Food typing to the activity. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?

We are all aware that food nourishes our cells and if we do not eat we suffer the consequences.

This is nothing new but it seems that “experts” in the field of their “expertise” that make living teaching others and guiding them towards their goal are unaccountable for what they do. What prompted me to say such a thing? My friend Mark send me this article knowing that I am going to have something to say about it, and he was correct as always.

Here is the article

In this article you can see how nutritionists who do not understand metabolism blindly follow school books and no mater how creative they get, the information they give to those they guide is incorrect.

It is all quite simple. There is only one type of a diet that is correct. This means, no matter what is your activity this type of diet is going to be the best for you. When we understand that our cells are prepared to utilize fat for energy, fat (triglyceride) will be the best source of energy no matter what sport we are engaged to do. Saying how carbohydrate diet is better for this activity and protein and fat for another simply makes no sense. It is like saying that the horse pulling wagon has to eat grass, racing horse needs to eat grains, horse running long distance has to eat grass and grain…this is simply ridiculous. When we understand digestion it all becomes very simple. For one, grains are a bad choice of food for all animals that cannot peal the toxic protective membrane. This means only some birds can safely eat it. Horses intestines same as intestines of humans will inflame. Inflammation will be stronger more grains they are given and the end result will be colics. Inflamed intestine has poor absorption and it creates the same problem with the health of horse as it does with health of human.

There are so many horse experts and trainers that do not even know that horses have digestive system more similar to humans then to cow or sheep. For example they do not know that horses can thrive on meat. What do you think desert horses eat when they cannot graze?

In 1954 National Geographic magazine documented how Kazakh chief Qali Beg led his tribe 3000 miles from Sinkiang, China to safety in Kashmir, India. Part of the tribe's journey was made on specially trained meat-eating horses, who were able to survive in the grassless Takla Makan desert.

Kazakh were feeding their horses with meat when in desert. Tibetan horses were being fed with sheep blood and meat as well. In the motion picture Hidalgo you can learn how Bedu people feed their horses with Camel butter and locust and share meat portions with them (this was not revealed). How do you think horses would survive in the desert? Horses on such a diet have smaller stomach and slender body. Arabian horse in Egypt has beautiful body.

We have so many experts and so many titles not worth the paper they are printed on. Why is this so?

I have mentioned many times how our educational system is in fact misguiding us into sheepishly followers and most “experts” are just parrots with personal spin always incorrect. Because if it would be correct it would be suppressed and not promoted. Truth is highly guarded secret available to very few. So if you want to know what to eat when in training or competition, please read this article I wrote some time before;

Unless we understand digestion and cellular metabolism we cannot know what to eat and how to eat it, neither can we make educated suggestions and lead competitor to the victory in any sport event. Stop being parrot, observe and think, most school books are worthless especially those related to medical science.

As we are awakening things are changing. Now in Italy parents of children fed vegan food will be prosecuted. Another stupidity.

Revealing the truth is way better idea don’t you agree?

What interesting times we are living in.

Love and light my family and be blessed.

A horse with a white hair coat and dark skin showing around the nose, eyes and genitalia.Slender Arabian horse, what a beauty!




3 comments on “Food typing to the activity. DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?

  1. Hi there Darko,

    Very interesting that horses can eat meat! I had no idea.

    I came across your e-book recently and am going to begin implementing aspects of your system into my current regimen. I am already eating high fat, ultra-low carb, so my first changes will be including increasing the amount of raw foods I eat, as well as switching my salt to a true sea-salt instead of Himalayan salt.

    As for the Beck electrifier, I am still researching what is the best unit to use. The Sota and “BioElectric” units both look like good options, but I have a question for you:

    Have you heard of the “Spooky2” system? (and if so, have you used it?)

    It appears to be very powerful and flexible in its capabilities. I am leaning towards one of their units because the cost is very comparable to the standard Beck units.

    Please let me know if this device can achieve the proper blood electrification necessary for your protocol. (Their site is spooky2 .com)

    Thank you,

    • Spooky2 is a good product but you have to learn how to use it otherwise you do not get much out of it. In any case it does not have the same effect as blood electrifier.
      While Spooky2 is good for local stimulation. blood electrifier is used to accelerate hydration and detoxification on cellular level. No comparison to Spooky.

      Cameron you did not leave your e-mail so I cannot answer you directly my friend

  2. Thanks Darko. I subscribed to this thread along so I got an email notification of your reply. My email should show in your wordpress admin, but you answered my question, so thank you 🙂

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