The title of this article may sound very pretentious since there are many believes and techniques that claim to be the best way to achieve health and longevity.

Most of them are based on medicinal remedies and nutrition. Many times I have mentioned how “medicinal” signifies toxic so in my mind it cannot be the ultimate way of healing.

Also I have mentioned that even the purist, fresh and alive food is toxic and has to be cleansed out of the body. This means that food, no matter how pure, is still not the ultimate way to heal. Since the food is way less toxic than medicinal remedies I use it when helping people in their healing process.

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When you think of health did you ever think about placebo or no-cebo effect?

Did you notice how sickly people always talk about their health problems? Healthy people seldom discuss health. They have life on their mind. They have always something to do, places to go to and dreams to fulfil.

So what brings the ultimate health you may ask?


With our mind we create things we want to experience. So as we create our “reality” we create our happiness or misery. It all depends how we look at it (perceive it). We benefit from every experience no matter how insignificant or how dramatic the experience was. Since we manifest mostly from our subconscious state of mind we unconsciously obey implanted beliefs and this way we have lost the ability to consciously create and to learn by remembering.

In my past articles I have explained how the essence of matter is light and since light has electromagnetic nature it can be influenced by electromagnetic waves. Thoughts are electromagnetic waves and we use them to create our reality.

Please take the time and watch this video interview with Nicola Tesla.

As we are awakening we must become aware of the power of our thoughts. Doctors use them to make you sick.
How, you may ask?
Simply, by telling you that you are sick. Runny nose phloem and cough, vomiting, diarrhoea and fever are all symptoms of cleansing your body undergoes when releasing toxins. But if you ask your doctor, those are signs of disease that has to be dealt with. As soon as doctor tells you that you have a disease you “know” you are sick and need medication. Toxic “medication” brings more poison into your body and more medication has to be prescribed. Poisoning of your body is drastically accelerated. But nothing will accelerate decay of your health stronger than thought and doctors are masters of it. As soon as they tell you that you have a cancer or whatever scarecrow they may use, your life is done. Your systems start shutting down. You go into panic mode and self destruct.
Do not fall for those scary statements
that you have just “6 months to live”. Tell the Doc that your loan will mature in 6 years and you cannot pay him before. He may give you more years to live. Remember it’s just a business.
We have to humour life. Think about your experiences as school. From every experience we benefit so if something is wrong with your health ask yourself “how do I benefit from this experience”. Sometimes we do not see the light right a way but eventually we will, because everything has its purpose. Do not get scared. Listen to your body and follow its instructions. You will be guided. As the saying goes; “when you are ready, the master appears”.
Use your thoughts wisely. Create positive, think positive and live positive.
The high frequencies our galaxy has entered are changing our DNA so we are changing. This brings strange feeling and often resemblance to a disease. Remember that body does not work against itself so if something is wrong, change your habits and things will foll in its place.
Now with the introduction of plasma, soon we are going to be energized by it and our need for the food will vanish. We will stop poisoning ourselves and destruction of our bodies will be halted.
What a wonderful time to be alive.
Start observing, live in present moment so that you can experience fully this marvellous time of change.
These are the last days of disease. Disease is low frequency state and cannot follow us in high frequency. Fear is low frequency state of mind and causes diseases.So as our frequency is rising, diseases will be dissipating.
Start healing today by consciously raising your frequency. Smile, sing, be happy, help others and remember; life is just a game.
Love and light.


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