MuZika, the well known tune.

Muzika in Croatian language means the music. And the music it is, a well known tune that is used as a scare crow so often lately. This time it is the Zika virus.

Zika virus is spreading through the World and the public is being warned of the new boggy man on the block.

So what is this Zika virus?

Zika virus belongs to the group of Flaviviruses. It causes mild flue like symptoms in people so what is this big fuss about it.

Well it has been noticed that lately if pregnant women contracts this virus, her child may be born deformed or with encephalitis.

Now when did we first hear about Zika virus?

In 1947  “scientists” researching yellow fever placed infected rhesus monkey in a cage in Zika forest in Uganda. This monkey developed a fever and in serum Zika virus was detected. Sounds familiar? Again unnaturally developed virus that is used as bio weapon to weed out the humanity.

As Zika is spreading a big news spreads through the news about Danish man diagnosed with Zika bug. Apparently he contracted the virus in the Caribbean and brought it to Denmark. What a disaster!!!! or is it just as I have mentioned a scare crow dancing to an old tune trying to start hysteria?

Well it is a Winter in cold Denmark so there are no mosquitoes.


Mosquito is necessary as a vector for Zika virus to be transferred from a man to a man or a woman respectively. Even this is not important as we know that colloidal silver, or any oxidant will destroy the virus of course if you are brave human to use oxygen ignoring the “oxidative stress” thing we are constantly being reminded by “scientists” to avoid as much as possible.

What a bunch of nonsense we have to sifter through to be able to make any sense from the information we are being bombarded daily and to be able to keep our calm and not to give in to the fer mongers that are trying to make our lives miserable.

Cabal is having its last hiccups and now it is trying to do as much damage as possible before it croaks forever. Do not allow to be vaccinated because this is where most of the problems come from. If you optimize your immune system no virus will be able to touch you so do not be lazy and take care of yourselves. If you do not know how, simply follow “Self healers protocol” and you will become bulletproof as far as infections or chronic diseases goes.

It is a well known fact that US government was involved in a release of infected mosquitoes to see the effect of the damage they can do and one of those episodes was done recently.

So do not worry and be happy. The frequency is rising and where humanity is going evil cannot follow and neither can diseases. We are almost there so relax and enjoy the ride.

s g24

Just one leap and we will be there my friends.

Love you all.




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