of sound that produces variety of frequencies. Certain tones in variety of scales.

Different parts of the brain are adjusted to receive different groups of harmonic frequencies. Every organ is tuned to its own harmonic frequency scale. In this way different parts of the brain supply different organs with energy, depending on their harmonic scale frequencies.

Now if something has happened in your life that cause a strong stress and it is lingering there. You cannot stop thinking about it, it drives you crazy or sad, this over stimulates particular part of the brain that has the same frequencies. Now this part of the brain is busy dealing with those frequencies and does not forward energy to the corresponding organ. Now if cells of this organ are dry and acidic, they are not able to produce enough energy on their own and no energy from the brain so cellular proliferation will take the place.

Now here you can see that exposure to sunlight can energize the cells and in this way prevent cancer growth. And we are constantly being lectured not to expose ourselves to the sunlight especially if we have cancer.

Here is an example how cancer will appear in the bones of prostate problem sufferer.

Toxic blood is rejected by cells. But if we have a lot of sex and our blood is toxic, we force cells of prostate to produce lubricant so they dehydrate rapidly and become acidic. Brain orders forced hydration  this way forcing the prostate cells to absorb some water and eliminate acid. Inflamed prostate makes it difficult to urinate so we go to the doctor. Doctor gives anti inflammatory drugs. This works marginally at best so now we star feeling bad. Sex becomes difficult. Now we feel bad about ourselves and this type of stress causes prostate cancer. To make the thing worst, doctor scares us with bad prognosis and starts to poison us with strong poisons called chemotherapy. Now our immune system is destroyed we look and feel terrible so  we start to really suffer from inferiority complex and self pity. This type of stress causes bone cancer. This is why most prostate inflammations turn into cancer of prostate and then in bone cancer. It is all about frequency. Change your thought, you will change the frequency and cancer will disappear. Yes you heard me correctly, the cancer will be destroyed by your immune system and eliminated from your body.

Now articles like this one send to me by Mark

write about discovering hot water. I wrote first time about the ability of our body to fight and destroy cancer a decade ago and I was not the only one. Dr. Bruce Lipton and others have done the same.

The relation of glucose to a immune deficiency and Nagalase production and how this prevents the immune protein GcMAF production which prevents macrophage activation.

If you want to do more reading on this topic go to

Now scientists are waking up but no real understanding can be achieved until we go quantum my friends. When we understand what is going on, then we can really help people with their healing process.

Love and light.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

20 thoughts on “THE BONE CANCER and can immune system prevent cancer growth?”

  1. Fat and protein molecular structure both have oxygen in it.
    Glucose is c6 h12 06
    Protein is made of carbon hydrogen OXYGEN nitrogen and sulfur

      1. Sir dr.brathwaite told me about you.i think your work is quite interesting. I could care less about you choosing alternative i wish to speak to you about disease you are famous for.i wish to talk to you about your impotence research

    1. Dr. Brathwaite I am not famous for anything. I was helping my brother in researching male impotence some 30 years ago. We had discovered that loss of the erection is mostly because of circulatory problems and since we did not know how to fix blood circulation my brother spend the rest of his life installing penile prosthesis. This made him wealthy. I was not satisfied with ignorance and continued to research. Now I know how can the blood circulation be healed and erection will come back. naturally. There is a way how we can check is the erectile problem caused on psychological or physical levels. I have helped many to regain their sexual power. Love and light my friend

  2. Another great article, Darko. Thank you. I have also read your book. Your great diet advise (leaving out your great insights into energies Etc.) can be described in short as:

    1. HYDRATE – with plenty of water and sea salt. Start w. a liter in the morning!
    2. AVOID (reduce) toxins that “block” cell hydration (nicotine, caffeine, garlic, alcohol but also medicines and many “natural” supplements)
    3. EAT (mostly) raw (veggies & fruits of course, but also raw meats, seafood & eggs) REAL unprocessed foods

    Pretty simple (less cooking), cheap (not a ton of supplements to buy) and possible for most!


  3. Ciara…the connection is our thought. Same stress of feeling inadequate, not able to perform sexually and depressed about it stimulates bone cancer. Dr. Hamer showed this link while comparing thousands of case.

      1. Ciara no. The same stressful thoughts will create bone cancer in women if there is already weakened spot for example a hip injury. Hip injury combined with the thought of self pity and uselessness, self degradation…will stop the supply of energy from the brain and cancer will occur.

  4. Sir you cant tell me blood circulation can be healed you know who i am i know everything i went to medical school then i study cardiology so you cant tell me blood circulation can be healed i am a top cardiologist and i study this topic for many years so you cant tell me blood circulation can be cured.i tired of this i done reading these blogs i am going to let dr.hikari deal with you.i cant stand reading this garbage

    1. Dr. B.; I just dont think you are quite ready for opening your eyes beyond what you have been taught/brain washed to believe. No problem though. Just come back and investigate the alternative methods sometime in the future, when you are ready. 🙂

      Meanwhile; no harm in trying out the 3 points I listed above.


    2. Dr. Brathwaite I have cardiologist coming to me to help the heal their hypertension, I have urologist coming so I can help them to heal prostate and I ave diabetologist asking me to help them heal their diabetes. Obviously what we are told in medical school is not a real medicine but bunch of lies. If patient comes to you with hypertension and varicose veins, can you heal them so that they do not have to use any medication after healing is done and no surgery? If not, you do not know how to heal my friend. Read my book and use the Self Healers Protocol on your patients and learn how to help people to heal. It is so simple that it is laughable my friend.

      1. It was nice talking to you but i cant do that i dont care about alternative medicine and never will. Good bye my friend

      2. Positive thoughts all the way mate! Cheers! (am a doctor too btw bit opened my eyes to the alternatives too)

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