“Maximum human lifespan has already been reached”

How can anyone take science seriously these days? Or has the false science always been there but now we are realizing what is going on?

My experience points to the second part being the truth.

Inspiration for this article came from this article that Mark send me recently


asian elderly: happy senior couple hiking on the mountain Stock Photo

So called statistics about peoples lifespan being 47 years in the past is based on medieval cities where people were living in filth . The reasons for short lives were diseases and accidents. Horses have killed numerous people those days. Statistics were taken only in urban areas. We can still see places like that in parts of the World.

The life in a country was completely different. It was normal for people to celebrate 80th or 90th birthday.

My grandfather was on the pain meds and blood pressure meds from his 50th birthday and managed to live to 85 years old. His body crumbled as the medication with the combination of diet caused severe osteoporosis so his bones could not support his weight any more. If he wouldn’t be poisoned by his doctors he would have lived way longer.

In the country side all over the world there are examples of people living lives of approximately 90 to 110 years of age. Taoists in China easily double this number because of their healthy life style and not cooking their food. They mostly eat the food raw or steer fry or steam their food.

Image result for ancianos practicando artes marcialesImage result for ancianos practicando artes marciales

Just look at the elderly martial art masters. In their 90ties they perform and move easier than young people of modern culture.

I have learned that whatever is presented to us through the schooling system, popular science, major media and entertainment propaganda is there to create false knowledge so that we accept the false truth with which our handlers can justify their actions.

According to the article, we have reached the limit of our lifespan because we have excellent medical care and improved, genetically modified food. We are so lucky and we are living so good that we have to be reminded of this frequently because our health problems are normal occurrence in people that live so long. Mind you how just about everyone over 50 years of age is on multiple poisons ups, wanted to say medications so that they can have full lives. By full lives I mean, breath and move without doubling down from pain.

Popular science is worthless pile of misinformation so if you think that you are being informed, know that you are being misinformed. We live in times where the truth is only visible if we look at the information through a mirror.

As far as longevity goes, I have described it in my book. Since life was created to a template of the sacred geometry, it has even parameters. So if you want to know what is the real human lifespan if humans would live following the correct principles of the program we have to observe the nature. Since humans have adapted the environment to sooth their nature and this way changed everything within the game of life, we have to look into the nature for the answers. Here we notice that all animals live between 25 up to 35 times their adolescent age. We are the only ones with lifespan shorter than 10 times our adolescent age. This does not fit into the template of sacred geometry. It stands out so something is wrong. The wrong part is that we did not adjust to the nature. Instead we have changed the nature to sooth our lifestyle. By manipulating our food we have shortened our lives and made ourselves unhealthy. So only changing back to what is natural and becoming a part of the nature, we become synchronised with the program of life and extend our lives being healthy and not showing signs of ageing.

The most vivid sign of ageing is dry wrinkled skin.

Old woman at the window, dreaming the past

People basically dry up. The reason for this is poor consumption of water and constant reminding how salt is bad for our health.

Without salt we cannot hydrate so here is your most vivid truth of false science. This beautiful lady on the photo can clear all the wrinkles if only she start drinking water with sea salt in it. But then thousands of cosmetic surgeries would be obsolete. We cannot have that. Also her eyesight would improve so can you imagine all the ophthalmologists losing their customers? Forgot to mention how most chronic diseases would disappear as well, there comes the end of pharmacy and the medicine as we know it and we cannot have that can we???

So it is better that you go to your doctor and eat your carbohydrate filled diet, sip on your coffee and red wine. After all, doctors agree that this is how you will maintain your perfect health.

Well look at it through the mirror if you want to find the truth.

Love and light.

This is 80 year old body builder Ernestine Shepherd

(Photo: Ernestine Shepherd /Facebook)








8 comments on ““Maximum human lifespan has already been reached”

  1. Sir that martial art man may have fast reflexes but he will still get back pain from old age and i highly doubt his penis works he too old and old body cannot perform better than young body

  2. Jake age has nothing to do with health. I know many young people that are very sick and some older people that have healthier body than some young people. You are only as young as you feel you are

    • Sir do you see old people driving formula 1 cars they cant body is too old reflexes not fast enough.have you ever watched professional soccer,players can only play into there 30s because they start losing form and there not much use so they retire

  3. Have you heard the Asian paradox? Asians eat lots of rice and remain healthy into old age. Is it their genetics? Or is it their choosing white rice over brown or wild rice? Active life?

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