Stomach ulcer or gastric ulcer is very common health disorder or dis ease.  Only people suffering from this uncomfortable problem know how difficult it is to really pinpoint the true cause of it and how difficult it is to control it.

No one is really surprised because there are not many things that doctors can cure and healing is considered a miracle. This is in particularly true for ulcer.

Many people have to live with this painful health problem only by controlling the pain under their doctors supervision.  Why is this so?

So let us see what they teach us about stomach ulcer.

What is the cause?

H. pylori    a bacteria that naturally is part of intestinal fauna

Medication like anti inflammatory, ibuprofen, aspirin…

Excess of stomach acid



Smoking cigarettes

No wonder doctors have difficulty managing this health problem since the true culprit causing ulcer is not even considered.

What is the real culprit?

A lack of water and salt.

As ridiculous as this may sound, here I will explain what happens in the stomach.

When food enters the stomach, hydrochloric acid is produced to start breaking the protein. Stomach lining prevents this acid to touch cellular wall of the stomach so that the acid does not injure the cells. Whenever the acid does touch the cells of stomach wall, sharp burning pain occurs. The reason stomach lining can prevent the contact of the acid with cellular wall is sodium bicarbonate. Both the acid and sodium bicarbonate are produced in the same reaction within the membrane that lines the stomach. Acid is released into the stomach and sodium bicarbonate remains in the lining protecting the stomach by neutralizing the acid that penetrates back into the lining and in this way preventing the acid to get in touch with the cellular wall of the stomach.

To be able to produce hydrochloric acid and sodium bicarbonate the cells within the lining need water, sodium, chlorine and carbon dioxide.

Sodium and chlorine they get from salt (sodium chloride)

Carbon dioxide comes from the blood as product of cellular metabolism CO2.

Water we must drink.

Now you can see another reason we must have salt in our diet and plenty of it if we eat meat. Of course it is the sea salt I am talking about since no other salt comes even close with the health benefits sea salt provides.

If there is not enough of salt or water, small amount of sodium bicarbonate will be produced and it will not be able to properly protect the cellular wall of the stomach causing acid to touch cells and damage them. This causes a burning pain and if it is allowed to persist it will damage the stomach causing it to bleed or even rupture.

Since doctors are not trained to heal but only alleviate the pain they prescribe anti acids, medication that neutralizes acid in the stomach or prevents acid from forming. Both are terrible things for our health since they prevent proper digestion to take place and in no way or shape do they help the stomach to heal.

Helicobacter pylori is never a problem, it is just an innocent bystander that is in doctors frustration of not solving the problem blamed to cause it. Similar to a bad police work where some poor sole ends up paying for bad police work and just happen to pass by at the wrong moment of time and ends up being blamed as a guilty party!

Stress will improve the adds for development of stomach ulcer because it stops cellular hydration process by robbing the cells of energy required and for not providing adequate energy to the chemical processes to take a place of manufacturing the sodium bicarbonate and stomach acid. But stress will not cause this problem on its own, only if water and salt are low and the cells are dehydrated to begin with.

When we are well hydrated, and this we cannot achieve without adequate amount of sea salt and water, medication mentioned earlier can not cause ulcer so whatever we are told about the causes of stomach ulcers is incorrect. No wonder doctors cannot solve the puzzle. Why this medication will not cause problems? Because well hydrated body will not have multiple inflammation going on since inflammation strikes only toxic, dehydrated and acidic cells. Well hydrated body does not have such a problem.

So what do we do when we feel burning pain in the stomach?

Drink two glasses of water with a pinch of sea salt in it. If in four minutes the pain does not go a way, drink another glass or two and the pain will go a way.

The pain was indication of dehydrated body so do not wait to get there. Start hydrating and avoid those problems. This is called prevention of disease. If you follow Self Healers Protocol, you will prevent to have to deal with health problem like this and many if not all other health problems that could affect your health.

Love and light





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