BLOOD PRESSURE AND SALT-is there any conflict?

As soon as salt necessity in term of hydration is mentioned the same question pops up; “and what about the blood pressure?”

It would not be surprising to hear this from average human who knows about health from Tel a lie Vision or the news but unfortunately this is a common reply that you hear from doctor including cardiologist. To me this is not surprising since I have gone through the medical schooling so I know what we are being told but I was in medical school 40 years ago and since then I had a lot of time to see and experience what happen on low sodium diet. Unfortunately most experts do not have the time to see their failures in achieving health and suppression of symptoms is rewarding enough.

So why do most people believe that salt increases the blood pressure? Salt attracts humidity, this is why we ad rice to salt shakers to keep the salt dry so salt shaker can be used. It is observed that if someone has elevated BP having salt will increase this pressure further. This is enough to blame the salt for high BP and advice patient to minimize its use. If salt would increase BP then sea divers would be in a great danger but instead they are very healthy so something does not jibe here.

more new divers: connie, michael, ray, candace, maggie & adrian!

Why does BP increase in some people under the influence of salt and to others it makes no difference or it even improves their health?

The answer is in damaged blood circulation.

If blood vessels are healthy they are flexible and elastic. As the heart squeezes the blood into the arteries they expand and like a shock absorbers regulate the pressure peeks. As the blood wave passes the arteries assume their normal shape and maintain the diastolic (low) pressure.

Another influence on BP is electromagnetic potential. If electromagnetic potential is high so is cellular magnetic field. Since inner layer of arteries is positively charged same as blood particles, strong magnetic field keeps them apart preventing their contact. This makes them perfect conductors and blood flows rapidly and without any friction.

stock photo of blood circulation - View of a blood vessel sliced open through its wall showing the movement and flow of the blood cells and erythrocytes carrying oxygen to the tissues part of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems - JPG As soon as electromagnetic potential drops, so does the magnetic field of arterial wall and blood particles and they start touching. This increases friction and with this, the BP. Good example for this is BP increase when you are aggravated. We are told to blame this on hormonal action but I think the friction is more important factor.

So as you dehydrate on cellular level, blood vessels start losing elasticity and with it the BP starts to increase. Common symptomatic treatment is to reduce the volume of the blood by dehydrating it further with diuretics. Les blood, lower the pressure this is normal but also your body stops to cleanse the blood guarding the remaining water. The blood will get more toxic and problems starts pilling up. So if you take diuretics away and start hydrating the blood with water and sea salt, the blood volume increases and so does the BP. The reason for increased BP is not hydrated blood but mechanical problem of dehydrated and rigid blood vessels. As hydrated blood allows cleansing organs to do the cleansing, in couple of weeks or so the clean blood will hydrate cells and blood vessels will start getting their elasticity back. BP will start to come down naturally.

Do not be afraid of sea salt. It will never harm your health. All it can do is to improve it. Short term elevated BP will not cause any harm. In most cases the BP will be around 170 over 95. This is high but not alarming and no damage will be done as long as you are keeping the blood clean and hydrating your cells.

I have seen BP of 190 over 100 and it was fixed naturally by hydration.

More about it you can read in my book.

I was asked to write about low blood pressure (hypotension) but I do not see this nearly as often as hypertension.

There are people for whom low blood pressure is a normal thing. My wife is one of them with pressure of 90 over 55. Low BP does not present any problem in this case but there are instances where low BP causes problems.

Low BP can be caused if there is not enough blood in circulation, if the blood vessels are dilated (stretched), if there are leaking heart valves or slow and week heart contractions. So first the cause has to be established before we go into the therapy. I say therapy because healing is on my mind. Treatment usually signifies symptomatic approach in which we just artificially control the problem and this is usually on permanent basis so the doctors are busy and pharmaceuticals rich.

If you used to have normal BP 120 over 60 and suddenly the BP drops and stay low you have to make sure that you are not bleeding internally. Check the pulse and listen to the heart to see if you can locate the problem. If the condition persists and no viable reason can be find most likely the blood vessels are dilated. Reason can be toxicity or hormonal. Even if it is hormonal the underlying reason will be toxic effect through the food. Hydrating and cleansing on cellular level is always good thing to do giving cells the chance to cleanse and recover.

If heart valves are faulty and the blood is seeping back, BP will be low. Heart valves do not have to be operated on. Since heart valves are made of cells they will shrink and lose tension when dehydrated on cellular level. Hydration on the cellular level will fix this problem as well.

You can read about cellular hydration in my bo0k and by following Self healers protocol, you can fix all of this problems yourself.

There is no hydration possible without salt and the best and only salt to be used is freshly harvested sea salt because it has the highest content of magnesium. It is the only salt to be used as food because it contains all the minerals found in the blood plasma.

World's Largest Salt Flat: Photos : Discovery News



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