Are you SPINSTER? Change it.

So often do I hear people mentioning; “she’s too old, she will never marry”.

Why is that? Is the reason for this a religious view, inflated ego, tradition or the shape of the body?

I believe it is little bit of all of the above. Patriarchal society favors the man and leans on the woman. In many traditions older man marry young girls to be sure they are virgins.

Photo published for Pictured: 35-year-old man with his 6-year-old child bride

This is accepted norm in Islam where old man can marry 9 year old girl. In some traditions man can rape 3 year old child and it is ok with their scriptures. What an inhumane and evil thing to do to a child!

Should we blindly follow scriptures and traditions or should we follow intuition and sense?

I do not want to go into the dark mind of man. In this article I will talk about women that have “passed their prime”. So often we can see older man with young woman. No one even blinks the eye unless the age difference is huge. My wife is 11 years younger than me but my first wife was 11 years older than me and we have been together for 18 years and still would be together if we would share more time while we were together. Difference in interest took us apart.

I know of both mixed age couples that live together and are happy but seeing older woman with a young man is something you see seldom.

Senior Woman and Toy Boy : Stock Photo

Why is that?

In my previous article I have explained how dysfunctional couple can attract sickness to themselves. Focus was on the man.

Today I want to talk about woman that has “passed her prime”. Why do we see it so unusual when older woman bonds with younger man?

In previous article I have talked about the different wiring of woman and man. Woman will accept unattractive man if she feels safe for example.

Holiday: The twosome took a trip to Sardinia earlier this summer - with their beloved Alsatian dog in tow

Man are very visual beings. This is why they like to watch porn. This is why they turn after woman to see her go…It becomes logical that woman has to look good to attract the attention of a man.

Can older woman be attractive enough to attract the attention of a young man? Of course she can. Matter of fact as older man gets more charismatic and interesting, so does a woman. So why is it so rare to see attractive older woman? Again it is the wiring. Woman’s logic tells her that man has to find the beauty inside of her because this is what she is looking for in the man. Unfortunately this is not what man is looking for when searching for the right woman. He looks for sex appeal. Men is looking for attractive woman and same as the man, woman becomes more interesting and beautiful with age if she takes the responsibility and takes care of her temple, her body.

There are many examples of beautiful, attractive women that has as we say “passed their prime age”.

Portrait Of Mature Woman Gardening Stock Photo - 45503876mature elegant businesswoman in gray dress studio shot Stock Photo - 13055525pretty brunette confident mature woman sitting on chair in studio Stock Photo - 43927812

Do you have any doubt in your mind that they would have a tough time to find a man that would be interested in them? Do you really think that it would be better for them to ignore their body and relay on men finding their inner beauty so that they can have good relationship?

I do not think so.

What makes woman physically unattractive?  Same things that make man unattractive and that is obesity, loss of muscle tissue, wrinkled skin and above all, self pity.  Once you start feeling sorry for yourself all of the previously mentioned physical things start happening to you.

Aging is conscious process controlled by genes. Genetic expression is direct interaction between genes and their environment. The environment is greatly influenced by our thoughts. So here I am going to explain what makes the body looking old and how to rejuvenate it.

As we become toxic our body assumes two forms. In one we are fat and incapacitated by various diseases of which depression is the most common one.

The other form is thin, dehydrated and wrinkled one in which disease and depression find their hold as well. Many skinny people do not show symptoms of any particular disease but still they feather away. They lose muscle tissue and become skin and bones ultimately dying from dehydration.

So if you want to find your lover life-partner make sure you take care of your temple. Keep your temple clean. This you will achieve through correct hydration and healthy food. Learn how to hydrate and eat healthy.  Hydration will keep your skin tight and young but you have to fill the skeleton with muscles to be attractive. This you will achieve through play (exercise). We do not stop playing because we have gotten old. We’ve gotten old because we have stopped to play. When men realize this and start to go to the gym we call this middle age crisis. I call it waking up to realization that if they want to spice their life, they have to look and feel attractive. If women want to spice their life, they have to follow men’s example. Hydrated energetic and fit body makes healthy mind. This brings confidence and sex appeal. You are what you think you are so do not look at yourself as victim of circumstance. Take your power and create the life you want to experience. As a woman you can rule over a man with a blink of your eye so instead of drowning in cookies and cream, lost in self-pity and shame “snap out of it” and take the charge of your life. Transform from spinster to desirable woman full of sex appeal. Hydrate, change your diet and play.

If you think that what I’m saying makes no sense then look at these couples

And you do not have to be famous to be attractive.

Personal trainer helping woman in health club : Stock Photo

Love and light.




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