Are you getting sluggish in bed?

I wrote about erectile problems before but as the time goes on, more and more man are experiencing erectile problems in earlier and earlier age. This may be very nerve racking especially if you are young and courting . So here I will explain what we are subjected to in our daily lives, the mechanics of penis and how to go about achieving the best erection possible.

Here is a schematic of penile anatomy

Male reproductive organs, cross-section.

As you can see there are two big arteries responsible of supplying corpus cavernose of penis with the blood and there is one vein responsible to take the blood a way. Corporus cavernose is like a sponge that is surrounded with strong connective tissue called tunica albuginea. For the erection to occur penile dorsal vein has to get constricted. This will slow down bloods return to the heart. So as blood keeps entering corpus cavernose and cannot exit with the same speed the cavernous body will start to inflame. This is what happens in every inflammatory process only the chemistry behind it is different.

As the blood is filling cavernose body the penis expands to the limits of tunica albuginea and then since tunica has limited flexibility, penis starts to get harder and harder. This internal pressure increases the constriction of dorsal vein and the blood becomes trapped within penis. As long ans dorsal vein stays under the pressure, erection will be present.

What are the requirements for good erection?

Healthy blood supply (healthy arteries, vein and circulation)

Healthy and flexible muscles especially of the pelvic floor.

Healthy and responsive connective tissue (tunica albuginea)

Healthy autonomous nervous system.

Healthy and clear mind.

Nowadays the bad diet that is full of feminine hormones (natural and artificial)  interferes with male hormones that are necessary for sexual stimulation of man. But more than that, sugar loaded food acidifies the body and causes changes within the cellular structure.

So how does that affect the erection?

Cellular structure of arteries and veins changes. They become less flexible. As far as erection goes, if dorsal vein becomes more rigid, it will be required more pressure to constrict the blood flow. If the pelvic floor muscles are dehydrated they have trouble to constrict and pull on tunica albuginea to constrict the dorsal vein. If not constricted enough, to much blood will escape and weak or non existent erection will occur.

All these reactions are put in motion under the influence of nervous system. Even though our conscious mind triggers the effect, erection is controlled by our sub conscious mind, we do not have to be thinking about sex during the act and erection will be present. Now here is another reason a lot of men have problem obtaining and keeping erection. Sub conscious mind is trained by repetition. If we are exposed to a lot of stimulation it will get desensitized. This is where watching the porn gets in the way of erection. The influence of pornography on loss of erection is not mentioned nearly enough and majority of men do not know about it and when it is mentioned no one believes it. In fact the impact that pornography has on sexual stimulation is tremendous and it is a main reason young guys cannot keep it up these days. Besides spending hours behind computer weakens pelvic floor muscles and ad to it dry not flexible vein and connective tissue and you have a problem on your hands my friend.

Many young man watching porn think that their penis has to be large size to satisfy woman. Although some women prefer large penis, majority do not because intercourse with large penis is painful so they cannot relax and enjoy the sex. If finger and tongue can bring woman to an orgasm I am sure your penis will to. Women are way more sensual, sensitive and the love they feel towards their partner has major effect for achieving an orgasm. So stop wasting your time on watching the pornography and focus on life.

Changing the diet is very important. Substitute carbohydrates with meat and fat. Hydrate with water and sea salt, be active and play sports. Keep a way from poisons like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and medicinal remedies and above all stop watching porn.

There is a sleeping test one can implement to determine if the erectile problem is caused by poor blood circulation or it is mental. During the sleep man has two erections. One is at about midnight and the other is at around 4 am. If those erections are good, there is no physical problem but only mental issues are the cause. This is where watching the porn may be the culprit.

Love and light






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