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Many of us think that hospitals are absolute necessity. People need a safe space where they are being cared for until they recuperate their health enough to be able to function on their own.

Unfortunately the reality is completely different from the one we expect to see.

Why is that?

There are many factors standing in a way of health recovery and I will demonstrate how hospitals and hospital care contribute to worsening the health situation and not improving it.

For one, hospitals are overcrowded and medical staff overworked and tired.

Overcrowded hospitals can and often do spread pathogens from one patient to another and overworked staff easily makes mistakes. Dhow these things happen often they are not the main problem. The main problem comes from poorly educated health professionals so even approved treatments do more harm than good. To add insult to the injury, patients are demoralized and fed garbage not fit for human consumption. If the medication does not kill them, the hospital food certainly will.

I was fit 28 year old man when I spend two months in hospital for injuries sustained in an motorcycle accident. I have entered the hospital full of muscles as I was training for kickboxing competition and when I left the hospital I looked as I spend a year in concentration camp, drained skin and bones. I could not make myself to eat the garbage I was served as a food. I could only master to drink the orange juice and since then just a thought of packaged orange juice makes me sick.

Water and sea salt are the backbone of hydration and cleansing. They are nowhere to be found in hospital. The so called food is tasteless lacking on salt and loaded with dietary carbohydrates, the ultimate cause of most chronic health problems. My brother, Doctor urologist was frequently visiting me and had no problem gabbling my food. No wander he died prematurely only 65 yeas old.

Majority patients in hospitals suffer from chronic pain, diabetes melitus, circulatory problems and cancer. All of those health problems are directly created and sustained by glucose which is the main ingredient of carbohydrate diet.

Well I have forgotten that majority of doctors still blame cholesterol as the culprit to most of health problems and salt as water retardant. How many people will have to die before doctors open their eyes and see the obvious?

No wonder I call  hospitals the last rest stop on the way to cemetery.

To say that something has to change is understatement. The medicine we know has to be scrapped and we have to start new. New knowledge, understanding and new approach to health where the emphasize will be on prevention so that disease will have no chance of forming. The knowledge is here, we just have to embrace it and implement it.

Knowing the psychological impact fear causes on human health I do not believe that we are doing good by telling a patient that he/she suffers from cancer or some other so called incurable disease. Fear is as toxic as toxic food so it is always best to avoid it whenever it is possible.

Time to change is now.

Love and light




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