Are women from Venus and men from Mars?

This is very unlikely but no matter how you look at the situation you have to realize that women are wired differently than man. Women are run by different hormone, they are run by right hemisphere of the brain, their life objectives are different from men’s objectives and their reactions to the same stimuli are different. This makes it very difficult for men and women to be together just as friends. This is why men feel more comfortable in male company and women in company of other females. So what keeps man and woman together in a family bond? You all know this. From the man point it all starts with visual attraction and sex.

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Why am I writing about this you may ask?

 The reason is unhealthy, toxic environment that can and often is produced if woman neglects man and deprives him of sexual pleasure. This may sound very sexist but  this article is focused on man. This does not mean that woman’s health does not suffer from mistakes in relationship but the trigger mechanism is different.

To explain this first I want to stress the differences that make man and woman almost different species. Since I am a man I will start dissecting man first.

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We man are very predictable creatures. We are run by the left brain hemisphere and this makes us analytical thinkers. We are run by the hormone testosterone which makes us attracted to the pleasures of sex. When leaving the house in search for woman, men try to look good so they can attract women in a hope to get sexual pleasure. Men do not care about how wealthy or poor the woman is. We do not care what car the woman drives, what color is her dress, her eyes or hair.  We look at the attributes like the size of her breasts, the backside, legs and facial features and exactly in this order.

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Since men are driven by testosterone they are not picky and almost any female offer will be accepted. So men will have sex basically whenever opportunity presents itself. The only way they will pass the opportunity to have a quickie is if their woman keeps them satisfied and drains their testosterone.

. Then they are in love. This is why it takes a long time before a man will say to the woman “I love you”. In most cases man does not pay much attention to how clean is the house, how well prepared is the food and how clean are the clothes. Most man want to be adored by their female partners, want to see them happy, in love, dressed desirably to make the testosterone flow and ready for  love making. This is not how women see the relationship at all.

On the other hand women are ruled by hormone progesterone. They love safety and often chose safety over excitement. If there are two men that they are interested in and one is wealthy and the other is not financially stable but he is good looking and sexy in comparison to the wealthy one, in many cases women will chose the wealthy one. Safety has preference over lust and excitement.

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Women seldom compete for men. If they do, it is usually just in spite of another woman. Most of the time, they compete among themselves. Before stepping out, many woman spends considerable time to make herself as attractive as possible but not to attract attention of a man but to compete with other women. This becomes very obvious to a married man. At home their wives do not spend any time to make themselves attractive to their husbands but if they are to go out, they will spend hours preparing themselves for the competition.

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Women want family unit and they like to care about their family. They do the home choirs, make sure that everything is in its place but they do not feel complete until there is a baby in the family. And when that happens life becomes more problematical for the man because now all the attention is given to the child and the man becomes even more ignored. Remember that most man are just old children. The difference is just the price of their toys and the way they handle women breasts.


This was all generalized but it basically works that way. This is why a lot of married men have extra marital affairs. Being neglected and deprived of sex affects man in many different ways and as far as health is concerned, this can produce a toxic effect in the body, stop cellular hydration, make the cells toxic and acidic. This will produce inflammation and symptoms of diseases. How? you may ask. “This must be a chauvinistic excuse” since it is written by a man.

Not at all. In my book I explain how stress may cause same toxicity as toxic food or environment. And here we are talking about stress caused by drop of testosterone, neglect and aggravation because of lack of sex.

 All of this will drop electromagnetic potential in the body.

Drop of electromagnetic potential will diminish magnetic field around the blood particles. They will cause the blood particles to clump together causing friction. This increases the blood pressure and causes possibility of damages and formations of blood clots which may end up causing infarct (stroke).

Low electromagnetic potential will interfere with cellular potassium production. This will disable the cellular osmotic pump and the cells will not be able to hydrate themselves. This may cause muscle cramps. If the situation is prolonged, the cells will dehydrate. They will become acidic and various other symptoms may occur like problems with mitral valves so hart palpitation may occur. Sphincter muscles become dehydrated so problems with leaking urine may happen or acid reflux. If the man in desperation reaches for frequent sexual stimulation the prostate will inflame and if neglected will turn into a cancer. Cellular dehydration will affect the brain as well and array of psychological problems may occur, further causing hormonal imbalance.

As you can see, dysfunctional relationship can drive a man literary crazy. I have just briefly skimmed over this issue. There is much more that can be said but I think that you are getting the picture.

It is very important for spouses to talk to each other and express what bothers them because as you can see bad relations can be toxic and tear the family apart. I was focused on man problems since I have several friends trapped in such situation. This does not mean that only men’s health suffers in toxic relationship. Unsatisfied man becomes nervous and his discontent spills over and affects the women. Women being way more sensitive, feels changes in her man but often does not know the reason since man often do not communicate and when they do, women do not find sex that important so they do not want to talk about it. They just do not understand man same as men do not understand women. What is important to one, is often unimportant to the other.

Remember, we are wired differently and we have to understand this and help each other by reciprocating. This is only possible if we are in love otherwise it is a business proposition. Whenever I see old unattractive man with beautiful young woman, it is business situation and it is not a rare thing to see.

Every man loves his woman to look pretty and sexy but not only in public, at home as well so please women pay attention, make yourselves pretty for your husbands and your husbands will adore you for it.

There is much that was left out. It is just an article but it may help you to improve not only your relationship but the health as well.

I know that women will jump at this article as my wife did but remember this is from men’s point of view. If I would be writing this article from women’s point of view the story would change, the examples would be different but the outcome would be similar.






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