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Whenever fat human comes to see the doctor because of his/hers health problems, the first thing coming out of doctors mouth is; “you’ve got to loose some weight first my dear”.

Well that is the first problem those people had. Very few people enjoy being overweight. They are in this situation because they do not know how to get out of it so by saying “you’ve got to loose some weight” doctor is not helping much. In fact he/she is creating desperation. People go to their doctors for help and they get put down by doctors response.

Most doctors focus on the weight problem disregarding symptoms that brought the patient in through his door. Although they are correct (without knowing it) they go and prescribe certain meal schedule with controlled amount of calories that are difficult to follow and do not much good in loosing the weight at all.

Inspiration for this article came from an New York Times article Mark send me recently

Since doctors are not trained in healing and only know how to suppress symptoms, this does not help much when we are talking about obesity. Also we have to understand that the same food that contributed to obesity is also the cause of the health problems we have and came to see the doctor for. So by telling us that we have to eat less and not directing us to the good diet he is not helping us at all.

Although more conscious doctors will suggest that we eat less bread and pasta and increase the amount of meat and fat we eat daily, this will not do much good when we are obese. Human body requires only small amount of food daily and to be able to get rid of the fat deposits we have to reprogram our cells on genetic base so they start efficiently utilize fat as energy source and burn it without waiting for glucose making the body hypoglycaemic and weak.

The commonly suggested foods are the reason we are overweight and they are also the reason our health is bad and we came to see him/her in the first place. The culprits are dietary glucose, lack of salt and insufficiency of water. To this list we can add also the lack of cholesterol in the diet.

What,  we have to eat salt and cholesterol?? Are you crazy?

We are fat and now you want us to eat more fat?

We have fatty liver and you want us to eat more fat?

We suffer from hypertension and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have water retention and bad blood circulation and you want us to drink water, eat salt and cholesterol?

We suffer from kidney failure and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have arteriosclerosis and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have a colon cancer and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have acne and you want us to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have lupus and we have to eat salt and cholesterol?

We have arthritis and we have to eat salt and cholesterol?

Are you crazy, are you nuts? Do you want to kill us?

YES is the answer to all the questions above and no, I am not crazy and I am not a nut case and I certainly do not want to harm you.

Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food”.

All it comes to is just a food. We have been duped into believing the wrong things. The most important think you can do for your health is to eat correctly and nutrition is not taught in medical schools. Strange, isn’t it?

Of course the salt I am talking about is not the poison we call table salt but freshly extracted sea salt.

Many people in search for health start accepting vegetarian and vegan diets and that is exactly what not to do. Dietary glucose is our worst enemy.

If you are following this blog you know why, if not go and read about it or get my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body”

I have just started writing a book on NUTRITION.

Since I do not have much free time, it will take couple of weeks to accomplish this task. I feel that there is a great need for such a book and it will explain nutrition also on quantum level of understanding.

In the mean time if you have questions let me know and I will try to respond in timely manner.

Love and light my family.








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