It is heart braking to see parents holding incapacitated children and asking for help so that they can feed them and take care of them. Some may say ” it is the will of God” but the God that is the cause of this is corporate greed. Assault on people and especially children and elderly by pharma-medical establishments is causing overflow in hospitals. Mislead health professionals are unable to help and those that try are being  threatened and punished. Hospitals have supervising administrative workers who keep doctors in line with the corporate policies of medicating, vaccinating and cutting the patients and this way increasing their numbers and corporate profits.

Parents of affected children are being told how this is genetic problem that cannot be healed. As the amount of affected people is rapidly rising a “bogyman” surfaced, the reason for those degenerative diseases are blamed on Zika virus. Population is being alarmed through the media of inevitable pandemic in making. Luckily, we have been fooled so many times that most people are not buying it.

So if Zika is not the cause, than what is?

The answer is a combination of factors like the chemtails, water fluoridation, food additives and above all vaccines. Parents are threatened; “if you want your child to go to the school, it must be vaccinated”. Even this is not bringing satisfactory results so now doctors are secretly vaccinating people without their knowledge and their consent.

The question is: can something be done to help those children to live healthier and more normal life?

The answer is yes.

How?, you may ask since it is genetic disorder.

We have to realize that genes are highly dynamic and quickly react to their environment. This is why toxins introduced to children’s body create manifestation of encephalomyelitis, autism, muscular dystrophy and other degenerative abnormalities (diseases) including mongoloidism.

  Now the million dollar question is, if the toxic environment can cause genes to manifest such disorders, can change of the environment correct the problem?

The answer is yes and earlier the environment is changed, the better results will be achieved. The reason for this is genetic time clock. Younger body grows and changes faster, this means that changes influenced by genes will be also faster and stronger.

So how do we go about it?,  you may ask

The answer is simple, by helping the cells to cleanse of the accumulated toxins and by providing healthy environment by providing proper food and hydration.

By providing the body with water and sea salt we are helping the cells to hydrate and detoxify and by supplying food with animal protein, animal fat loaded with vitamins and enzymes and absence of dietary glucose.

This may sound stupidly simple, well, give it a try and let me know. You will be amazed.

The meat has to be fresh, non processed and raw or as raw as possible. Children love to eat raw meat, it is natural for them. It is us, the grownups who are hooked on charcoal (burned) foods.

The same approach will help grownups and elderly in lesser manner but noticeable difference.

Please do not allow them to jab you with needles. We live in evil times and soon it will be over and all of this will be a public knowledge and the healing will start. Take the power of knowledge and jump-start the gun by starting the detoxification process today.

Love, light and abundance





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