MEDICAL ERRORS are the third killer of American population.

This is not the first analysis that has established this fact.

If medical error is the third leading cause of death in the USA so what is the number one killer you may ask?
Number one killer of American population is the properly executed medical treatment that was approved by the medical science and American FDA.
Take any pharmaceutical drug and you will find for each positive effect 3 to 5 negative (side) effects. What you probably know by now is that even the positive effects, those which are the reason for you taking the drug are not even effective and in 85 % of cases it was proven that placebo has better positive effect than the properly prescribed medical drug. Here I am not talking just about pharmaceutical drugs but also the “natural” drugs obtained from plants.
No matter what is the positive effect of the drug and if it comes from laboratory or a plant the effects are only symptomatic and do not produce actual healing effect.
Often people say;”yes but they work, they took my pain away and now I am healthy”. Well this is what they are designed to do, to take the pain away and give the illusion of health.
Did you notice how all the medicinal ads. show smiling friendly faces giving you the poison?
Standard image of the white coat and stethoscope to show the authority and smile to assure you it is ok to use this poison. Do not worry about the fine print that shows dangerous side effects, you neeeeeed to take this “medication” to be healthy!
Do we really need those toxic medicaments?
So let us examine just few of them.
Hydrochlorthiazide is often prescribed to lower the blood pressure. It does this triggering diuretic effect. It makes you urinate multiple times and this way lowers the amount of water in your blood. It will make the blood viscous and as I have mentioned many times, the # one necessity for the cleansing organs to be able to cleanse the blood is sufficient level of water in the blood. By dehydrating the blood we have made it difficult to be cleansed so it will be getting more and more polluted. It will be thicker (more viscous) it will flow slower and this way increases the possibility of water retention and slow lymphatic movement. This lowers the electromagnetic potential of the blood and makes particles to group together. So there is possibility of contact, friction and damage. To prevent this, another drug is given and this is blood thinner. There are many of those on the market and they do not thin the blood, they just prevent the coagulation to take place and this raises possibility of internal hemorrhaging. This can and often does lead to a stroke. Since it is dangerous to dehydrate the blood to much, additional drug is given which is beta blocker. Beta blockers do many dangerous things and one of them is to dilate smooth muscles. This means they relax blood vessels. In this way they expand and give more room to the blood so the pressure goes down but at the same time they slow the circulation. There are many negative things coming as result of this. This promotes water retention and arteriosclerosis (calcification of arteries) as alkaline blood easier sediments calcium in those conditions especially if we suffer from osteoporosis or if we take calcium supplements.
Here I can go on and on merging side-effects with different drugs regularly prescribed by doctors induced health problems. Instead let us look at another must use medicine that ruins your health and that is metformin.
Almost everyone suffering from diabetes melitus type 2 knows about it and uses it not necessarily under this name. It prevents glucose synthesis in the liver and this way lowers blood sugar.
The most common adverse side effects of metformin is gastrointestinal irritation, including diarrhea, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and increased flatulence. In one word it destroys digestive system of the body. There are stronger side effects but those are enough if taking in consideration that metformin is absolutely unnecessary and diabetes type 2 can be under control within 48 hours and eventually healed by simple change of diet.
To control the problems caused by metformin array of drugs are being implemented of which some are anti acids, anti inflammatory and analgesic. None of them actually heals the problem. Instead it causes other problems often leading to chronic fatigue syndrome and lupus.
We can continue talking about steroid use in arthritis and rheumatism and show how irresponsible health professionals ruin health by prescribing long term steroid usage. And what is happening in cancer industry is despicable. This easily treated “dis ease” is made into taboo and one of the most common killers of people in the USA and all this for the sake of money.
In the same group with cancer I would like to mention AIDS. HIV is mild virus triggered disease that can be controlled by diet and healed instead people labeled with this disease are given poison that destroys the immune system making them dependent on medication to control infection. All medicinal remedies prevent cellular hydration and force cells into production of immune proteins. This way preventing them from cleansing and healing themselves.
Show me a chronic disease and most likely I will show you how the pharma. and medical industry created it to profit on it.
So next time your friendly doctor offers you one of these
Think 10 times before saying yes. No good comes out of them. Instead find someone who can help. Those that can help do not use drugs.
Love and light my family.


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