OEDEMA and how to deal with it.

What is oedema (edema) ?

Oedema is swelling caused by water retention. Water           seeps through the capillary system and accumulates in the tissue. Usually affected are feet, ankles, wrists, fingers,stomach and pulmonary cavities.

If you google oedema and look what is said about it you will get the picture how if you eliminate water from the body you will solve the problem. How ridiculous but yet usage of diuretics is the treatment of choice. Diuretic does just that, forces the body to eliminate them because of their toxicity and by doing so, eliminate vast amount of water from the body in the process.

To know what to do to eliminate oedema, first we have to know why is oedema happening. Although oedema may be caused by hormonal action, the most common cause of oedema are problems of blood circulation. If you follow my articles or if you have read my book then you know how toxic blood causes cellular acidity. Cellular acidity is further the cause of all systematic problems including problems with blood circulation. Blood vessels are made of cells and if dehydrated and acidic they lose elasticity and tension and they can collapse easily. In arterial circulation the blood is propelled by contraction of the heart which creates pressure and pushes the blood. This does not happen in venous system where the blood is returning back to the heart. Venous system works on suction created by heart. As you know, suction is always weaker than pressure made by contraction. Faster contraction, stronger pressure and stronger suction will occur. Faster heart beat, more suction. Often we experience increased heart rhythm and the reason is just that. Body needs help to retrieve the blood. Slower the circulation more chances for oedema to occur.

Most medications are suppressants and they suppress nerve activity. In this way they also slow down the contraction of the heart and blood circulation.

For suction to work well the veins have to be filled with blood. If there is a low quantity of blood due to the lack of water veins will be collapsing and suction cannot work properly. THIS IS WHY USAGE OF DIURETICS AND FURTHER DIMINISHING THE AMOUNT OF WATER IN CIRCULATION DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. In fact it make the whole thing worst. Insufficient amount of water in the blood prevents cleansing organs to do their job and blood gets more and more toxic causing more problems. To make matter worse, doctors recommend to lower or eliminate salt from diet. This prevents hydration since body can retain only water bonded to salt. No salt, no water. This means we have to do everything jut the opposite of what doctors want us to do. We have to increase salt intake and increase water intake. It is best to do this simultaneously by drinking water with sea salt diluted in it.

Now the question is;will salty water increase existing oedema?

Yes it will and this is why this has to be done gradually so that the whole system gets properly hydrated and suction stars working better. Hydrated blood will start detoxifying since there will be no reason to save water any longer and cleansing organs can resume with their duty of cleansing. This will clean the blood so that cellular structure can use it for their hydration and cleansing. Then healing will start and the whole system will be repaired. No more water retention will occur.

When dehydrated, joints overheat when in use since the cartilage cannot lubricate itself. Friction is created and it causes shaving of cartilage and increase heat. Normally lubrication of cartilage comes through artery coming through the bone into the joint. If toxic blood is present, no hydration of cartilage will occur and this starts all this problems.

With friction cartilage diminishes and may wear off causing bones to touch. This is extremely painful and we label it as arthritis. Innate smartness of the body prevents flexing of such damaged joints by creating the pain and filling the joints with liquid. This immobilizes the joint by making it stiff. With stiff and painful knees you won’t be doing much walking will you? The liquid used for this mater is secreted from the membrane enveloping the joint called fascia. Instead of hydrating the cartilage so that it can recover and giving it protein and fat necessary for this process doctors are trained to draw the liquid out and give pain killers. Suggested diet is “no meet, no salt, plenty of carbohydrates (sugars that cause acidification and uric acid production) and no dairy. All the suggestions are out of the wall and dead wrong, actually contrary of what should be done. No wonder no one gets healed.

Doesn’t it make you think if this is not done on purpose? Of course it is but not by mislead doctors but by the schooling system we call the EDUCATION.

We are living in the World of total corruption and dishonesty. Just look what is happening in the politics.”Hitlery” Clinton can do whatever she wants and not be prosecuted. Obama can approve killing Americans by drones and receive Nobel price for peace, Islam becomes the religion of peace…..everything is crocked, now you know the change is near.

Going back to “medical sin” in short medicine, now you can clearly see how doctors are not trained in healing but the contrary. Whenever you see big advertisement of new big thing in medicine just scrap it. If it is meant to heal it would not be advertised. In fact it would be suppressed never to be seen again.

Again you may think I am drawing a bad picture. Not really. I am just explaining things so that you can easily understand and take care of yourself by yourself.

Healing is easy, just follow Self Healing Protocol no matter what health problem you may have and you will heal. It is that simple. Your body knows what to do just stop poisoning it and allow it to cleanse.

duck mandarin ducks aix galericulata

Learn from the nature and absorb the new knowledge without filtering it through outdated and corrupt filtering system.

Love and light





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