Millions of people worldwide are suffering from reoccurring headaches. Doctors label for this symptom is Migraine.

As any other chronic disease, doctors are unable to “pinpoint” the cause of this disease. Since about two thirds of migraine sufferers have this disease in more members of the family, doctors found a escape goat. You have guest it, it is a genetic disorder. Well guess what? Other genetically influenced diseases are: Lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension ….and I can go on and mention all chronic diseases. They are all labelled as genetically influenced. You slap on the health problem a sticker of “genetically influenced” and you are home free as doctor. It is out of your hands, nothing can be done because it is embedded  in your genes my dear and we cannot go against the creator!

The three lucrative professions where you can miss all your prognosis, completely fail in your job and still receive full pay with bonus is a politician, weatherman and doctor.

In this trio, doctors are a class of their own.

Politicians are mostly lawyers so they are trained to manipulate facts, we basically do not trust them.

Weatherman is regularly wrong so it is safer to stick the head out of the window and make your own assessment of the weather.

But we are told to trust our doctors. Knowing the truth, I can safely say that you will be a way better of doing exactly the opposite of what you are being told by your doctor than to follow his/her lead.

New Developments (Besides Your Love Handles)

Here we are talking about headaches. It does not take a rocket scientist to pinpoint the problem. There are known facts. Pain is caused by increased pressure on sensory nerve.

Brain does not have sensory nerves so pain will not be caused there. Sensory nerves are positioned around the brain in a membrane that envelopes it and serves as filtering device. Cells work the best when they are well hydrated, and clean. Since there is a great importance for the nerves to function perfectly, blood will not directly enter the brain from our blood circulation. It will be filtered through meninges membrane first. Similar like fetus receives nutrients through the placenta, brain receives the nutrients through the meninges.

If the blood is toxic, cells will refuse to engage the osmotic pump so they will not hydrate. They do not want to use toxic blood unless it is really necessary. Little by little they will dehydrate and become acidic, toxic themselves. As I have often mentioned, inflammation is response to acidic tissue and act as forced hydration if cells refuse to hydrate through osmotic pressure. So if cells forming meninges are dehydrated and acidic, inflammation will occur. This will increase the pressure within the meninges and cause pain.

Why do some people suffer from it and some people do not?

People with toxic blood that put more strain on the brain either because they think and focus a lot or they live under constant stress, force neurones to utilize more toxic blood and their cells in this area will become acidic faster than in other areas where cells are not being used so much. Such people live with constant low grade inflammation so even slightly elevated blood pressure will trigger headache. This is why some people experience headache if blood pressure goes up and some do not. If meninge is not acidic and blood pressure raises suddenly, there will be no headache present because the raised pressure is not strong enough to create a pain. Higher the inflammation level, more sensitive will be the human to elevated blood pressure as the pain is concerned.

So why is the blood toxic?

Two reasons. Wrong food and dehydration on circulatory level.

Why is the disease often occurring in several members of the family?

Because they eat the same food and are under the same stress or the same profession.

Even the bad influence of food and its toxicity can be lowered if we get well hydrated. For this we need good structured water and sea salt. Without the salt water cannot stay in our body and will be urinated or sweated out of it.

Well hydrated blood will allow cleansing organs to clean it and in this way maintain our health. Since we eat really bad junk we call food, we need plenty of water and sea salt to do the cleaning.

Now you can understand why false studies are promoted like this one send to me from Mark


Until recently we were worned only not to eat salt but now even this is not enough. Now we should stop to drink water as well. What fabulous scientists we have! It is miracle that we are still alive. And still, people are trusting their doctors and the poisons they prescribe and real healers are being avoided.

Now as you know where headaches come from, stay hydrated. Drink plenty water with sea salt in it. At least a gallon a day if you suffer from migraines. The worse food is acidic food and this means carbohydrate and other sugars in the first place. Increase saturated fat and animal protein in your diet. Constipation is the strongest symptom of dehydration and your best tell. Do not pay attention to those who tell you not to eat salt and not to drink water. They are just trolls for the industry and promoted by the industry and those who benefit from your suffering. All that industry is interested in is:

Shark Insurance

If you or someone you know suffer from a chronic pain or migraines, contact me and I will show, how you can eliminate this health problem.

With love and light I wish you a great day






6 comments on “MIGRAINE fiasco

  1. you do not know what is going on medically, these blogs are an insult to my medical knowledge.you need to go to medical school cause you dont know whats going on.

    • Dear Doctor B. I am licensed doctor and have gone through the brainwashing institution we call schooling system. Luckily I have discovered I have been lied to. Open your eyes. Did you ever heal anybody, really???
      Love and light

      • Yes i have healed many all of you alternative guys are the same.you start bashing us doctors then you messed up your patients with herbs and other stuff then guess what they come running back to us.

  2. You dr.brathwaite stay away from my pudding he is my pudding and you dont have to read his blogs go and read medical book or something and stay away from my pudding.

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