“We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe!”

Following letter from my friend Donna is the inspiration for this article.

      ” I wanted to write you to let you know there is a video on facebook that has lots of folks sharing and talking about. It’s a doctor who says chemo is worthless and all about the money.  https://www.facebook.com/anonews.co/videos/1258615094150047/     I have friends who strongly believe in chemo. I have a friend from high school whose husband died of prostrate cancer many years ago.  He  did chemo twice. However his daughters are both in medical school focusing on cancer. People are writing her and asking what her daughters think since they are “so brilliant”.  You know what the medical students answer to this man is….”We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe!”  That’s the only reply they have. There is no other data, facts anything that is grounded information.   Then they say this man wrote a book for his profit, so he cannot be trusted.     Thought you might like to know the medical reply.  Maybe a good title for your blog…We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe.   That’s what people want to hear.”

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I was addressing this question in one of my previous blogs. Majority of doctors are aware of the fact that Chemotherapy does not produce desired effect but they blindly follow the shepherd. Please read previous article on “taking down the filters”.

After reading the article you would easily understand why is the new generation of doctors so mislead but strongly believe in the medical procedures and blindly disregard the visible outcome.

The doctor in the video talking about ineffectiveness of chemotherapy was being very conservative in his answer about this fraudulent and life threatening procedure. Not only that it is not effective but it is extremely destructive. It trashes the immune system of the body making it virtually impossible for the body to defend itself.

Medical students are being told how chemotherapy destroys young cells. Since cancer cells are constantly multiplying they are young cells and this procedure will destroy them. Our immune system is constantly upgrading according to the stimulant so its cells are also young. Every doctor, nurse and patient involved in this treatment has experienced how the first dosage of chemo. brings the body to its knees. Rest of the dosages are not nearly as effective in reducing the size of the tumour as the first one. Why is this?

Because when first time exposed to this poison previously unknown to the body the cells will absorb it. Because of its strong toxicity, all young cells will die and the old cells will be damaged. Surviving cells will keep the sample for future reference so when the next batch of chemotherapy arrives, the cells will shut down osmotic pump and will absorb just small part of it entering with last of the absorption before the osmosis stops. This means that further applications of chemotherapy bare minimal effect. This every doctor can see because after initial shrinkage of the cancer, there is no further improvement and this is why doctors think that surgical procedure of removal of the cancer is absolutely necessary. We are sold a bunch of nonsense in medical school so this is the reason of doctors blind ignorance.

Not only that doctors are aware that chemotherapy does not work, they have noticed how cancer often grows more rapidly after chemotherapy was applied. Last year I have read article in which “scientists” doctors commented how it appears cancer in fact adjusts itself and starts thriving on “most likely broken debris of previously destroyed cells or even some ingredients of the cocktail” meaning the chemotherapy itself. This shows their complete lack of knowledge about diet and the cancer itself. Cancer cells cannot absorb oxygen and this means they cannot utilize fat for energy because oxygen is necessary for this to take the place. The only thing cancer cells can use for energy is glucose because it has oxygen in its molecular structure. Very often, application of chemotherapy brings down the organism in such a state that intravenous feeding is necessary. What is the food given intravenously? Pure glucose. No wonder cancer grows like crazy. Needless is to say how the hospital food is loaded with carbohydrates.

People who still think that “doctor knows the best” have to wakeup and smell the roses.

Very interesting explanation about cancer is given by Iranian nuclear physics scientist Mr. Keshe. He explains how cancer holds energy because of its heavy metal centre. He has showed how quickly (within a couple of days) cancer can be forced to dissolve by positioning two packs of metal plasma fields on the opposite sides of it. This is a brand new knowledge being revealed. As expected, doctors will be the last to even consider something “crazy” as this but many open-minded people are experimenting with this new technology. I am one of them but there is no surprise there. My family considers me crazy anyway.

More we are aware that titles do not represent knowledge just corporate status the better we will be. True science is replacing the fake manipulated science in a very fast fashion so titles are starting to represent mislead and faulty knowledge.  Students and young people have always been used as initiators of changes and progressive ideas loaded into their heads by the “mis-educational” schooling system. Nothing has changed as deranged young people in Britain cry for lost easy access to Paris since the awaken people have voted for BREXIT.

So if you expect to hear some good news from young doctor just starting the medical career, I would not put a dime on it. I’d rather ask my grandma.

It is necessary for us to open our eyes and see what is happening around us.

Crazy young doctor holding two test tubes with red and green liquid at black background Stock Photo - 20670716

Love and light my family of friends




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