Mi friend Jake has recently asked me to explain to him about diabetic nerve pain. I was startled since I had no idea that doctors created another disease based on symptom of pain in feet occurring often in people suffering from diabetes.

Wet gangrene right foot : Stock Photo

On this image you can see how the right foot is already necrotic, affected with gangrene and the left foot is on the way to become the same if patient is not helped. You can see how the left foot is tight, swollen and varicose veins are starting to show. This is the way foot looks when “diabetic nerve pain” occurs.

Now, I have heard several “experts” versions what causes this pain from thinning of the myelin lining of the nerves to sugar sedimentation in lower extremities do to gravity. What a brilliant minds. It just shows you again how lost doctors are because of lack of proper knowledge.

If the problem would be myelin coating, the electric impulse would affect other nerves and cause involuntary movement.

As sedimentation or cumulation of sugar in lower extremities goes, the only way this would happen is because of inflammation. Inflamed tissue will hold larger quantity of sugar when more sugar loaded blood gets trapped in the tissue do to the inflammation.

The thing is that even human without suffering from diabetes can have same sensation of pain experienced in “diabetic nerve pain” syndrome.

So let’s explain in simple words what is going on and why the pain is present

When I have described diabetes in previous articles I have mentioned how diabetes is not the culprit of bad blood circulation. In fact, circulatory problems occur simultaneously with symptoms of diabetes. Same as it is happening with kidney insufficiency, rheumatism and all other chronic health problems humanity is suffering from.. All chronic problems involve toxic polluted blood which is the real culprit of inflammation.

So why is there pain in the foot you may ask?

When the blood vessels become acidic on their cellular level because the cells did not want to hydrate utilizing the toxic blood, inflammation is triggered to force cells to hydrate and cleanse. This expands the tissue affected and the tissue starts to exert pressure on sensory nerves. This will first create itchiness and as pressure rises the itchiness changes into a pain.

So why feet and not gluteus ( ass) for example?

Because we have circulatory problems caused by dark, viscous toxic blood. This kind of blood has problem circulating in a first place, especially through the veins while returning back into the heart since it is not driven by pressure. Instead venous blood is driven by suction. So further away from the heart the blood is (heart creates the suction), suction will be weaker. Add to it insufficient levels of blood (in the hose that is half filled with water suction does not work. The hose collapses) and narrow passages caused by inflammation you can get the picture why would blood accumulate in lower extremities. This does not only cause more inflammation but it causes water retention as well.

Since increased pressure on sensory nerves causes pain, now you can figure it for yourself why it happens to people suffering from diabetes but also now you can see why it is not caused by sugar and it will occur whenever there is problem with the blood circulation so labeling it as “diabetic nerve pain” is totally wrong.

So how do we get rid of this pain?

Simply, by cleansing the blood and allowing the blood vessels and affected tissues to hydrate, cleanse themselves of acid and other toxic element. Forced hydration will no longer be necessary and inflammation will disappear by itself. Well hydrated blood will allow cleansing organs to do their job and cleanse it. So blood will become thin again and flow easier through the blood vessels and there will be more blood present so vessels will no  longer collapse. So no more problem with blood circulation no more inflammation and no more pain.

Even necrotic foot can be saved when we know what to do and understand the process.

Love and light



4 comments on “DIABETIC NERVE PAIN

  1. Sir diabetes causes circulatory problems this has been scientifically proven ask any urologist they will tell you the same thing i am telling you.diabetes ruin circulation so bad it makes foot necrotic ask any doctor if you dont believe me

    • Unfortunately Jack you are correct. Every doctor will tell you how diabetes causes problem with circulation and nothing can be done about it. This is why I am informing you otherwise my friend.

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