I do not like to bring bad news and frighten people into mistrusting their doctors but if we are not aware of what is happening nothing will change.

What made me to write this article is a conversation with a friend whose young daughter is in Lima (Peru) hospital in intensive care. This young 6 year old girl is fighting for her life ,so when you hear such a thing you automatically envision cancer or  some deadly pathogen and yes she had leukemia but this is not the cause of her present state of health. This is something  this young girl was suffering from for couple of years.

But what followed was something that happens very often but goes unreported. While being catheterized she contracted infection with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Among other health problems she developed difficulty breathing and ended up in ICU on life support  This adds 6000 soles a day on top of current bills. To add a insult to the injury her parents have to pay for it.

Here we have typical example of what I was writing about last week. Doctors have no responsibility and do not answer to anyone as long as they use drugs and feed the pharmacological industry, judges and politicians that allow this to go on.

I was thinking to write about something else but as this conversation was on my mind my wife sent me this article about another similar case that occurred in hospital in Lima recently. The article is in Spanish so if you speak this language you can read it here

It is a case of 25 year old woman that came also for kidney stones problem and by the time she was released from the hospital her arms and legs were gone.


Do not think that this only happens in hospital in Lima. This is happening all around the World since almost all World governments are subsidiaries of the Corporate Government of the United States of America. Wherever there is a World Bank there is Big Pharma and licensed medical system.

Everyone who is familiar with nano colloidal silver knows how there is no bacterial resistance that can save bacteria from this fabulous antiseptic but doctors know nothing about it. Why? Because it cannot be patented so Big Pharma. cannot profit from it. This is why doctors do not learn about it and on the Internet people are shown blue skin people with explanation;”this is result of colloidal silver usage”. Total fabrication and scare tactic used to deter people from using it.

Nano particle colloidal silver is such strong disinfectant that it can sterilize surgical equipment better than high heat sterilizers used for this purpose. One good spraying of hospital with this marvellous liquid would sterilize it and prevent this horrible things from happening.

As strong as nano colloidal silver is, it is completely safe for multi cellular organisms so it can be safely administered to a pregnant woman and this means you can give it to a  newborn baby or any pet regarding of its age or size and not to worry about toxic side effects. It can be used topically, internally including injecting it directly into the blood vessel. I have seen it done saving puppies from parvo virus.

All this terrible things happening to people for reason of corrupt insensitive and greedy system we live in.

This I was send from a friend

We must awake. Kidneys can heal if we stop poisoning them. Stop drinking Coca-Cola and other toxic soft drinks. Which ones are toxic you may ask?


They are all poisons that have to be avoided and so are processed foods.

Kidneys filter the blood through capillary system so if your blood circulation is in poor shape so is the capillary system of the kidneys. High blood pressure is one of the indicators of bad blood circulation so if you suffer from hight blood pressure you may be sure that your kidneys are affected as well. Taking pills to lower BP do not contribute to healing and the problem will get worse.

If you have kidney problems do exactly the opposite of what you have been told to do by your doctor. Drink plenty of water with sea salt in it so that you can elevate the water level in your blood and give a chance to your cleansing organs to do their job. Change your diet and become physically active.You will find articles on this blog talking about kidney diseases so look them up or read my book and absorb the new knowledge.

Love and light





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