The amount of people suffering from gallstones is increasing rapidly. This is not surprising since the liver is our first defense against toxins brought into our body.

The processed garbage we call food is toxic and as our body shows symptoms of detoxification we call disease , we are instructed to poison our body further with medicinal remedies. There is no worst toxicity than the one caused by medicinal remedies in particular pharmaceutical ones especially if we use them prolonged time.

As you are well aware, once doctor puts you on medication it is usually forever.

If you are diagnosed with gallstones you are told by your doctor that only surgery can remove them. Only if you are lucky and if it is in the beginning stage some stones may dissolve themselves. As usual, this is incorrect. Gallstones can and will dissolve themselves if given chance.

There are different types of gallstones. Most are concentrated cholesterol but also pigment bilirubin and salts can create stones in the bile duct.

Let’s explain in a few words what is bile.

Bile is greenish to yellowish liquid produced by the liver. It accumulates in gallbladder and it is send to duodenum (small intestine) to help with manipulation of fat from the food.

Bile is mostly water (95 % ), salts, cholesterol and bilirubin.

Since our diet is wrong, we pollute our body with toxins that have to be cleansed out. For this our body requires a lot of water and sea salt. Since we are not told to drink water and consume plenty of sea salt, we start dehydrating. Less water, less cleansing can be done. Our blood becomes thick, dark and toxic. Our cells refuse to hydrate with such blood and our problems on cellular level start.

Since liver is kept very busy and it’s cells refuse to hydrate with toxic blood liver starts to show multiple problems caused by lack of water, lack of salt and dry  acidic cells.

One of the first things the brain wants to do when it discovers acidic cells is to force some water into them. This is achieved through increased extra cellular pressure we call inflammation.

Inflammation | Geoffrey E. Reed life

In medical school we are wrongly told that inflammation is caused by internal war of antibodies and antigen. Yes infection is often present but the reason for it is poor immune system defense. Acidic cells are susceptible to germ invasion and often will become polluted. This is why bacteria from intestines spreads into the liver from the bile duct of toxic, acidic people.

Same problems we see in the blood when there is not enough water and sea salt (blood becoming thick and dark) we see in bile. The bile becomes thick and dark. In a while it starts to show particles that become bigger and bigger. Stones are being formed. These stones may form blockages and cause problems with the bile circulation.

“So how do we get rid of them?” you may ask.

Easy: hydrate your body.

Make sure that you hydrate correctly with water and sea salt. Nothing else will do it. It is not enough to drink the water with sea salt. You have to be sure that your cells will hydrate themselves as well. This means there cannot be any toxin present in the blood that your cells will identify as poison. So read my book or the article on hydration to learn more about it.

Do not be convinced by medical industry that surgery is necessary and the correct way to go. Surgery is assault on your body with permanent consequences so do not let them cut you open.

Let this be your medicine

meatfoto cevichefoto ensalada-queso-de-cabra-nueces-receta

food34images (20)

We no longer live in the world of competition and hate.

We live in the world of cooperation and love.

So help yourself and help your neighbor by sharing the new knowledge.

Heal yourself.




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