Solving problems utilizing the same knowledge that caused them is a LOST CAUSE

Mi friend Mark send me this video asking me of my opinion about it.

Obviously something was bothering him about it as he has inquisitive mind himself.

Here is the video;

Video is about India and their struggle for pure water. Everyone should have access to good water this goes without a question but money is being wasted on things that has nothing to do with health and wrong things are being blamed as culprits of human suffering and disease.

For one, the video is most obvious example of poor observation. At the first glance we can see how Indian people look much healthier than those aid workers, “experts” that are supposingly bringing health into the region. We are so used to see unhealthy health professional that we do not even expect to see healthy looking individual instructing us about health. Wherever I go, I encounter diabetes specialist with diabetes, cardiologist with hypertension, dietitians with obesity…this has become a norm and no one is asking questions. Something is very wrong with this picture, don’t you think?

Going back to the video I do agree that the water should be filtered to get the mud out of it. No one wants to drink muddy water. But blaming salt for health problems, kidney stones in particularly, just shows how unprofessional the help really is and how poor knowledge those “scientists” have when it come to health.

If salty water would be the cause of kidney stones sea water divers would be in a lot of trouble, instead they are the picture of health. Kidney stones are more than 80 % crystallized uric acid. Uric acid will crystallize in the body when the concentration reaches critical point and uric acid is not expelled from the body. The reason uric acid is not expelled from the body is insufficient water levels in the blood so cleansing organs are saving the water allowing uric acid to remain in the body. Body has to store the acid and remove it from the blood so that the blood can maintain alkalinity. So the uric acid crystallizes inside of the kidneys and articulation causing what we call diseases.

Now what produces high amount of uric acid? Not the consumption of meat as we are being brainwashed to believe but sugars, fructose in particular. So where does the fructose come from? Coca-Cola and other poisonous garbage that is being available everywhere and sells for almost the same price as purified water itself. I see it everywhere I go. Even here in Amazonia where the people are really poor they think that they are getting more for their buck buying that garbage instead of getting filtered water.

Here is how this poison is advertised

Not only those poisonous drinks but heavy carbohydrate loaded diet promotes acidic body and uric acid build-up in the body especially if not enough salty water is being consumed. Yes you have read this correctly. Salty water is necessary for hydration so it can in no way or shape be the cause of kidney stones.

The water has to be tested to determine the chemical composition of the water and its safety but salinity can only improve peoples health and not undermine it.

Filtering the water and removing the sludge is one think and then exposing the water to UV light for sterilization. Now we have something going that makes sense.

We have to start utilizing our brain. Replace experts with free thinking people and we are going to see positive results.

Love and light my family





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