SOY, healthy miracle food or poison?

For over 13 years I am revealing the truth about toxicity of vegetarian and vegan diets. Showing the facts of metabolism and necessity of animal based proteins and saturated fat for healthy and strong body. For this, those “thriving” on vegetable based products consider me the public enemy # 1. Animal hater, blind and not in touch with nature.

Nothing can be further from the truth and I always try to explain what led me to form my belief. For years I was bombarded with “proves” of animal fat causing heart problems and animal protein causing arthritis and cancer.  Vegetable lovers were pointing of vegetable based protein and fat substitutes and how using animals for food is unnecessary and cruel, fuelling the evil meat industry.

What made me start investigating the dietary recommendations spread by the government schooling system was my attendance of vegetarian summit in New York some 35 years ago. Prior to that, I have never seen such big bunch of unhealthy looking people in one place. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. How can those people think that they are healthy? Don’t they look at themselves in the mirror?

There were basically two groups. Majority were fat and those that wear not they were skinny and drained. It all depends if they eat predominantly starches or raw vegetables.

Little by little it became obvious how saturated fat has nothing to do with cholesterol build up and that sugars are to blame. So the scape goat now is fructose, the only sugar in nature that is safe for us and readily available. So we are instructed to shy a way from fruits and sweet vegetables since the sweetness comes from fructose. Another trick implemented by corrupt science and mislead know it all specialist who have read and studied all the scientific data available but have forgotten to look around and see how nature functions. And as far as animal protein goes, vegetarian have the perfect substitute,tofu. Matter of fact soy has become the vegetarian staple food, from its protein and oil to its milk. Much healthier then animal products and hypo-allergenic as they claim. Those claims come from well read experts looking for alternatives. It is incredible how lies spread quickly and grab the hold while truth limps around never to be embraced.

My friend send me this article on soy;

I recommend that you read it. You will never touch a single soy product as long as you live. It does not even matter if it is GM modified or not as it is toxic on its own.

We have to stop trust the government and their experts. Look, observe, compare and make your own decision my friends.

Love and light





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