In several articles I have explained what is hernia and what is the mechanism that creates it. Maybe because it was always mentioned as side kick to other problems the articles were covering I am frequently being asked about how to deal with them.

Most common are abdominal hernias so I am going to explain the problem utilizing them as example.

Stomach cavity is made by muscle tissue that is interwoven like a mash. Those muscles are there to keep inner organs and intestines in their place.

Each muscle is composed of thousands of cells. When those cells are well hydrated they are pressurized like a ball. If those cells start losing water they will lose the pressure and get smaller. Like a ball losing air. Less water it has, smaller it becomes. Now imagine thousands cells reducing volume. This results of the whole muscle to get thinner. Not only it gets smaller it loses flexibility. As multiple muscles lose diameter within the mesh, openings start to show up. We can feel those openings if we pres on the stomach wall. Now there is possibility of intestine to pass through and the hernia becomes visible.

Hernia types are categorized based on where they are located on the body.

Often hernias occur in young children because of fast growth and poor hydration. Usually they close up and we do not have to touch them.

Nowadays hernias are very common in mature people. The reason is bad, polluted diet, toxic blood and consequently cellular dehydration. Surgeons have experienced that surgically stitching muscles does not produce desired effect because as you connect two muscles together, two new hernias open on the other side of the muscle. Also it is noticed how soft and mushy are those affected muscles so instead of stitching them, surgeons implant plastic mesh to secure inner organs in place. This is just another crazy stuff being done to unsuspected customer that is not being healed but massacred and disfigured. All of this is a product of manipulated science where doctors believe that this is the only thing that can be done because there is no way to heal deteriorating body.

This is not true.  Our body will heal as soon as it is given the chance. As I have often explained, clean environment is essential to any healing. So hydrating with water and sea salt is a must. Many of the people following Self healers protocol call me surprised as their hernia has closed up while they were  focusing on other things. The marvel of hydration and the simplicity of healing is amazingly effective and this is what the medical and pharmaceutical industry fear the most. Their fraudulent business is coming to the end as more and more truth comes to the surface.

Although I was talking about stomach hernias same is happening with any hernia in our body including the atrial hernia in the heart. Not that surgery is unnecessary, surgery is right out assault on our body causing permanent damages. So keep a way from it a long as there is any other solution and I can assure you, there almost always is.

Stay well hydrated with sea salt and water and help your body to cleanse itself.






Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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